There are Federal laws against wage-fixing, but most US execs and pols are engaging in it. Wage suppression, and market tampering via mass immigration are the prime causes of America’s economic ills. Cheap labor kills economies.

“Indians not only reduced US Wages but also break ALL USA LAWS (MIN WAGE/Prevailing Wages) Kumar writing this live on this community wall to understand with a classic example how Indians are breaking all USA laws, Immigration laws without any respect or fear of LAWS in the USA. Unfortunately, the world is mistaken that the laws and immigration laws are very strict in the USA. It’s a joke and bogus. A Senior Active Directory Services Engineer ROLE in New York City (Indian in USA mistaken New York means only New York City, New York is combination of more than 1000+ island and popularly known only 5 Islands) and that is the level of ignorance we have here. Leave it for time being because that is not the core issue. This role in New York City USA carries Base 150-180k plus bonus. All that the job needs is, (1) excellent Active Directory, (2) DNS Group Polices, and (3) PowerShell are they key skills and (4) AWS an additional skill set.

Now a days, one must know multiple cloud technologies but not just one cloud technologies to survive in the current market. Anyone is not working in Cloud technologies in I.T in USA, they can go back home as technologies that they’re working is outdates or can be automated. No offense just an observation from the market. The pay (150-180k ) if you approach American clients or American Prime Vendors. As you know these days (2000s year) the American prime vendors also learned corruption from Indian vendors. In fact, Indians introduced all kinds of corruption or bribes into USA IT market. Kumar has no idea outside IT market in USA but similar as he heard from subscribers. So what Indians are doing here is, they change the titles to reduce the wages and destroy original LCAs– step1 A Boston MA based and New Jersey Based Indian Incs are very famous in doing this. Step-2 if they cannot change title, they kill h1b employees to save the companies. Step3 – if they cannot change, titles, they continue h1bs there and recover salaries later. that means, salary paid by bodyshops is a loan. Step4 – they form as layers, wife of bodyshops, brother-in-law of bodyshops, sisters/brothers, etc and eat that $180K and pay only $45 to $55 to H1Bs. What do they do with this money? They throw this in Indian caste meetings, throw this on TV Anchors imported from India, throw on Film Actors imported from India, throw this on TEMPLES in USA to get Tax exemptions and what not? They throw this in India in slums to show off as acting as eradicating poverty in India etc and same time ask local governments in India to give free land and free buildings to construct hospitals or schools to help poor and context local MLA elections to become Ministers.

If failed to do so, come back to BODYSHOPPING Business in USA. You can see thousands of such politicians cum bodyshops owners. They have connections with Indian cricket players who are now entering the real estate business in India. Also becoming producers for Telugu or Hindi films in India by sitting in USA by running 100s of Bodyshops with 1000 H-1Bs under one umbrella but with different names or fake names. Recruiters in India are part of this scam. $55,000 is a big amount from India so Indian outsourcing companies employees who frustrated working in India, go to Ameerpet (a money collection center for Bodyshops in USA) of Telangana state in India and pay them 2 to 10 Lakhs INR $9000-no upper limit and wait for H-1B. No client interviews and nothing, they assume that they get $50,000 a month or year as soon as landing in the USA. Unfortunately, this is American dream for many Indians.

Reality is different. Since the money collection located in Telangana, TRS Party MLAs (people elected representatives) are also involved in it. If it is another 29 states in India, the local political parties MLAs also might be involved who knows? The local police there support rich or politicians so there is no way victims get any support or no one receive any complaint from the victims. Victims also knows that paying that much money for visa is a scam, so they mourn in depression. This has been happening ever since USA opened the flood gates for Indians. It might be F1 or H-1B during Mainframe Era. What is that you need to know? They (criminals, Indians call as employers/consultancies or bodyshops) are paying 1/2(half of) the prevailing wage, which is illegal.

No one in their right mind would take that job in NYC for $60K. Costs would be more than that. $120K min, more like $140K. Please share this to everyone you know in IT in India who aspires for Dream America (minting dollars in Indian context). What Americans should know? First, they (criminals) hire Americans to prove that the President’s rule Hire Americans First in place. Then they fire Americans based upon budget issue to bring Indians purely based upon caste basis (any caste but must be an Indian ONLY) and take advantage of it. If you confront or complain, the MAFIA enters the picture and rest is history.

Disclaimer: All information is gathered on actual conversations and electronic communication with followers of my videos. Although I cannot guarantee the accuracy, it is my assumption all information provided is factual and true. My opinions are protected by the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. Any threats made against my family or myself is in violation of The Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989, 5 U.S.C. 2302(b)(8)-(9), Pub.L. 101-12 and will be reported to proper authorities.

Raghu Valaboju 11 hours ago

You are giving awareness which was hiding. Great job kumar.

Argh D 20 hours ago

I think brother u r doing a great job, absolutely no doubt, but to make it more fruitful, u must expose these greedy Indians before whites, their hidden motives, their mindset, please lodge complains or least make some such post that ur thoughts r Grasped by whites ,God save USA.

Hello friends, Thanks for your comments, questions and here are few FAQS, answers and Americans reactions. Topic: – Indians reduced US wages. Argh D KUMAR EXCLUSIVE In that case they US should change the law and should not allow anyone to stay more then 2years or so, infact stop giving visa to Indians. Americans subscribers wrote We already have that law, Title 8, Section 1182 Indadmissible Aliens, Subsection (5) Full text of that law is here at bottom: It is illegal in any and every case to even admit ANY alien to US for work if doing so “adversely affects wages or working conditions of Americans similarly employed”. Forget 2 years – if any alien works 1 day in US in a job while an American is unemployed from that job, then that alien is an inadmissible alien and is working illegally. Period. It’s that simple. We don’t need any Indians telling us to change our laws, since we already have those laws. India Incs need to stop doing the crime, and India lobbies stop bribing our pols to not enforce the existing law. I even made open letter to Apple about how it is breaking this law: As I tell Indians all the time, don’t lecture us about our own country when they are the problem. —- Americans subscribers displaced by Indians with fake resumes and felonies and proxies from 1990s to 2020, their life is like this: As I wind up a lifetime of working, I find that I am limited to making $18,240.00 per year. — Buz Off KUMAR EXCLUSIVE I knew early on it’s about cheap servile labor. An H1 coworker asked me to take up an issue with our H1 manager, and when I asked why, she said, “He doesn’t talk to you, the way he talks to us.” I recognized it immediately for what it is, subservience. Pre- work visas’ existence, 1970s/1980s, foreign workers were asked to come, with direct entry as EB-pending. H1, L1 is corporate ownership of employee, a defector 360 degree non-compete for staff, which is illegal for citizen/LPR. Americans subscribers sent to share, Yes, indentured servitude is illegal under Constitution, also L-1 is intracompany only – placing L-1s outside of the company that files them is fraud and crime, but most India Incs do it illegally – and there is no limit on L-1. Diane Feinstein even testified in 2003 about L-1 abuse. 17 years nothing done, ever. What most US companies are doing is crime, and they know it. But because they have lobbyists paying off gov’t they get away with anything. Most jobs in US now occupied via criminal activities. There are Federal laws against wage-fixing, but most US execs and pols are engaging in it. Wage suppression, and market tampering via mass immigration are the prime causes of America’s economic ills. Cheap labor kills economies.…

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