Lawsuit challenging H-1B wage increase filed in the US

My analysis: IT Group Sues USCIS Over Shorter Duration Of H-1B Visas  

A section of Indians are excited and very happy over Telugu bodyshops syndicate sue USCIS over this.

They do not know that this syndicate is not doing any favor h-1b employees in particular. 


Lawsuit challenging H-1B wage increase filed in the US – Matt Research 


1/ Ladies and gentlemen, here are your ITServe Alliance bodyshops suing the Department of Labor.

CC: @USDOL @SecGeneScalia @CongressmanRaja @PhilMurphyNJ @CoryBooker @SenatorDurbin @ChuckGrassley @KumarExclusive @WCWOA

2/ Precision Technologies Corp

📍 New Jersey; Hyderabad
💰 $1-2m from PPP
✅ H1B Dependent

🚨 14 bench sales recruiters
🚨 33 LCs denied or withdrawn
🚨 Traps workers to guest house
🚨 Uses illegal layers

3/ Iflowsoft Solutions Inc.

📍 New Jersey; Tamil Nadu
💰 $350k-1m from PPP
✅ H1B Dependent

🚨 Fires workers ahead of USCIS site visits
🚨 Charges workers $7,000 for H1B visas
🚨 Pays far below prevailing wage ($25/hour in NYC)

4/ Smart Works LLC

This will be their second time enjoining an ITServe Alliance lawsuit against USCIS.

5/ Dots Technologies, Inc.

📍 New Jersey; Mumbai
💰 $350k-1m from PPP
✅ H1B Dependent

🚨 Uses 4-5 illegal layers
🚨 Prime vendor is also fraudulent and contractor is told to represent that company instead of Dots
🚨 Fake company run from India

6/ Zenith Services, Inc.

📍 Princeton, NJ; Hyderabad
💰 $350k-1m from PPP
✅ H1B Dependent

🚨 Vendor for bodyshops Infosys, TCS, and AgreeYa

7/ Kolla Soft Inc.

🚨 2nd lawsuit against USCIS
🚨 Asks illegal questions in interviews
🚨 Casteism

8/ Nam Info, Inc.

📍 New Jersey; Bangalore; Chennai
💰 $350k-1m from PPP
✅ H1B Dependent

🚨 Eight “night shift” recruiters
🚨 Does not hire Americans

9/ The bodyshops in this thread altogether received $2.4m – $6m in bailouts from PPP and now they are unironically suing the same federal government.

Perhaps ITServe Alliance and its member bodyshops should be sued by American workers for economic damages vis-a-vis wage levels.

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Originally tweeted by Matt Bonness (@MattBonness) on October 18, 2020.

Lawsuit challenging H-1B wage increase filed in the US

See this video:

At the 5:00 mark Rahul Reddy says it’s OK for bodyshops not to pay OPT workers:

“If you are training that person, then you don’t have to pay him. You know it’s up to the company. It’s up to the company.”

“Now the students will tell you that, pay me, pay me, pay me for, you train us, you feed us, you keep [us] in an apartment, you pay us? I mean, come on. That’s up to you, I mean if someone’s policy is like that, please, I’ll be joining you guys.”


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