American posted comments on the post on LinkedIn. 

H4 EAD is awarded to the people who’s spouse on H-1B stayed 6 years in the USA and who’s I-140 is approved. I-140 is second stage of Green Card process. 

Green card has three stages: Labor, I-140 and 485(EAD).

H-1Bs supposed to get H-1B EAD but the BAD BOY billionaires of India formed as a ring killed this H-1B EAD so that the h-1b cash cows or ATM(any time money) will not run away from their clutches.

What is the problem?

like OPT CPT these H4 EADs have no minimum wages so Desi Indian layers and illegal layers are ripping these 90,000 H4 EADs. 

What is the solution?

They have to complain work harassment to USCIS. 

Kumar Tips-harassment in the workplace.


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