Is America a failed country?

Is America a failed country? 

Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. I have never seen in India, where Indians beg corporations and governments to save their jobs from foreigners.

unfortunately, that I see day in and day out in the USA by Americans.

What else do you need an example to write this, that this country is failed its people and successful outside? yes, it is. 


Example one: Virgil Bierschwale wrote everything on websites by mapping 20 million americans replaced/displaced by Indians with a single word “caste” or “outsourcing”. America failed to stop this crime. In fact, each Indian caste groups earn in trillion dollars profits as non profitable organization and hiring is taking place in the USA by caste. Can you name one country that failed to protect its own people from foreign cheap labor? 

Example Two: See Matt twitter account. How much time he has spend in exposing Indians crime in the USA and USA action is NIL on curbing the crime. So crime wins and crime never ends and people fighting for their jobs and exposing crime will be trolled by Indians in the USA. what a great country? 

Example three: Daily, Americans are asking in emails/phone calls from last one decade, Kumar how to get a job in USA? what a tragedy? I have shared them huge playlist. How to Market your RESUME in USA?:

I write to them on how to get a job and also speak to them but still some get and some are barred from getting the IT JOBS in the USA. why? think! 

It is too much HYPE that majority of the best/good and majority of the FAKE UNIV in the USA created that hype. I have not come across thousands of success stories especially among Indian folks. Example four: In fact, I must drive from MT to MA to find one Indian among 10,000 Indian F1s a successful story. He/she is successes in India, but America failed them here for not getting H-1B in the lottery systems and then waiting period for green card is 15 to 455 years if they are from India. This is after they have a great talent. Ofcoruse no visa is for Talent except O visa. I have met such students also and got O visa and finally green card in Eb1 and started his/her own firm in NON-IT.

Example five:  I must mention NON-IT because Indians have started mushroom kind of pimping (where pimp get her customer and brokers pay a little to her) business in I.T. How come USA is entertaining this kind of crime as business?  I do not need to write names of the Individuals or caste people who are fathers of these crime h-1B bodyshops pimping business. USA failed to punish any ceos of bodyshops. Check PPP funds eating list. That is why 700,000 Indian bodyshops becoming rich in USA and India and 700,000 H-1Bs waiting to receive greed cards to start”bodyshops” pimping business. Is it not failure? 

Example six: This country fails you for no reason. On top of it, I have not come across single Indian who said ” he/she is happy living in the USA”. They always refer to India for happiness and count number of days living in the USA and always remember 24*7 immigration status and ask everyone out there, do you have a green card? how did you get it? 

KE is against generalization but Ofcoruse sometimes need to write like this to understand the depth of the tragedy life in America for many people. They do not speak for various reasons. If they speak people attack them for speaking truth, blame them for being in USA, and what not? So finally, they are living in great depression. I will attach few pictures from the blog, that itself speaks volumes. Nothing has changed a bit in H-1B for last 4 decades but every day, attorneys, Indians, Indian YouTubers, or bloggers writing hype stories just like Indian media to create panic among Indians in the USA and India to cheat them by asking $1 to read daily WhatsApp message on H-1B to $225 for 25 minutes to answer two questions on H-1b or immigration to what not? You will be HAPPY if you do not get into America. VISA or job in USA is 100% luck but it is really SIN to come to America. It is because people take you for a ride just for green card or a dollar. You lose either character or your parents in India or something by the time you realize, you lost everything because of America. America is a great nation built by slaves and now modern slaves Indians are cheating each other and dying for Americans dollars and green cards. It is because every Indian in America feel that India is a specimen copy of hell and lost self-confidence to go back to home countries. 




Example 7:America’s Unemployment Problem

This is what Tanul wrote to KE yesterday.


You may be interested in this because of late we’ve been discussing why the H-1B scam has continued for so long. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think that happens when you priorities corporations over people — both citizens and immigrants. And when the corporations (including the ‘layers’) dictate what the White House says, then it’s not democracy but oligarchy.  This has been happening in so many countries that it’s scary. Before I began working on the book, I was a cynic (even without knowing all the facts). Now when I know the ‘big picture’, I’ve become more scared, but in a strange way, also hopeful. 

Maybe all of this will end one day. Hoping is better. 

Whenever you’ve a few minutes to spare, you should watch this video:

 “It is about America’s own propaganda of false unemployment rate that is used as a political weapon to tell its citizens that everything is fine”


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Example 8: My subscribers requested me to

make a video on Homeless people in the USA

Here you go:

Each video costs me lots of time, money and my life because I dig to a great extent and speak truth in the name of GOD if God exists. During this process, some topics like depression, homelessness, unemployment, poverty in USA, takes me down. It is NOT easy to come out of that sadness to understand the depth of the subject to make an awareness video for my viewers. Remember, each video gets me good friends and haters/criminals emails also. 

Telugu Vid: 60 Million Homeless in US, H-1B Life in America ||Kumar Exclusive



The DOG in American landlord’s house is leading better lives than to H-1Bs in the USA. 2010- I wrote this line.


Example 9: Indians frequently hype on LinkedIn

by saying Indians built Silicon valley. If those idiots built America’s silicon Valley, why cannot they built it in India? so false statements. A professor told Kumar, those are called LinkedIn Jokers. 


Example 10: Check mobile phones of your friends/relatives

living in the USA when you get a chance. it speaks volumes. 


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