Life in Clayton Village NC USA

Life in Clayton Village NC USA -2010 Jan to April story 

2009 Nov, KE left for India as not feeling well due to C5-C6 disk slip issues because of Over Time Unpaid at PA Project with Deloitte.

December 2009 KE returned alone to USA. 

2010 January KE got a project here.

KE started driving from MI to NC.


KE searched for a room in Sulekha website and landed in Durham NC.

Indian roommate Sulekha and American room mate Craigslist.

One Apartment two bed room is shared by 3 people. One guy in One room and other two in other room.

The above is the utilities for month. KE lost his van here and the Indian landlord sold fake SONY cellphones to KE.

KE thought that he can send gifts to his parents. KE lost $550 plus $250 customs tax in India for that. The Indian landlord is from North India.

It was terrific nightmare for KE with Indian roommates in Dharam NC. The other guy used to talk over the phone all over the night to his parents in Singapore, spouse in India and

India offshore teams and finally snore loudly and could not sleep in the nights. But that guy helped KE for not taking $500 plus advance for the room as KE left with only limited amount.

He left the room as soon as KE entered due to landlord’s nuisance with African American girl friend watching TV all through the night loudly in the living room.

He told, if you want lessen the burden of rent, you also post a room share advertisement and total divided by three instead of two. 

This is how Indian room mates sublease apartments without the concerned of apartment managements in the USA. So that you can accommodate as many people as you want to lessen the rental burden. 

Painful to live with Indians in the USA. Then KE decided and moved close to work as no van and pathetic conditions with the roommates in Dharam NC. KE finally moved to American landlord’s room in Clayton. 


What is Clayton? 

Clayton is a town in Johnston County, North Carolina, United States, and is considered a satellite town of Raleigh. As of 2010, Clayton’s population was 16,116, up from 6,973 at the 2000 census. By 2019 the town’s estimated population was 24,887.

How is life in Clayton? 

It is very calm, peaceful and economical. American landlord in Clayton is very helpful. 

Few days, went to work by Bi-Cycle from home in this small village NC. 

Some times by walk, some times by cab and coworker American gave a ride(one way) and it is due to lost my Dodge Caravan in Durham NC.


NC to NJ

NY to NC


Purpose of visit:

KE lost his Dodge van in NC and a friend in India left USA offered his car to buy and car is located in NJ

A tennis friend Mr XYZ in India asked KE to take his car in New Jersey and KE went there by driving 500 miles from NC to NJ and dropped off the rental car.

Upon seen the car, KE return to NC by flight. It was a nightmare for KE, took two days loss of pay leave and drive hundreds of miles and the car is damaged and unused conditions.

The Tennis coach a friend of KE came to USA in the past left his car and asked KE to buy it when KE lost his Dodge van theft.

It is then KE decided not to buy used cars from Indians in the USA. They cheat by not telling the truth about the cars. 

NOTE: Always ask VIN number of the car, it does not matter friend or relative, they will still cheat you. 


Room rent advertisements and correspondence by Indians

Hi Kumar,

No problems. I could understand your issue.

Please find below the list of thoughts I prepared for other email communication. sharing the same with you.

If you have any concern / issue over any of them, let us discuss and sort it out. :: ))  ph : .

Basically I am a easy going and open minded person. Hence hope no issues.

1 ) I think you could come to my house in evening after 7 PM on week days and any time in weekends.
2 ) I am a full vegetarian and cook myself in home. No issues in joined cooking.

3 ) I usually keep my house clean also rest rooms. I would expect the same with my roommate also.
4 ) I am a night dog (used to be awake till late night) but there wont be any noise / disturbances to you as you are given a separate room and closed door.
5 ) I do get some phone calls in night due to offshore co-ordination, but I will make sure I don’t disturb you.
6 ) Usually I need bath room from 08.30 AM to 09.30 AM. Time is adjustable in some occasions.
7 ) I have pooja room and used to do minimum pooja every day. I guess you don’t have any concern on this if it is not disturbing you.

8 ) I used to pay rent 5th of every month. I would expect to get the share amount the same way from roommate. I don’t need any advance.
9 ) Room rent : $ 700, Water + Trash (Ista) : $47 (usually the same range every month), Electricity : $70 to $90 (this range I am getting every month), Internet : $29 (750 kb speed). I would request to share them between us.
10 ) I would prefer early communication : Ex, if you want to vacate room, you could let me know at least 5 to 7 days in advance. Don’t need to pay extra charges.  But please dont inform me today and leave tomorrow.

11 ) If you are leaving the room in the first half of month (for ex : 13th of month), you could pay 1/2 month share. If you are leaving around 22nd of month, please pay for full month. Kindly don’t calculate based on number of days. Reason : I might not get anyone for the remaining 8 days.

12 ) If you cook non-veg, I don’t have any issue. But request to use your vessals for that. 




On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 10:57 AM, Kumar


Thank you.

Please find my office address:

 Bus Hwy Clayton, NC 27520-9465

Your room is 34-38 mi and 50 min drive to my office and my current one is: 45min drive and please find my current home add.

 edinbarough dr dhuram.

Please let me know, (1) how much is rent, inclusive of utilities i.e electricity/water/internet

(2) Do you need advance or not?

(3) What if I lost project in between/relocated to another project due to change of employer(unexpected things), If I pay that month rent ok or do you need any specific days notice?

Currently, where I am staying, lost the privacy and couldn’t sleep in nights due to that disturbance and I need to address them today and if you let me know, answers for the above, I am ready to loose what I paid there as I lost basic interest to go home.

Thanks for quick response.

Clayton, NC


Sent: Thu, January 21, 2010 10:48:37 AM
Subject:  Address

Hi Kumar,

my office address :

 kit creek road, morrisville 27560

home address :  winter walk cir morrisville nc 27560.




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