H4 EAD US Court Supports Job Renewal For H1B Spouses; Orders US Govt To Respond In 3 Days


A card that gets economic power and freedom to the wives or spouses of H-1B slaves on the land of America.

Not just dependents of H-1B but also L1A, L1B dependents get L2 EAD, E3 EAD, TN EAD and GC EAD also eligible to work.

Why so specials?

It is because International students coming from India every year 200,000 and already existing Indian GC guys afraid of these women(approx. 90,000) entering from Kitchen to Cloud. They will take away their jobs is their(F1 and GC Indians) fear.

Several people ping Kumar in Facebook from 2011-2015 about their fear by calling H4s or H4EADs as AUNTIES. Even Recruiters from India referring them as “Aunties”.

How awkward these Indians nick name everyone on this planet. 

Kumar has kept few videos on H4 EAD how to get a job without illegal layers.

Example: (1) USA client-> H4 EAD Full Time Job

(2) USA client-> American Prime Vendor -> H4 EAD Contractor 

Anything else is illegal or unethical and those cultures eat H4EADs money.


WORST CASE (3) USA client-> Indian Outsourcing companies/Indian layer1-> Indian illegal layer2->Indian illegal layer3->H4 EAD

Recently H4 EADs wrote emails and contacted Kumar how illegal layers Indians harassing them and ripping them and barring them to attend FTE interviews with USA clients in spite of working with them from 18 to 21 months.

Of course there are some Indian women worked in IT in India and by luck or destiny they married to some H-1B and came to USA and house arrested (due to H4 dependent curse visa) so they fought for it and got this privilege’s to work. Still they are idle from the day 1 landing here to until the work permit. But the resumes no gaps and have to fake it to get a job through bodyshops first who do not pay salaries. few of such H4EADs at work also Kumar has come across and as you know we Indians do not complain to anyone. FEAR. 

Also H4 is a dependent visa which US Consulates cannot deny it when any person comes to Consulate with H4 documents or dependent visa documents. Of course some people contacted Kumar in the past that H4 visas being denied. By law, no need to issue visa.  So many Indian men who has criminal backgrounds in India came to USA on H4 visa and running BODYSHOPS scams in New Jersey and other areas. Can you imagine how are they misusing the power of H4EADs? Those bodyshops imported women on H-1B visa for Sex and recently someone complained about such bodyshops also. Those bodyshops produce fake paychecks and fake W2 to their employees. So do not misunderstand that H-1B means Indian men and H4 or H4 EAD means only Indian women. Both genders are using/applying for both the visa types. 

Why are they in news now?

Indian media writes daily about H-1B topics. American said, American media ignores it. 


US Court Supports Job Renewal For H1B Spouses; Orders US Govt (trak.in)

Many Indians are ignorant people.

Because they ask questions like this: if you stay 10 years in USA, you will get green cards, etc.

Sir, if children born in USA to H-1B and H4, will the parents get US citizenship automatically? 

Here you go:

If H-1B is given a temporary work permit for granted based upon the length of the project time. Not necessarily for three years and auto renewal. 

it is given for 1 month, 6 months and 1 years in many of the KE subscribers cases or issues. In those cases, the dependent H4 visas needs to be renewed at the cost of the H-1B as bodyshops many do not pay any fees in H-1B and GC though all fees in H-1B and GC are employer payable only.

In those cases, the H4 EAD work permit also will be expired and she/he loses her/his job and stay home.

This is a mess for them. Of course Driving license is linked to H-1b or H4 expiry time.

It is NOT just H1b or H4 but any non immigrant visas people face the same music.

Of course the children of H4 and H1b parents have to exit USA if they get 21 years of age.

During this renewal of H-1B time, getting H-1B transferred(new employment)  to new employer is NOT an easy task and H4s are almost dead if someone die in India and need to exit, gone case. Return to USA is not assured until this H-1B gets renewed and get the final copy and then the H4 has to get visa stamped in India and come in. 

Indian Youtubers and Indian bloggers and Indian attorneys write daily about H4 EAD though nothing has changed in H4 EAD for the last five years for their views/money and keep Indians blood pressure high for non sense posts.

When you type in Google H4 VISA Curse, you see this.


Kumar do not advocate anyone to marry a person in the USA.

He meant, NO TO NRI(Non Reliable Indians) matches for various reasons and one of it it dependent visa is a curse.

If you think your life is waste in India then marry an idiot on H-1B visa in the USA.

It is because at least 1000 H-1b kicked out h4 to India especially Indian women and they are unable to get this h-1b arrested and gave divorces to them sitting in the USA. 


KE always recommend anyone to go to Source site and do not approach anyone or even attorneys for anything.





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