Awareness about how to hire a good lawyer in US

Awareness about how to hire a good lawyer in US

One of the followers shared personal experience on how Indian attorneys or lawyers work and their work ethics in the USA

Subscriber from personal experience and research thinks Indian lawyers in the US are the worst lawyers when compared to non- Indian lawyers in terms of their work ethics.

They usually come online on Facebook and give sessions to the audience just to become famous but nothing else.

Here, Lawyers usually prefer to come on TV and Radio to get famous so that they attract innocent clients and do publicity but in reality a true lawyer never needs publicity instead they get publicity by their true hard working nature for a client and through mouth publicity for their good work towards clients.

When subscriber did some research from their friend’s experience, talks in verbal and videos on you tube on lawyers in the US and their service towards clients, found that they speak as if they understand the pain of International students (F1) and H1B’s but in reality they do not.

The way they speak on Indian Telugu channels or Indian languages TV and radio interviews projects that they are faking a lot.  

In the end of their interviews to Telugu news channels they speak about the fraudulent employers taking H1B fees from students but in reality they are in favor of body shops (even your (Kumar – KE) one of the video shows the same) and fraud IT jobs always as they can make money out of their profession by supporting them.

In general, from personal experience, Indian lawyers are comparatively bad in the US and most commercialized.

From personal experience, some information subscriber wants to share is they (lawyers) trouble their clients to the most by making them come to their offices each day/week and not giving proper appointments, shut doors on the faces of their clients, making their assistants to tell client that they are not in office but they are sitting inside a room in the office, on the first day of the meet with them they talk smoothly until the client pays money and from the immediate next day they avoid clients, they try most not to meet client in person or phone from the second day only, all of a sudden they increase the fees once they come to know that client has a sibling or relative in US who is working or had green card/citizen  (so never say you have some sibling/relative to help you financially in US),they never lift client calls and they will make the case prolong to the most for years together until they make complete money out of it, make the client wait by not filing the documentation until couple of days to the deadline and then force the client to hire them only as the client will be left with no choice as the deadline to file the documentation is very near (this is the strategy bad lawyers use to get more clients get easily trapped and had to hire them as they are left with no option).This shows the lack of ethics in their service to the client. Subscriber suggests that do a proper research (in google see reviews) about a law firm and lawyer before you hire. Initially, talk to multiple lawyers and get an opinion on your case before you hire any lawyer where many local and international lawyers offer free consultation on the first talk.

As told by a lawyer to subscriber, in case after hiring a bad lawyer, if you feel that lawyer is troubling you by not properly answering or responding to your case, you have a right to change the lawyer as lawyers are here to help a client and not to trouble them.

As told by a lawyer to subscriber that you can change a lawyer in middle of case if you hire a bad lawyer but should be little cautious and careful in going with the process.

Be careful before choosing any lawyer and always do proper research about a lawyer and law firm before hiring them.

Subscriber’s personal advice for any clients who seek legal advice is never ever go to an Indian lawyer instead choose a non- Indian lawyer because they trouble you by prolonging the case, make you pay more money, never give proper response to clients. Choose a non-Indian lawyer or just sit and read the law rules from the government website, law related official website and google. That is the best way.

On the firsthand, better do not try to fall in any legal issues and if it requires any help then do not choose Indian lawyer instead choose a non – Indian lawyer.

Always see the google reviews before you choose a lawyer.

You will be shocked to see most of the bad and worst reviews are for Indian lawyers in google.

Everything became business here in the US.

All the professions especially IT, body shops and their owners, middle men in IT jobs, Indian LAWYERS, doctors, health practitioners, consultants like travel ticket consultants, IT recruiters, real estate people, Managers (they don’t deserve that position as many are with fake bachelor’s degree and have green card) are doing business in US.

In the disguise of wearing a blazer and professionally dressed they are doing cheap business in the US.

If you make them write one exam on the basics of their bachelor’s degree, out of 100, 99 will fail for sure but they act as if they have come up with a hard-working career.

They came with a fake profile and fake career.

This is the famous business by Indians in the US.

Thank you,

Your subscriber.

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