South Indian students from India failed in the USA?


South Indian students from India failed in the USA?

Unfortunately the answer is YES

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Here you go:

KE posted a question for the poll, received 104 votes for the following 5 options.

Thanks for the people voted here. If KE is wrong, why should 104 people voted? Let start from here. KE is supporting honest people and confronting the crime by Indians in the USA. Part of it, KE met one of the youngest Vice Presidents of the top 10 American prime vendors and interviewed him.

The purpose of the interview and the video “90% OPT CPT Resumes are fake” is to help International students coming into the USA.

Especially from south states of India. Because Indian students coming from Hindi speaking land are NOT pit falling into the trap of seniors at Universities, recruiters from India, 700,000 Indian bodyshops aka human trafficking’s agencies  in the USA. Meanwhile, several people Indians and non Indians sent huge literature how Indian students are doing mass copying at the universities in the USA to pass MS or MBA in the USA.

KE kept videos on that below subject also. KE also interviewed International students who are honest, genuine, by passed these vulture (recruiters operating from India to trap F1 students to guest houses, majority of 700,000 Indian bodyshops, seniors who trap juniors for $2000 referrals fees for sending them to guest houses of these 700,000 Bodyshops). Recruiters in India are two types, one is truth seekers and another is crime experts. 

Indians who are 1 lazy,

2 failed in BTECH several papers may be 4 years BTECH completed in 8 to 10 years,

3 who seek easy money, who are easy or pit fall into the trap of seniors or recruits from India, 

4 who do not know English, who are having back home caste connections in the USA and

5 caste group connections and paying commissions to bodyshops 

are getting jobs through fake resumes and proxy interviews (your interview will attend by others including female skype interview) and getting $5000 a month and posting fake pictures on Facebook and upon investigation, they are not found in LinkedIn and or any other professional sites.

They are sending huge money to India and also not paying money to Proxy supporters in India is what IT folks working in India sent complaints to KE. This Youth is misguided by Indians who are arrived in the past to USA with fake BTECH degree or during mainframe time and settled here with Green cards and USC using them (OPT CPT, DAY1CPT from South India) as easy investment to get them easy money. America failed to curb this crime and USA is helpless and hopeless.

If you are reading this from outside USA, better, stay away with such folks here and do not build your career on crime in the USA.

“Stay alone or stay with Americans in USA while studying and apply jobs directly on USA client websites and American prime vendors websites. “

No to bodyshops and in fact, you will be happy to return than to enter Indian guest houses in the USA because you will be trapped into illegal activities.

Kumar wish you good luck for your F1 trails and studies in USA. Kumar spoke to several Hindi speaking F1 students and they never ever approached the BODYSHOPS or Indian recruiters. In fact, one guy worked 2 years in Java and after his MS in US, he called me to find out how much he should get in USA per hr. he got $65 an hr job in Java without layers and with only one American Prime Vendors job.

This is KE never come across South Indian F1 students like directly going to American PV or USA clients FTE jobs in genuine route. Ofcoruse thousands of F1 students get USA client FTE due to caste based bodyshops and corruption. It is because of South Indian groups formed groups here.

KE is not denying that North Indians from India have not formed groups or not there in BODYSHOPS. They too but the students from India from North India are NOT pit falling into these traps is what bottom-line message. 





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