Mutyala Sunil, Pranitha H-1B visa fraud -Fake or REAL?

Mutyala Sunil and Pranitha H-1B visa fraud -Fake or REAL?

India Media: Interpol red alert for Mutyala Sunil and Pranitha H-1B visa fraud

Based upon the news came on Indian televisions , KE is writing this English post for non Telugu audience across the globe to know the TRUTH about Indians scams in H-1B VISA frauds which kept the world in dark for 4 decades by Indians in the USA. 

10:35 AM 12/7/2020

Mutyala Sunil and Pranitha (Husband and spouse) they collected $25,000 from each F1 students for H1B fees and transferred that amount to his father in India and fled USA to Europe. His father also went underground in India. 
Father of Sunil Mutyala: Mutyala Satyanarayana flee from West Godavari Dist AP India

Subscriber: Tim Stephen • 56 minutes ago posted to KE channel. Thanks to Tim for this news brought to my notice.

According to this Sakhi TV news of India, that I have watched because of my subscribers posted the link,

“Muthyala Sunil and Praneetha have collected up to Rs. 10 crores INR from 30 Telugu students with each student charged $ 25,000. Students were shocked to learn that they had been deceived after the money was paid. Thirty affected Telugu students have lodged a complaint against Muthyala Sunil and Praneetha at the Atlanta Homeland Security.” Sunil’s father who received this amount from USA to West Godavari dist in AP India is went underground or missing. Anchor told this and also the person reporting it also told the same point. Also said, Interpol issues look out notice for the Telugu couple. 


Telugu or Indians pride in the USA

Let us understand the problem. Root cause of the issue:-

Demand for H-1B is zero and supply of Indians is in millions.

Demand for H-1B is zero. If there is a demand for them(students)

why would they pay $25,000 to these criminals or bodyshops? 99% of Indians came to USA through BODYSHOPS is no demand,

they paid money and came here, fake resumes and proxy interviews and poached Americans jobs.

Then how are these bodyshops owners came to USA?

They are also Indians came to USA on F1, H-1B. L1A. L1B or various visas and got green cards during the process and started these MOM and POP IT Consultancies. 

Hence these Indians running H-1B pimping business, charging $10,000 to $25, 000 from Indians in the USA and India.

Some of them file H-1B and majority of them do not and do not return the money.

Since paying and taking h1b fees is the crime, very few come forward to report it.

Rest of them mourn in depression. 99.99% of 700,000 deis consultancies in the USA are doing this crime without fear as they know USA could do nothing to these criminals.

Indian media is part of this crime as they are all associated with caste groups in the USA.

Because of these crimes, Indians in USA buying houses in USA and India.

NOT ALL BUT ONLY A MAJORITY. Majority in this H-1B bodyshops business.

Remember, whoever supporting a bodyshop is a criminal and whoever is working in bodyshops is also a criminal.

But they are innocent until proven guilty and they abscond from USA. 

What is America doing?

Simple sleeping. 

Father of Sunil: Mutyala Satyanarayana flee from West Godavari Dist AP India went missing.

Not only 700,000 BODYSHOPS couple are doing crime, their parents in India also doing this crime by receive money in wire transfer or online bank transfers or hawal methods.


Public comments 

Kumar is telling in all videos, both paying and taking H-1B fees is illegal and crime according to USCIS.


I just did google search and got the below.


NRI Couple Dupe Telugu Students In The Name Of H1 Visa – Gulte

Public comments on this channel- they are blaming the channel as Chowdary caste and writing about KAPU Caste people who get caught.

So far, two comments, people mentioned about Caste. Tana A Chowdary aka KAMMA group doing this as the couple belongs to KAPU Caste.

This is what public writing it in Telugu on social media on these articles of India media. 

This is h1b visa fraud. 


Facebook sued for favouring H1B visa holders over US workers (

telugu couple cheated students: అమెరికా వీసాల పేరుతో విద్యార్థులకు బురిడీ.. అమ్మో ఈ జంట యమ డేంజర్ – telugu couple cheated students with name of america visas | Samayam Telugu

Interpol Lookout On Muthyala Sunil Praneetha Fraud Over H1B (

Telugu couple in US dupes AP students of Rs 10 crore over H1-B visas (


Andhra couple dupes students of Rs. 10 crore over H-1B visas in America (


Out of 700,000 Indian mom and pop consultancies, all of them collect $25,000 for H1B visas.

Only this couple run away from USA to Europe is what people or government suspecting it.

USA failed to stop this Indians visa frauds and they are escaping to other countries very easily.

All caste people are involved this H-1B visa bodyshops business. 


Read about this: about bodyshops  


Mostly Indians who are doing crimes in USA, flee USA to Mexico by walk and they will return after some months or years into the USA.

This is a common practice for Indians in the USA. It happened several times in bodyshops issues. USA is weak country is what Indians arrived in the past noticed very quickly. They come back into USA again and start another bodyshops on the spouse or brothers or brothers-in-law or singling’s names and start the crime again. 

Subscribers sent comments

How an infamous Berkeley human trafficking case fueled reform



Haters comments: TNR anri 

Looks like it was H-1B visa; this is crazy.


Manmeet Singh is crying for exposing Indians crime in USA

This is the attitude of Indians in India and USA

82% said, Chowdary aka Kamma (caste) is more dangerous in H-1B Bodyshops business in the USA. 


Muthyala Sunil Clarifies From NC That He Didn’t Cheat Anyone (



Muthayla Sunil Clarifies from Morrisville NC that he did not cheat anyone. 

USA Media did not publish about them but India media published it last few days about them.

Allegations are: this Couple on H-1B running Bodyshop collected $25,000 from 30 F1 Students(mostly Telugus) and fled USA to Europe and transferred that money to India his father.

The Police in India went to his father’s house in India and missing is what the media says.

He is saying his father is being harassed by Police in India and we did not run away anywhere.

He also spoke in Telugu saying, there is a court case going on and someone leaked the information to the Media and they published it.

“How come issues in court leaked and published?

At Same time he is denying that he did not charge money from anyone. “

H-1B fraud: AP couple on the run after duping Telugu students in US | Vijayawada News – Times of India (


So far, two comments, people mentioned about Caste. Tana A Chowdary aka KAMMA group doing this as the couple belongs to KAPU Caste.

This is what public writing it in Telugu on social media on these articles of India media. 



One of the subscribers posted about TV9 news about this couple cheated 30 F1 Students. 

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