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Matt Bonness:

I would like to ask those politicians why there are Hyderabad owned TV stations broadcasting out of New Jersey (MANA TV, TV5, etc.). Do we have a lack of foreign propaganda that we have to invite these stations that sell airtime to bodyshop owners?

“TV5 is the no-1 telugu news channel in North America & both Telugu States in India.”

“ivTone – VOIP Providers

Is this CEO also in the business of providing VOIP technology to scammers in Hyderabad?


Voice: Kudos to you – few suggestions by Subscriber

Here you go:

A person named BENKAT BIKKURTHY from New Jersey used to beg KE. His begging is, “please call him when he is on TV5 Studio Live and ask questions about technologies and how to get jobs? KE refused it softly. All the callers on these channels are purely bogus and paid callers. Then these people sitting in TV studios tell answers to trap them to their training institutions to guest houses to bodyshops to USA clients locations through PROXY. These channels are paid (I think so) so whoever sitting there have to pay some money. They get returns very quickly. according to KE, most of them who are sitting in these studios are BODYSHOPS owners who collect H-1Bs fees and never paid salaries to their employees on time or never paid. Including all caste groups presidents or members. Indian attorneys of REDDY CASTE and KAMMA Caste even horrible. They attack or abuse President Trump in filthy language including Hindi speaking Indian attorneys. They do not have gratitude towards America for giving them GC and USC. Whoever watching them from India feel proud for them as Indians building America. F1 or women watching this from India feel that they are Gods to place them in USA clients if pay them $2000 to $10,000.

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