Certified Women’s Business Enterprises

Certified Women’s Business Enterprises

That’s illegal under EEOC laws.

Discrimination based on sex is illegal under EEOC laws.

Saying “Women owned business” shows they are biased for women – and that’s illegal for any biz owner.

Yes, lots of them say “Woman owned”, “Minority owned”.

That’s illegal but EEOC does nothing.

If it’s white male industry like Silicon Valley they come in and kick us all out.

Why do Americans pay EEOC $320 mil/year if they won’t enforce the laws?

American Subscribers sent this information

American said” It seem to be a pattern. Seeing many shops that are “certified woman and minority owned”, like this unironically named company.”

Women is not respected in India but suddenly all #bodyshops respect women in USA and start IT shops on their spouse names.

The secret is to escape from USA if any employees complain and the women pretend to be innocent about husbands’ crime.

It happened several times and these ceos walk into Mexico boarder or Canada boarders and later come back into the USA as if he or she does not know anything.

One of such criminal arrested at POE recently.

Women and diversity is suddenly touch hearts in USA only but in India,

none can confront against the governments inability to provide security to women.

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