H1B trapping business

H-1B Trapping Business – a story in 2015

A female ex colleague, working in Indian Outsourcing companies in HYD India, is KE follower and ex colleague in India.

Follower in the sense, career advice etc.

She came to the USA on L1A through Company.

Her husband tried to fake his name as JACK and called KE one day evening after 5PM EST asking for copy of a resume.

He is so stupid that I talked to him in India and I know his voice as Bajiv.

but he is trying to defend as Jack.

On top of it, I saved her USA number also.

When he called her name was displayed and I said,

Bajiv, tell me though he is introducing his name as Jack.

He was shocked and KE asks him, what do you want?

First he said, resume please.

He said he is on L2 EAD started LLC on her sister’s name  to do H-1b resume forward as middle layer.

and if possible INC to trap H-1Bs to Guest houses. 

That was his first week or month in the USA.

2015, I was so frustrated and told almost an hour, that what he was doing is illegal.

He does not care, he wants quick money.

Bajiv but he register a fake name JACK.

He told his name is not Jack then I recognize his voice.

Many guys create fake American English names to misguide Indians as American Prime Vendors to submit resumes.

This is most common practice by Indians here. 

if you remember a boy sent emails from India with fake name for H1B enquiry.  

No documents.

Every friend of mine contacting me after I post a line project over and looking for projects.

They all are layers (dummy) but want to take a huge cut in my pay check by forward resumes.

A student in Edison New Jersey one of ex.room mate chowdary caste person. He was cheated by 3 to 6 h-1b employers and he said, he will float a company to lure students once he gets h1b, GC.
If I study in College A, I consider students of College A forever my employees. 
Hope you understand what is caste now?
nobody can break this chain, because it’s a disease, a country India is suffering, they don’t bother about American,  America.

From:”Jack” <jack@com>
Date:Thu, May 28, 2015 at 18:03
Subject:Reffered BY his spouse same


I got your reference from his spouse name. Can you kindly let me know your contact number so that we can discuss in regards to positions with my clients.


Sr Resource Manager

3000 Breckenridge Dr, Flower Mound, TX 75022   


Contact @: xxx-609-4179, Fax:  xxx-828-0748

gtalk: jack

From:”Virgil Bierschwale” <vbiersch@ >
Date:Thu, May 28, 2015 at 19:16
Subject:RE: Reffered BY xyz

Yep, there are 39,997,000 of you here in America.
If 20 million are doing this, it is a wonder that any American in America can find a job when caste makes it so that they will not consider us.

Think about that before you say it ain’t happening.

If 5 million Americans are forced out in years 1 and 2.
And 10 million in 3 and 4
And 20 million in 5 and 6

It is like compound interest.


39,997,000 is the foreign born, civilian noninstitutional population for april 2015

This is how any Indian in the USA start trapping people as sitting as a middle layer between employers and another Indian illegal layer or prime vendors.

They claim it as “job creators” back home in India and USA. Once they trap more people then eat more dollars then they will start their own INC to put H-1Bs or F1s in “captive” and ear unlimited money by collecting h-1b fees and GC fees and not paying salaries and then next eat PPP funds. This is what any Indian is doing in the USA ever since the inception of H-1B into America’s visa systems. 

If you give your resume to desis, you are almost dead. A desi recruiter cum shadow ceo told KE a decade ago.

Unfortunately if you get selected, all the Indians in the chain eat your money and often run away with huge money.

Also they issue fake paychecks, fake W2s.


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