S386 US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas

US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas

Who is benefited?

3 million H-1Bs, their children 200,000 on H4 status with 21 years of age &


all immigration attorneys and

Indian Doctors or Doctors who collects 485 medical tests HUGE fees.


Who is at loss?

Americans and Bodyshops.


Who is a bodyshop?

about bodyshops




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From India: 


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US Senate passes bill eliminating per-country cap for H-1B work visas (deccanchronicle.com)


Green Card: US Senate passes S.386 bill, eliminates country cap for employment-based green cards | International Business News – Times of India



From USA: This is what Indians in USA are feeling about 


[12/2, 20:15] Telangana Subscriber T: Looks like S386 has passed with an amendment 


[12/2, 20:16] Telangana Subscriber T: 😭 Congratulations! S386 passed Senate. ✌🏆


What is that Americans are saying about it?


One of the Subscribers Noor requested this video: Sir, would like to see your view about recent S386 and HR1044 bill. Foreign Education/ GRE Consultancies in India

(I witnessed in Bangalore) are going crazy, spreading news that this bill is passed because there is severe labor shortage and scamming innocent students saying that soon you will get Green Card within 3 Years now.

I returned to India after I didn’t get any job on OPT. I am thinking did I make a bad decision?

@KUMAR EXCLUSIVE Thank You Sir. But, I am still very interested to see your detailed explanation on S386 and HR1044 bills topic.

There is lot of misinformation going around here. It will help create awareness among innocent Indian Students here who are falling for this pipe dream. Noor 18 hours ago @Ten Minute Tokyo 2 (Excluding IVY’s and IITians from India) Majority of people who go to USA are the ones who fail to qualify competitive exams like GATE/CAT but want to make quick money without any effort.

I exactly don’t know about the labor statistics, but according to my experience in USA an under graduate from US is far more skilled than a graduate a from India.

Noor 6 hours ago @KUMAR EXCLUSIVE You are absolutely right sir I understand what you say I am an ex-Infy. Going abroad for a good life is not wrong. I was saying that skills are important irrespective of a college degree. Acquiring skills takes its own time and dedication. Yes, there is a lot of corruption in India and economy is not doing good, there is a saying that a frustrated IT employee sees only 4 options 1. IAS (or Government Job through GATE) 2. MBA from IIM 3. Startup and 4. MS in foreign Country. In terms of effort last one looks easiest. That is what my comment meant…

Please wait for a video on this.

Why do Americans afraid of Indians?

See the below

The entire US IT recruitment is hijacked to India.

700,000 Indian bodyshops, 10 Indian outsourcing companies ruined 20 million American jobs and lives and their children during last 4 decades. With simply one word: CASTE and commissions. 

 At least 1 to 3 million H1Bs are currently waiting for green card and they are in depression.
 because waiting period for them is 455 years.

Their children who born in India have to QUIT USA when they attain 21 years on H4. They are called DALCA and 200,000 such Indian children are there presently in the USA.

This helps them if their parents get green cards before they die.

Otherwise it will be a BIG MESS for their children. 
this may reduce waiting period but bodyshops will cry as they do not want cash cows or ATM that is H-1Bs to get green cards as they will run away from them to start new bodyshops or USA client FTE jobs. 


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What is displaced Americans version?







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S386 is unfair since Indians are anyways getting about 18% of allotted green cards (just to add some perspective, Indian population is 17% of world population (https://imgur.com/gallery/glJbz06) and they are getting similar share of green cards currently anyways) more than 7% due to unused green cards from other countries. The root of the problem is currently Indians and Indian IT Consulting companies are gaming the system and filing 100,000s of applications for 65,000 cap h1b and thereby get 80% of lottery quota…so if this continues the backlog will never end even if per country quota is removed as Indians will keep flooding the pool….in-fact it will affect people from other countries as then entire green card quota will be retrograded for whole world…h1b lottery system should first be replaced with merit based system so only best and brightest are allowed in, like other countries, and then per country quota should be removed…S386 on its own is unfair to rest of the world and should not be passed without passing the merit based immigration system – current immigration system is setup on the basis of 1965 INAct where diversity was required for any immigration : EB, FB, Diversity VISA Lottery etc – same reason why we have diversity at workplace – Immigration overhaul is required first.

First Come First Served (FCFS) is not fair in this case as Indian companies are gaming the system by applying so many applications that it defeats the purpose of Green Cards being given to best and brightest based on meritocracy. FCFS works in hotel bookings and restaurants where people are supposed to leave after being served…not in this case – USA needs the best and brightest and not IT Body shop employees who are just a manager/liaison to offshore actual work to Indian sweat shops.

