Kumar – His Experiences at the 20th TANA in Detroit Michigan 2015

Kumar – His Experiences at the 20th TANA in Detroit Michigan 2015


20th TANA Conference in Detroit, Michigan (miindia.com)

I will make videos on it, what they told and what is reality etc.

It’s wonderful gathering of Telugu speaking people in America. It is for 3 days from 2-4th July 2015 in Detroit Michigan located at COBO Center located in 1 Washington Blvd.

I drove on July 1st from New Jersey/New York 630 miles for 11 hours 30 minutes to attend this wonderful event. Many people from all over USA have come to attend this event and I met one of my ex. colleagues of MNC in India visiting from Texas to attend this. Many dignitaries invited from India to attend this event.  It’s nice to attend people gathering because you need to meet people and network though am against caste systems. Frankly   speaking Telugu speaking communities broadly divided into two and one organize this event on odd number of the year and the next community organize on even numbers of the year.  ( community is a different meaning in USA, but as per community in Indian standards is caste).  Mainly Doctors well settled in USA are the biggest sponsors next to IT firms etc.

Amazing events:
Wonderful chain of events organized very well.
TANA, I see as a forum or platform for all and everything to anything for Telugu Communities here and it’s a business cum cultural activities and may try to fill the gap between India and USA interms of development but I am not sure whether TANA is getting benefitted or Andhra Pradesh people and government is benefitting is TANA need to address it.  But for sure, TANA is doing something good for Telugus and Telugus in India, no question on it.

I was amazed to see 10,000 people take lunch and participate in the events same time. I have seen such a gathering after NATS in New Jersey in 2011.
One must visit but am not sure whether TANA allow non-Telugus to participate as it’s purely for Telugus.  My interesting topic, political debate during 4-6PM today(July 3rd Friday 2015)  in one of the halls, I have asked questions to RK of ABN channel about Media corruption etc. and it was very sensitive and emotional program as they refuse to allow the first person to ask questions.

Interesting topics that I found are: 1. Politics 2. Immigration, Student Visas, Education in USA stalls for my writings to guide students 3. IT companies business meetings. Posted the pictures of H1B companies and Medicine University etc. I am not sure of their authenticity but you need to check H1B companies’ reviews in myvisajobsdotcom and check University status also. I do not recommend anyone but sharing information.

( Food is free but salt is too much in some of the items, need to be taken care of and it can be ignored but need to know by the management. )
Price of the ticket is high
Hats off to the TANA for such a wonderful management.

What best we can do?
Ppl comments in ABN RK program:- Every NRI here must build toilets in India in their respective villages.

I may record truth and the other side of TANA shortly.
Probably I may record a video on DAY-1 of events today followed by Day-2 and Day-3 tomorrow i.e Saturday July 4th.




A person working BEHIND the SCENES sent huge information about these(all Indian caste groups in the USA) and placed here below for information to the public 

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