Recruiter share

Recruiter share


Interview Questions are sent by prime vendors to consultants and clients to be on the same page and the interview is cracked ūüėČ

Prime vendors keep a big cut from paycheck So they can hire consultants for cheap and consultants can keep mouth shut and work and clients get a best 5-star lunch or some gift goodies or something big.

Example questions will only be asked from the matter below 



As discussed, please find the below set of questions to be prepared,

  1. Any experience in SUSE? What is the latest version of SUSE?

  2. Experience in ITIL? What is the difference between impact and urgency?

  3. If there are two tickets:

  4. Ticket 1 àimpact1 and urgency3

  5. Ticket 2 àimpact3 and urgency1

        Which ticket will you work first?

  1. What is the difference between major incident and incident?

  2. What is the difference between proactive problem management and active problem management?

  3. What is a transparent huge page in Linux?

  4. What is the difference between reject and drop?

  5. Difference between reboot and init6 command?

  6. Have you worked on NTP? What is the port no. for NTP? Is it TCP/UDP?

  7. What is stratum and jitter in NTP?

  8. How to unmount a root filesystem in Linux?

  9. Have you worked on a physical server? How to check HBA status in Linux?

  10. What is the command to check memory utilization? What is a buffer in cache?

  11. Have you done kernel fine tuning? What kind of things are done?

  12. What is the meaning of load average?

  13. If the user cannot login to the server. What are different methods to troubleshoot? What are the commands?

  14. What is the command to unlock?

  15. What is the command if the customer wants to install the package with dependency?

  16. What are the files created at VM level?

  17. What is Delta.vmdk?

  18. Difference between DRS and HA in VMware?

  19. What is the command VMstack will give?

Inputs by Hiring Manager

  • Experience on SUSE Linux (Min 1+ Yrs. is required)¬†¬†

  • Expertise on OS Upgrades, Unix Package and Software management¬†¬†

  • Expertise Disk Management, Logical Volume Management¬†& Storage management

  • Experience on Services like(NFS, NTP, CIFS, Samba, DNS, Iptables,DHCP,Firewall etc.)¬†¬†

  • Advanced Troubleshooting on Unix user management¬†¬†

  • Advanced Troubleshooting on Boot issue and Performance issue¬†¬†

  • Experience on major incident management and Problem management (Both Proactive and Reactive)¬†¬†

  • Real time experience on providing RCA, Customer calls, POCs¬†¬†

  • Cross domain skill on Backup, Storage, VMware, DB and APP is must¬†¬†

  • Any Ticketing tool with ITIL knowledge mandatory¬†¬†

  • SAP HANA environment knowledge will be added advantage¬†¬†

  • Certification on RedHat, SUSE, VMware + Cloud will be added advantage¬†

Please prepare on the above questions only.


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