Indians scams: salary sharing scams or schemes in USA

a recruiter shared this with me.


Clients are sent indirectly, directly good vacation packages, expensive chocolates, expensive wine bottles, expensive 5-star lunch or dinner and the holiday season with more gifts and whatever they want so they hire candidates from that vendor and projects are sold.

Jobs put on job portals are maximum fake that are put by recruiters. It seems just to get GC for candidates that they have requirements.

A friend of mine was not happy that he did not do interview well but still he was hired for a project later he came to know that it is 150 $ billing projects to client in CA accidentally vendor added him in cc, so he came to know that 4 vendors layers and H1b employer ate all money and paid him 30$ for couple of years project.

A few weeks ago, my friend attended 5 rounds of interviews. They told him he was selected and next week they said they are interviewing more candidates.

On-site recruiter said the project went on hold and the offshore recruiter said not selected they hired someone else.

The honest person with good talent will always be searching for a job thinking that the job is available but why is he not getting a job when the poor guy gets upset.

One of the KE subscribers sent this information to share with PUBLIC. 

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