US IT Desi recruiters

 Everything about US IT recruiters working from NIGHT SHIFTS in India.

This is dedicated to my brothers and sisters in the recruitment industry in India.

KE wish them to quit jobs to get into mainstream IT jobs if they have BTECH computers as qualification. 

Who are these people in India?

They are human beings like you and me.

Please treat them as our brothers and sisters.

Because many F1 students, GC people hate them like anything.

BTECH passed out students who are not selected in Indian companies campus placement

and who cannot afford to F1 VISA trials like writing GRE and TOEFL to get I-20s from Fake or genuine UNIV in USA.

Recruiter brothers and sisters from India told KE in video interviews, it is not a profession by love but an accident that they entered. 

What is the pay package? 

The pay starts from $50 a month to $2000 a month to a senior experienced person.

For juniors or no experienced people, or sometimes seniors too, “with a condition that you must place a candidate in the USA”

either trap them from UNIV to Guest house

Guest house to ONSITE Projects

or push from BENCH to Projects etc.

Otherwise that month no salaries. 


Does this experience counts in India? example working in Night shifts to USA and placing h1b bench candidates 

Unfortunately no. They have to keep searching for another BODYSHOP in the USA for their rest of the lives and suffer in night shifts. 

Here you go:

KE classified US IT Desi recruiters in to two classes and three types.  


Please ignore typos, again but not against

Recruiters are not paid any salaries by bodyshops unless

type 1: trap F1 to Guest houses

type 2: push them from guest house to client sites

type3; place them on bench to projects

here bench is nothing but guest house.

Guest house is offered for people first time new comers from India on H1B or F1 from colleges

Because 87% of BTECH graduates are unfit for IT jobs in India, most of them opt recruiter jobs in night shift, just making calls from vonage phone to USA in the past.

Now with new mobile apps

Salaries no unless candidates get PO and MSA from next vendor.

Salaries ranges from $50 a month to experts upto $2000+ a month.

Except those drawing $2000 a month only well versed with USA time zones, H1b knowledge upto some extent

These recruiters in night shifts cannot apply to jobs in INDIAN COMPANIES in India in day shift jobs.

Because they do not consider night shift jobs and they know bodyshops means crime so they do not let them even apply for jobs also.

One recruiter told, 10 years he wasted his life and career in night shift.

If you say in India bodyshop means, they considered as pimping business.

Thanks to internet, they are aware of these things.


How come recruiters phone number look similar to US phone numbers?

Earlier all bodyshops in the US used to send Vonage phones to India offices.

Now there are free apps available it seems.

Not good to use but they text or call from that number.

Any USA states 3 digits first you can pick.

Same in Canada also.

Examples of Class 1 recruiters is the below. 

KE made several videos on Recruiters brothers and sisters, just watch this English Video enough for non telugu speakers to understand it.



 American Said: 
Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:27:23 PM
Subject: Re: Bad bodyshops?

FYI.  That guy is a night shift recruiter.  I guess it should have been obvious from the “+1” area code in front of his phone number.  On Glassdoor it says these guys will harass you from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can’t even speak English. 

I am seeing reviews that say the recruiter tries to trap the candidate into booking travel to the bodyshop city, however when the candidate asks for the address of the guesthouse the recruiter won’t provide it, so some of the candidates get scared and back out.


One time 9pm EST I got a call 2017 New York.

He is speaking in Tamil begging for resumes. 

One time a girl speaking in Hindi.

They have a target of resumes submissions daily otherwise their bosses abuse them in Indian languages. 

Their managers trained them to snatch this information from the candidates no matter what?

Is it legal or correct to snatch(collect) this information?

Unfortunately NO

Then why do they collect it? 

Several answers for this. Media told KE, they sell it for $15 to others by ceos of bodyshops in the USA. Including scam call centers in India

Another version is, every 200,000 F1 international students are coming to USA. They cannot get jobs with their OPT/CPT cards without experience. They need someone’s H-1B/GC/USC copies to forge it to re-submit it for jobs.


What is the state and mentality of the recruiters on LinkedIn? Here you go examples. 

Class 2 Recruiter, nexus with CEO and attack KE.

This class 2 guy does not have last name displayed or having American faked named and work for filthy bodyshops.

Trap female F1s from UNIV to Guest houses and what? They abuse and attack candidates. 


They are highly frustrated due to night shifts and working for criminal bodyshops so they do not know what is right or correct. Some of them but not all of them. 

A recruiter in Delhi working for a bodyshops in Texas is attacking on the below post.


Americans are laughing at their website.  Do you think any of their employees look like this picture:


Recruiters working conditions in India.


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