ICE arrests 15 nonimmigrant students for OPT-related fraud

In continuation to yesterday topic, KE posted polls to see the pulse of the public. KE got mixed response and sharing it here in a nutshell.

OPT: No Longer a Foreign Student Free-for-All




Subscribers sent questions:

Yes sir I saw. But the people caught are not even 1%, probably less than .1 as there are 200k f1 and much more OPTs. What about those working in construction and along with undocumented Mexicans. They are not caught.

2. The f1 and opt rules are crazy according to me. Because in U.K Australia, Eu Canada, students can work off campus and on campus with 20 hours restriction on study visa 

After graduating the 2-3 year stay back here is indefinite (you can legally work in your field, in another field, work in restaurant, retail and also survival jobs) in the stay back. opt laws are so crazy difficult that is making students violate. Why can’t they make it like UK Canada at least on the opt part? Anyway even with very tough opt rules I see many violating it. 

The crazy rules on F1 and opt combined is a disaster for students putting their money for education. They can be much more secure in other countries and I see the drawback is less full-time professional jobs than USA with 20-30% less pay but no crazy rules and fear of going back.

Even if they want to come back, they have full work rights on the stay back so that they can do all kinds of professional + odd jobs to repay loans and come back India debt free 

KE: Comparing one country immigration rules to another country is not good. Its stupidity. Because each country is different right.

Subscriber: True sir. But for a student’s perspective comparing countries for education I did a comparison.

Will they do anything for the 300-500k OPTs working in restaurants, construction, and other odd jobs. Because they are not 100 or 1000 to act?


Another subscriber wrote: guys are working for free in NON IT related jobs by OPT and CPTs until get experience and then those hired them are paying salaries. 

Indian attorneys advocating hire OPT and CPTs and do not pay them any salaries. This is to avoid H-1B rules by US Government. 

Last decade, several people from OPT CPT and DAY1CPT contacted KE, they wrote: what is this life in America? In spite of taking huge loans from India, for hardworking and merit students no guarantee of H-1B in the lottery. Majority of the USA CLIENTS many NOT sponsor H-1B for NON IT JOB like Mechanical and electrical. As you know, IT people occupied with fake resumes and doing H-1B filings. Why America? 

Some working in IT, wrote, bodyshops are asking $10,000 to file h1b though all fees in H1b and GC are employer payable. 

Industry demands 10 plus years of experience and in some cases 5 plus years of experiences. Someone told KE, that hiring managers only making it as 5 to 10 years experience to eliminate local STEM graduates, so that thy can F1 OPT CPT DAY1CPT on board through their illegal layer companies to 50% salaries cut.  This is also cannot be ruled out as 100% chances to do so by them. So ultimately it is the UNIV in USA either genuine or fake want funding from the parents of international students in India and China. And there is no return gift for them except exploitations by corporations, IT staffing agencies either American or desis or Indians and bodyshops at large. 

USA has A to Z several visas and getting F1 visa is most easiest way.

You are very luckiest person if you do not get F1 visa to USA in 2020. Otherwise you will see HELL on this planet on F1 visa. 

One OPT story is even tragedy, He drives from California and Michigan to meet his DEIS Indian employer at his house to beg salaries.

This has become a rule but not an exception for these Indian bodyshops. What a pathetic life for OPTs? Of course they are money minting stories of OPTs without fake and fraud and some with faking resumes and getting $75 an hr in IT field in New Jersey and New York areas. He told, it is not easy to manage the boss with fake resumes, proxy interviews and relocations and commute to client in difficult weather conditions without a car in Covid19 situation risking his life. He said. 


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