illegal part time jobs by Indians


One of the subscribers asked KE two questions from India.

FAQ 1. What is the per hour wage Indian students make doing off campus illegal jobs.

KE: I have no idea as I do not encourage off campus jobs. Mostly for cash they work 

FAQ 2. Do a lot of students work more than 20 hours to pay their fees. If so then why aren’t they caught

KE:- This also I do not know. America is sleeping or Indians ditched America and Americans because one American wrote,

those jobs meant for local kids who are in 9th grade to do part time jobs are taken away by Indian F1 students.


International Student in USA KE Subscriber answered this:

7-9$ per hour depending on location.  Obviously tax free. 

Only students from not so good universities do it, since in good colleges there is no time for all this 

Non CS students do it more. In ME EE the studies are more theory and less practical so more time

They are sometimes caught, but US is generally favorable to illegal workers, all big cities are dem run sanctuary cities harboring this type of illegalities (NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, DC)



Student from India on F-1 visa deported for working illegally in restaurant



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