Example of how Indians are desperate to emigrate than fix their own broken system by illegally gaming the system:

As per Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 – all green cards (EB, FB and DV) are meant to “preserve” diversity (just as at workplace diversity is recommended) to prevent abuse, discrimination, bias and nepotism. DV, Diversity Visa, is a dedicated lottery based green card to “add” to diversity in American population each year

If L1 and H1B’s dual intent continue unabated,  each year 65K+20K H1b applicants are approved, apart from 1000’s of L1, but green card is for the applicant and the dependents (spouse + children ~ average 3 applicants) which every year comes to 85Kx3=255K+1000’s of L1 added to green card queue and since 140K employment based green cards given each year how will the backlog end? Only Merit Based Immigration should be allowed as explained in detail:

Here are the time estimates with supporting math : currently about 600K approved I-140 for Indians awaiting I-485 out of which 500K is in EB2/3 category – since max GC allowed is 140K for all categories with 40K for each EB1/2/3 as per https://immigrationroad.com/visa-bulletin/immigrant-visa-annual-limit-and-cap.php so that clearly shows that it would take 6+ years to clear just Indian backlog in EB2/3 category alone – what about Chinese, Vietnamese and Philippines etc…which is another 200K…easily clearing the backlog for these would take another 1.5 years…so total about 8 years just to clear backlog….now in these 8 years how many more I-140s would be issued for rest of the world? 85K h1b’s (65K with bachelor and 20K masters) are allowed and more 1000s for L1s etc each year and they would file I-140 along with family members thus easily the total number would overshoot 140K per year (ex: assuming h1 applicant filing for spouse too excluding kids to gauge a good average, 85Kx2=170K+1000’s of L1+spouse), thereby resulting in perpetual backlog for entire world for years all because of primarily Indians … please explain how do you dispute above mathematical calculations?

With 80% GCs going to people of Indian origin…unfair to rest of world…per country limit should be removed only after merit based immigration bill is passed with removal of dual intent of H1B’s

Back in 2007 priority dates for all EB categories were made current as per https://www.troutman.com/insights/immigration-practice-retrogression-of-july-2007-priority-dates.html

But did that resolve the backlog for India? No because the influx from India via H1 and L1 is always more than the number of green cards issued – so even with selfishly removing country quota will unfairly favor Indians at the cost of rest of the world – since we all know it is difficult to regularize mass scale fraudulent activities carried out by IT Body shops – thus merit based immigration should be a precursor to removal of per country quota. S386 will create a back-door entry which will ruin the entire immigration system – such stopgap solutions like S386 will encourage more rampant abuse as floodgates will be open thereby creating a bigger immigration mess

Why only Indians have so much backlog whereas Chinese don’t have as high a backlog as Indian inspite of Chinese having more population-b’coz most Indians try to move out of India by applying 100,000s of temporary H1b applications (often multiple applications with different employers) since H1b has no country limit by thankfully green card has a limit to prevent such blatant abuse. Chinese worked to make their own country developed and less Chinese are vying to take shortcut to leave their own country and settle in USA…same is confirmed by USCIS:

Have you ever wondered why so many Indians are trying to come to US as compared to people from other developed countries (even Chinese don’t emigrate as much as Indians do)-b’coz they have ruined their own country inspite of so many resources, heritage and potential and now just want to run away from a broken (widely corrupt, selfish, unaccountable and unfair) system in India and migrate to a well developed fair and mostly honest system in US where rule of law is more important no matter how much wealth one has or how much power one weilds. Just think if such enmasse migration of world’s most populous country continues how can any country or rest of world support such population. Even if per country quota is removed still more Indians are willing to move out of their own country to go to a foreign country-have you wondered how to fix the problem back at home rather than try to escape by hook or crook – eventually US will also end up being rotten by these senseless overpopulation who are too irrational to find a sustainable solution to their problems-so much for the so-called “best and brightest”.

I see so many Indians (especially from now bifurcated 2 states) are fighting and bullying US senators to unfairly change the laws of American soil to suit their selfish agenda (just like they do back in India), without thinking about the future repercussions and impact on rest of world or being grateful to US, which gave them so much like jobs,money,good quality of life,birthright citizenship to kids yet their greed is unending and they are arm-twisting to get a free pass to US citizenship just for all Indians. If they worked so diligently collectively to fix and follow the laws of their own country, they would not have to beg to foreign senators to change their well-intentioned laws to prevent abuse.

Please see how Senator Dick Durbin is being hassled by these selfish immigrants:

I know many Indians who after getting green card/citizenship started their own body shop consulting companies to abuse the H1b loophole and make a quick buck – we don’t want such abusive immigrants who want to abuse the law as follows :

– https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/consultants-california-and-texas-charged-visa-fraud-and-conspiracy

– https://www.uscis.gov/news/news-releases/executives-staffing-companies-charged-visa-fraud

Read a very balanced article from Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/immigration/the-employment-green-card-backlog-tops-800000-most-of-them-indian-a-solution-is-elusive/2019/12/17/55def1da-072f-11ea-8292-c46ee8cb3dce_story.html


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