noun: freedom

The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

absence of subjection to foreign domination or despotic government.

the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

in·de·pend·ence: the fact or state of being independent.

The FOUR pillars of Indian Democracy pit fall into the trap of Caste, Corruption,  Congress and Corporate Mafia (they get anything here from Imported wine, Imported Italian Tiles to their costliest houses toilets from IAS to Judges to Media personnel to Politicians and Imported Whiskey, W etc) so Freedom &Honesty are unknown words to public in India.  Who ever notices this during their stay in India, that is the reason no Indian would like to return to India for their kids/children to born in India?   Especially those who left India to USA/America love their kids born in America.  It is because kids born here are property of America, America takes care of them if their parents violate their Freedom because Americans born for Freedom and die for Freedom. I request my friends to check with their friends or relatives whose children born in America here above before writing negative comments.

I do not know what FREEDOM is really when I was in India. I know from my B.A Politics Books, and I know from few Freedom Fighters whom I met while working in AP Government, but I did not experience it to optimum with responsibility.

First time, I understand about it in 1992 when I opened Political Science book in P.R. Government College, Kakinada, AP. That is there is a term called Freedom not just to the nation but also to the citizens. I have started extensive study on Political news etc and discussed with my Lecturers Mr. Dayal etc. in college on the similar topics. Of, course I had humpty number of discussions with a good Economics Lecturer Mr. Reddy of Women’s College in Kakinada, AP at great length after he moved to our college.

I really do not understand the gap between theory and practices i.e. outside the books. Because all our constitution to what not everything is professionally written but none of us neither followed nor respected in reality except very few. You do not counter this because look at the Constitutional bodies or chairs today.

I do not know where my freedom ends or others, I mean boundaries of individual Freedom and freedom of the Nation I born. We might get freedom on 15th August 1947 and honestly, I do not know what is it? In 2014, I do not feel that I have freedom in India while I commute in Hyderabad when my Auto/cab was stopped by some mobs and asked me to go by walk next 40 kilometers. When I told my friends or others they said, Kumar giving much hype to it because he returned from USA. We did not know the value of it so we accept every body’s freedom into our rooms or our boundaries and it is because we are very ignorant. Please wait for in details on how a boy/girl in India raised and if the same boy/girl moved to USA on F1/H1B how much freedom they have with responsibility without racism of regional, religions or caste discriminations etc. That’s what is Independence but not what we have currently. There is no solution except CHANGE. To quote a last line, people Indians wherever they live sending advises to me in all forms of communication on topics what I should write and what I should not write on Facebook or any where. Honestly, we do not know what FREEDOM is. We only know caste, corruption, and curb other person’s freedom in the name of culture, castes, regions, religions rituals etc.

If we know what FREEDOM in India is, we will never (do not) come to know what AMERICA is. Because America is for FREEDOM.

When comes to individuals or citizens Freedom, I do not see Citizen Charter any where except during few Governments posted it on the walls to know what Citizens Charters and his/her freedom and responsibilities is.

I have written TRUTH about after 1947 hence not writing about that here but our politics is corrupted, or 4 pillars are totally corrupted and from where can I start write about FREEDOM? This is what I got this question when I worked in AP Government in India during 1998 to 2005. I also interacted with Media and noticed that they are highly corrupted next to our Judiciary. Of, course I had terrible experiences with Indian Judiciary too. So where is FREEDOM to the citizens? Does it make any relevance of these words in the current India?

Suddenly some one comes and condemns it and write filthy too? Does that person know what is FREEDOM? When someone writes about facts or his/her experiences, people condemn it but can these people condemn when politicians or custodians of citizens loot their taxes and Nations’ wealth?

Can these people question Politicians who kill the freedom of the press?

Can these people question Press who hijack the freedom of the people?

Can these people question Judiciary who never deliver justice on time?

Can you question yourself what is freedom and why are you doing gender policing to women on dress code?

Who are you to question the freedom of opposite gender?

India was delivered from the British Rule today, we commemorate it and celebrate this great day, but We Indians are still in the bondage of race, culture, religion, caste and creed. We will have the real freedom when we are free from the bondage of race, religion, culture, and caste.


What I noticed and experiencing here, USA

CHANGE: people decided to change hence nation changed drastically and dynamically. During course of time it becomes a great melting pot because leaders developed systems and people teach honesty at homes and schools by kick out racism and poverty.

LAW: That’s why people from 180 nations can live under one room where Law is equal for all and Law is ultimate, and nobody is above Law. All are having equal job or business opportunities.

What I experienced here: India.

 Nation knows only congress, castes, corruption, cinemas, cricket, crime, corporate mafia and people are not equal though Law in books equal for all, but implementation is different. Politicians divided people. People divided by castes, regions, and religions. Children initially live happily and go to schools in childhood and colleges in teenage and later to Universities. Later once get into jobs divided and formed into groups like CASTE A to Z, 25, 000 various subgroups and various religions and inside each caste or group they do help only to that group. But outside group they say ALL ARE EQUAL AND ALL RELIGIONS are same. I really do not understand what is this division and all are equal?

CHANGE: people scold you if you talk about this. People change cars, trousers designs, learn Mainframes to Cloud Technologies but no one leave racism or regional wars or caste and gender discriminations.

LAW: Implementation agency is not well equipped and Judiciary, BBC reported that it is most notorious unfit institution.

 It would be better to go to Graveyard and asleep rather than approach courts in India for justice.

Religions vs FREEDOM: Every alternative day in the Indian Calendar is a festival and one whole month is Ramzan and only December 25th is Christmas. Every day 5 times one has to bear the loud music from Mosques or temples and on Sundays from the churches.

In the months of September to March, Ganesh Festivals, Durga Lakshmi Festivals, for 11 days pandals and streets or roads fully loaded with masses and loud music and final day tensions of communal violence if Islam festival days crosses with Hindu festivals.  I was also participated when I was kid or childhood but later during my examination’s days, I beg them to reduce the sound of loud music, but you know in India, no body cares.   From west, when I noticed that it looks silly to me because all religions follow LAW here and respect FREEDOM of others but why cannot Indians do the same thing in INDIA? Is my question. When you kill or violate freedom of other person, how do you name it as Religion? Is it not wade? Is Religion greater than the word FREEDOM in INDIA?


CHANGE: people scold you if you talk about this. People change cars, trousers designs, learn Mainframes to Cloud Technologies but no one leave racism or regional wars or caste and gender discriminations.

LAW: Implementation agency is not well equipped and Judiciary, BBC reported that it is most notorious unfit institution.
It would be better to go to Grave Yard and asleep rather than approach courts in India for justice.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s civil or criminal cases. You know what Mr.JP said, “the winner of the court cases cry in public toilet in court and the looser cry in private toilets” no big difference. 68th Independence India, no idea who got freedom from British? Judges or people? Britishers left 67 years ago from India but their legacy is still continuing by Indian Judiciary. Not knowing facts to blind people comments Kumar writing against India.

Independent India, My India is a Great Country.  

Kumar Exclusive

08/17/2014 New York 

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