Did you apply for 10,000 jobs in 6 months?

Did you apply for 10,000 jobs in 6 months?

Remember, Kumar has interviewed one of F1 International students. 

He did BTECH electrical from Vijayawada of United Andhra Pradesh once upon a time in India and has been following Kumar’s posts and vids from his BTECH 2nd year. He came here to pursue his Masters/MS in Electrical and he does not want to go to IT or Bodyshops after watching or following Kumar’s videos.

Because bodyshops = Guest Houses,

Guest houses = Bench sales,

Bench or bench sales = 25 F1s/H-1Bs in two-bedroom apartment without salaries and pay $10,0000 to $25,000 for H-1B and $50,000 for Green card though all fees in H-1B, and Green card are employers payable, Indians MOM & POP IT consultancies collecting it for last 4 decades from applicants. On top of it, $2000 monthly rental for guest houses, $30,000 if bench time to pay taxes to them and USA GOVT- conditions.

NOTE: the word BENCH is illegal according to DOL and this is what Indians are doing in the USA. They are investing this money in real estate in India and USA and Film Industry in India.

So, he applied for 10,000 jobs and only 6 people (USA end clients) called him for an in-person interview. Only two of them selected and only one sponsored H-1B. He did this because he has a deadline to go back to India within 90 days otherwise, he must go to Indian bodyshops which he does not like to go because he watched all my 2000 videos. This is the best-case scenario. one in 10,000 Indian students (international) are like that.  I do not understand why you do not apply. Are you lazy? Is your Dad Rich? So that you can sit and eat like bodyshops?

Is your dumbass like 99,999 International students? What is your problem? Do you expect that asap complete MS, Microsoft, or Facebook comes to your room or house and knock the door and offers you a job?

 Applying for jobs and not getting interview calls or jobs is different but not applying and complaining is NOT an excuse at all.

Did you apply for 10,000 jobs in 6 months?

Leave a comment Yes or No. 

Applying for jobs is your job. If you failed to do it, do not blame anyone, blame yourself. 

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