Is life in India really so bad?

Life in India.

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Daily people from India, especially offshore people writing to Kumar that life in India is worst.

They wanted to come to USA and you are exposing H-1B Visa frauds and crime is okay is what they said.

See, everyone wants to aim high and wanted to go abroad for studies or work or earn more money in short time. It is nothing wrong to aim high.

What is wrong is, cheating others and choosing crime path leads to disaster in a foreign courtiers.

We will take an example case Manmeet Singh. He is blaming KE saying that you are exposing Indians crime in H1B, crime is okay and why do you write negatively? Does it make any sense? he posted comments and deleted it. Earlier one IT guy from UK, telugu man wrote 100s of comments and deleted by the next day morning.

People inspite of studied and working in IT in India and U.K still crying for Indians in USA and for writing truth.

What is wrong with these people? Politicians in India cheating India? Lack of basic human values and comparison to USA roads and internet speed and cars? Why do not they understand the complete picture before commenting or attacking others? The average salary of a software coolie in India is $2 an hr and expected to work from 9 to 16 hrs a day. The same coolie moved to onsite, earns $25 an hr if same company sends him/her on L1A/L1B/H-1B etc. If he/she comes on F1 visa, earn $30 an hr on OPT/CPT or Day1cpt etc. H4 EAD his/her spouse earns $30 an hr. Market rate is $70 to $120 plus but as you know all the Indian middlemen mafia in the USA never allow anyone to earn better and breaks all uscis dol irs rules. This none is speaking out for 4 decades. 

50% of Indians want to flee India to USA is what articles says. 

Already 1 billion Indians fled India to 100 countries on this planet and 1.5 billion Indians are living in India. 

The curious case of donkey and donkers: On the great Indian (illegal) immigration trail – The Economic Times (



Recently one Chowdary subscriber called and he said, if he wants to go back to India, reservations for lower caste people and no jobs,

if wanted to continue life in America, USA is NOT giving green cards and all upper caste fellows cheating as layers and employers are eating money or robbing,

what to do Kumar? he asked. 

Even Americans asked questions online to KE, why Indians in India die for USA? Is India that bad? 

Indians pay upto 2 CR INR and reaching USA through Mexico illegally. 

2 CR INR is a very big amount and they cannot earn life time in USA under illegal entry. 


I don’t know what to say about such Anti diversity propaganda forwarded by upper caste on public forrums but they easily hide the fact that these IITs are Centres of propagation of Brahmin agenda. First of all to get in IIT YOU NEED TO SPEND NEARLY .5 MILLION TO 1 MILLION inr for some coaching at institute. If IITs have such high standard they must be top ranking of the QS world ranking. Forget top 10 ,top 25,Top 50,Top 100 they are not even in Top 150. There is a hidden segregation practiced in Indian education system. They rich , upper middle class goes to English medium schools from lkg to 12th. They go go best private schools . They pay huge sums of money for addmission . What about lakhs of students who face low quality teacher at govt.schools .in remote areas of mp ,up Bihar. Additionally police doesn’t care for them ,would not even register their complaint. The amount of castiest slur they receive is enormous in comparison to fees they would pay. This fee waiver thing is only applicable in IITs ,but in other colleges there is a limit to parents income upto 1.5 lakh per annum, 2.5 lakh per annum. Which is difficult to prove if you rich . So , bramin chaubey only tells his struggle to see a dalit processing . No wonder Brahmins have monopoly on education,media,politice and judiciary in India. May be they are definately Aaryan brothers of Hitler. They wouldn’t do anything to impove their life However when any lower caste does the same they get stomach upset. There was a girl who stood first in UPSE despite being a dalit ,as her parents were well to do and she took addmission in du .she has been a consistent performer through whole acadmic career ,took coaching and get all India rank 1 ,but she was cyberbullyied by this upper caste hypocrite lobby of nationalists. There is a tedx talk in which she told about how she was made to feel bad for securing 1st rank😂. Dalits study there is a problem. Dalit do not study there is no problem.

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