USA Information technology job market

USA Information technology job market

KE wrote this on 4/24/2013 10:12:40 PM on FB but now 2020 the situation is even worse.

50% of job requirements float in USA market are fake. some of the Consulting Incs keep float in market to give the impression that they have good client and good job requirements.

After h1bs waste time and updates and send or submit resumes there is not response from anyone.

The other Consulting Incs make consultant resume fill with the Job requirement to match and select by hiring managers

Here is the twist: knowing all this some of the US clients may not release the entire job requirements to the vendors/layers.

Once H1B consultants reach job interviews for in person the client shows entirely a different job requirement. of, course they may not change from Windows Admin to .Net, but requirement totally contrast to the requirement that you received it in email from a vendor/broker.

If H1B consultant ask for the reason, the client explains the same.

on top of it, the low billing with too many layers is near waste to attend/travel to in person interviews unless any Ms Student/H1Bs are fresher to attend or get first hand experience on in person interviews is ok. Otherwise for experienced h1B consultants, such interviews may not be useful unless the H1Bs skill set is wide open and able to understand the job requirement.

50% of job requirement is matches to your skill set or resume then any guy can attend interviews and if selected can perform in projects and rest of the 50% he/she can learn in either first few days to 2 weeks. No big deal here and majority learn on job rather than learn everything and apply for jobs.

50% of staffing agencies are fake and doing identity theft. – 2020 scenario

Staffing agencies circulating forged H-1B papers for F1 OPTs, forced GC and USC papers for International students to get place them. 2020 Scenario 

Staffing agencies marketing OPT as GC/USC, Victims reported ||Kumar Exclusive

every year 200,000 F1 International students are coming to USA. how are they getting jobs easily? Desi staffing agencies marketing them as green card holders or USC by forge GC/USC papers. One of such or many of such OPT students have come forward to report their crime after watching KE videos. They blackmailing them and sent emails to DSO of the UNIV by false allegations towards the international students. They are not paying salaries and recovering money as taxes on bench etc and asking F1s to return the salaries for leaving them. KE advise is, do not build career on crime.

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