What to do when you have a bad boss?

What to do when you have a bad boss/bad employer?

Kumar posted this question and see the votes. But do you think, in reality do we have the blood to confront the wrong doings of bad bosses and bad employers?

Especially in India or Indian bodyshops or Indian bad managers in the USA? 

Indians on LinkedIn attacking one man for confronting with bad boss and bad management in Hyderabad India. Do you know anything about India? 

No labor laws in India, if it is there, no guaranteed that are working, if you complain, no action and even if you go to court, the judges in India think that employer is always correct. You might have seen KE videos on confrontation against 700,000 bodyshops -majority of them are corrupt and Indians Telugu speaking also started channels against KE to support bodyshops crime and attacking Kumar in the USA. One of such Telugu Indian man is operating this cyber attacks from Texas USA. Can you imagine if a Telugu honest man write a post on LinkedIn? where majority Indians act hypocrites on the LinkedIn. 

Here you go: 

One of my followers Venkatesh Kancharla tag Kumar on the LinkedIn of this gentleman named Mr. Vijay Gopal. I click LIKE button and shared it and posted a comment to a person who is attacking Vijay. As soon as it goes on, I got calls from India one of his ex colleagues and my followers in the USA. The person from India told, Vijay is very honest person and earlier organization bosses humiliates him and forced him to quit. Later at Amazon, the managers working hours of over time does not count and he confronted with the management. 

Example, a person working on technology worked 60 hours in a week, rest of the 20 hours paid Over Time money and punch in and Punch out counts but for his manager, who works 60 to 80 hours in a week, those OT hours does not count and OT money is NOT paid and no Punch in and Punch out. This is where exactly, Vijay has started arguing or confronting with management. Rest you can read the below.  

Amazon employee in Hyderabad alleges he was fired for complaint on labour violations | The News Minute




One of my followers on LinkedIn wrote comments on this







Ramprasad Manokran – see this Ramprasad on LinkedIn attacking this Vijay and whoever supporting this man.

What kind of education in India these guys have? 



See Ramprasad Mokaran




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