Is America promoting Crime and Slavery in H-1B?

America is nothing but slavery? or

Is America promoting Crime and Slavery in H-1B?

Unfortunately the answer is YES.

Whoever deny it is for denial sake only.

A BIG Hypocrite or a criminal.

Check FACTS!

Kumar aired his google voice number as H-1B Hotline. This is America supposed to do 4 decades ago and but USA is watching this DRAMA. So where do H-1B victims report?

Indians with GC and USC, Attorneys rip H-1Bs or non immigrants in the USA.

Can you show one good Indian employer in the USA? who is following USCIS/DOL/IRS rules?

Can you name one H-1B employer get punished for his/her crime? Can you show one H-1B victim who gets justice? It is almost impossible.

Your people in USA are doing either slavery or crime but positing fake pictures on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Most of them called- their employers did not pay $70,000 worth of salaries.

They do not want to complain to USCIS because they do not trust US Government, as they do not get any justice from them is their feeling.

Systems are weak and very bad in USA just like in India. In fact, it works better in India sometimes.

The local politicians with criminal background settle the issues outside courts in India. In USA, it is 0.

Look at Ashok comments, that is how Indians die for slavery and sex slavery in the USA by praising Indian employers.

If not, those employers will kill employees. 


America designed this slavery visas – nothing has changed in four decades. So your friends or relatives in the America are just either a slaver or a criminal.

Here you go: America needs cheap people or slaves but not talent or Americans Take the case of “A system administrator salary in USA.” to write this post. This 100K salary of a slave administrator drives everyone in India to USA. The people in offshore some of them cry by looking at onsite people salaries. They missed to see immigration hiccups, local expenses. In India, if your employer is bad, you can change jobs but in USA, if your employer is bad, you cannot do anything as you are a slave or sex slave to your employer because your immigration or non-immigration tied up with a slave master- That is America’s plan to import cheap labor from outside USA to replace/displace Americans for cents. Instead of paying $100,000 to H-1Bs or employees, bodyshops eat that money along with their spouse companies. Including outsourcing companies. So, the employees of Indian employers are slaves in a foreign country and do not open the mouths against the employer’s crime. THE USA also give fcuk to these slaves. it is like life in GULF, but Indians in USA post fake pictures on Facebook to give false impression to external world. A classic example for you to explain a case. Position Title: System Administrator Compensation: Annual Salary (based on 40 hours per week) $96,000.00 plus $2,000.00 insurance allowance, 11 paid Holidays, 10 days PTO, SIMPLE IRA 1% Match Optional Benefits: Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance, Flexible Spending Account, Term Life Insurance Alternate Compensation (without benefits): W2 $51/hour or C2C $56/hour C2C means, slave masters agreement between corporations and ofcoruse if you have a GC, you can do that job with your firm with the prime slave master. $51, you pay all state and Federal taxes like Americans though you are temporary slave or worker in USA. Your take home would be somewhere 50% of 51 dollars and you pay end up all local expenses unless you live 15 to 25 members in one-bedroom apartment like MS students or outsourcing companies’ employees or bodyshops slaves. This is NOT seen to IT folks in Offshore people. To avoid this pathetic life, if you take up USA client FTE jobs, you never know when they throw you on US highways once the cheap labor work is done or outsourced to cheapest people on this planet. Thanks for reading this. Check with your friends or relatives in the America, why are they silent? Silent is NOT an option. The very first enemy in USA is your nationalities especially Indian.


No Indian dared to ask his/her employers Indian in the USA- why are you doing IRS frauds?

if they ask, they will be fired and lose project, H-1B and have to return to India. Watch the below videos.

So silence is NOT an option but Indians prefer silence is golden because it get them Greed cards.

IRS TAX FRAUD Indian Incs ||H1B-EPI 216 || Kumar Exclusive




IRS TAX FRAUD Indian Incs || H1B-EPI207 || Kumar Exclusive



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