INDIA BTECH students change snuggies for kids, clean toilets in America for cents but not dollars

INDIA BTECH students change snuggies for kids, clean toilets in America,

cook chicken curries in Indian bosses houses for cents but not dollars.

There are agencies in USA operating by Indians to take these International students to Indian run business houses for $1 to $5 per hr jobs.

These days, students are connected by Facebook groups. 


She wrote, if she refers them BTECH a job in India, they refused it by saying they will sell lands and go to USA for MS or MBA but do not want to work in India. 

Those who do hardwork only survive in the USA

He wrote, in India, he thought that people going to attend TANA(Chowdary Aka KAMMAS CASTE group) meetings

something great but after he reached USA for MS, he reazlied that it is Caste groups are cheap batches. 

Viral video of Telugu student detailing her troubles in the US sparks social media debate | The News Minute


                                                                               A girl on F1 visa kept a video truth about Student life in America.


Frustrated US Student Video Going Viral on Social Media, Counter Attack by Other Indian Students, America is a dream destination for many college graduates in India. While the well-off students land in the US for Post-Graduation, others take the route of cracking jobs in MNCs. The dollar earning dream is the sole reason behind everyone’s aspirations. Now, have a look at the video of a Telugu student who has some interesting stuff to say about life of students in the US.

After introducing herself as a frustrated Indian student living in the US, this Telugu girl tore apart the dream of big American dream of Indians with her sarcastic jibes at how students lead life in the US.

‘Most students who come to the US have no idea of why they come here. The American attraction somehow brings them here and once you are in, you have to forget about self-respect and do works like housekeeping etc. which you would be ashamed to even consider as a work option in India,’ she said.

The girl also talked about exorbitant house rents, congested living conditions, bugs, health issues etc. One definitely needs to have a look at this viral video to listen the plight of Indian students in her own words.


Frustrated Girl Student In USA | Life of Indian Students In America | Frustrated US Telugu Student | uTubeTV – video Dailymotion


Stupid Indian men in USA and UK kept videos against her by attacking her. This is the Attitude of Indians. 

F1 student returned to India sharing his experience about life in America. Eye opener to many. 


Root cause for this is, Reason 1

Is life in India really so bad? – Kumar Exclusive


Root cause for this is, Reason 2 

Poor quality of education and poultry farm type of engineering colleges especially in two telugu states 





Root cause for this is, Reason 3

87% of BTECH passed in India are unfit to get IT jobs in India.

Unemployment in India forcing them to get a F1 visa with fraudulent documents by someone writing TOEFL

and GRE/GMAT and landing in FAKE UNIV in USA for illegal part time jobs.

The question is, how are they getting MS or MBA in the USA? 

How Indian students cheat at US Universities written to me by a TA || Kumar Exclusive – YouTube



How Indian students cheat at US Universities written to me by a TA || Kumar Exclusive



The question is, how are they getting jobs in the USA? 

700,000 Indian bodyshops owners who entered USA with FAKE BTECH certificates and some of them are from IIT BTECH waiting for these 200,000 F1 students every year to rip them by taking them to Guest houses(apartment with 25 to 50 members F1 or h-1B put up for fake and proxy and illegal things to do) and so on. Recently a telugu couple cheated 30 F1 students by asking them to pay $25,000 and send that money to India. 

  1. Fake resumes

  2. Proxy Telephone interviews-female voice too

  3. Proxy Skype Interviews

  4. Proxy job supports

  5. Now Bodyshops are using voice modulators to place female candidates as female proxy candidates demand $2000 for DevOps.

  6. BODYHOPS IN USA used to pay a $5000 monthly slab rate for female candidates at work for monthly to attend proxy interviews for female candidates. – Yesterday someone subscriber told this. He referred to 2000 year. now the rate is 4 times of it and also bodyshops using Voice modulators/Mobile Apps to save money. 

  7. Forged GC and USC papers 

  8. Still, they get $3000 to $4000 a month 

  9. Casting couches

  10. Caste – caste meetings- hiring managers and illegal layers meetings

  11. pay bribes directly to hiring managers etc.


Subscribers daily ask questions



What do they achieve in USA?

  1. F1 visa life 1-2 years for MS or MBA

  2. OPT = 29 months – mostly earn money and payoff back home loans in India for MS and also make little savings. 

  3. CPT= 12 months, mostly earn money and payoff back home loans in India for MS. 

  4. H-1B is a lottery system and those who do not get selected in H-1B lottery continue to do MS or MBA 2 to 6 times until get H-1B by paying $25,000 to Consultancies to file 2 to 5 applications same time. (refer to recent couple duped 30 F1 students ) 

  5. If H-1B picked up, die for its extensions until get green cards in Eb2 or EB3 which takes 10 to 455 years currently (as of dat 12/11/2020). 700,000 Indian MOM and POP Liar vultures tell lies that you get green card in two years. It is a lie. 

  6. After getting green card, if leave USA, card will expire if do not return to USA. So stay five more years and apply for USC to get US passport. 

  7. “I will go to India NEXT YEAR” is a syndrome they suffer and tell lies to their parents that they will return to India. Meanwhile their parents dragged to USA for free baby sitting. 


  9. Buy a house luxurious cars in USA and another house in India but die in USA for sure. 

  10. END UP LIFE IN USA BY EATING ROUND PIZZA IN A SQUARE BOX alone as spouse already divorced or eloped with someone. 



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A subscriber did MS in US sent this.

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