How many pages do you have your resume? 

1,2,3,8, 11 and 13? -Please leave a comment with the number.

There is no thumb rule as such but RIGHT TIME RIGHT PLACE with a piece of paper turns a life/career.

For those who do not know, In India, Kumar has seen one or two pages resumes only during 1990s to 2000s. 

1990s to 2020 plus, Indian Bodyshops made Indians resume as 7 pages local (US experience – fake local ) and 1 page means India resume and they reject India resumes. 

Americans also having only 1 page resume. – 99.99% genuine 

Indian recruiters use Ctrl+F keys while searching key words to pick up the resume. Ofcoruse there are different software available to pick up the resumes. 

In your Resume, What is that USA client is looking for? 

Primarily, the clients are looking this: Past sense – what you did and what you can do for them? when comes to technical skills and technology. They expect some common words that must match in your resume = their job posted or released advertisement. Otherwise your resume won’t be there on their table.    – secret 1

When do you expect to join or how soon can you join? 

Before they ask this question in the first call, you should ask them, when do you want me to join? – secret 2

Clients expect immediate and some clients will wait for you if you are extraordinary.

So Resume is just a piece of paper or WORD document that gets you an Interview call. 

Honesty is the best policy 

Several people advise several things but ultimately honesty is the best policy 

1 Page resume: no doubt, no Indian recruiter accept this resume and reject it out rightly and ask for Technical resume that is 7 pages Resume in the USA.

One time, Kumar created 3 pages Resume and mentioned all layers/illegal layers in each project under each project.

Suddenly illegal layers started attacking saying that, do not mention layers in the projects. That is how USA IT market works. So illegal layers who are connected to prime vendors and h-1b bodyshops dictate the terms with candidates and IT Market. To skip this, reach out directly USA clients/American top 10 prime vendors. 

They want only “technical stuff pages” but not more than that.

Because USA clients will notice that and bar those guys in case if they know they are getting resumes from 3rd party layers and multiple layers companies.

Kumar is writing how US IT market is working on “Resume” so that the new comers will have better understanding of USA and IT market in the USA. 


On the people, people 46% selected 2 pages resume. 

Every where you see haters write non sense when you share your knowledge, ignore them. 


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Experts posts 

Your resume gets rejected because you don’t use Power words on your Resume! E.g. You only write: Responsible for this and that…

NO! Use these words instead… 👇

For Achievement or Personal award:
Recognized for
Succeeded in

For Leadership:

For your impact on company revenue/growth:

For improving a process:

For creating a new process or initiative:

Note: All power verbs must be in past tenses!

Remember – Don’t write your responsibilities in your resume, no one is interested in that!

No one cares what you did, but what you’ve contributed!

Agree? 👇

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