Is fraud an American tradition?

Is fraud an American tradition?

 Based upon his links/information, KE posted a poll on this question.


American Said; 

So is this guy going to do a story on subscriber?  Will Bloomberg run it?  I was impressed one of their reporters wrote this story recently:


I forget to say one person who use to work at XYZ client/employer in CA. He told him to join consultancy and the employer name is Mrs. sunitha guntipalli he use to work for her and he told him, he will provide proxy and fake resume but subscriber refused it the sad part is sunitha guntipalli was summoned by US department of justice and she approached the subscriber for help and he said I can’t help they are the first people who got jail time for H1B frauds.

He tried to help students get their fee recovery and transfer their sevis to legitimate university when he approached fake UNIVs students they are kind of feared.- a subscriber wrote.

“DESI Recruiters trapping International students at UNIV”
” Desi consultancies syndicate is an Organization run by Indian it companies the recruiters visit to College campuses while students about to graduate they approach them they will sign up with them regarding Job placement, 

Training and H1B Green card once that part is done the students will start working for those Desi IT companies rather than applying directly.

Once the student falls into the trap the Consultants will send them directly to the client location.
And the billing would be either 60k or 70k depending on technology and layers.”
” Desi consultants all over the United States sir come to campus and start taking students’ information in order to trap them. I have seen it personally.  “
 International student in 2011 wrote this.
2020: another Students told KE $45,000.  One MI based bodyshops CEO told one F1 student.

Fremont Business Owner Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Role In Visa Fraud Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, Witness Tampering, And Related Crimes

Desi consultants all over in United States sir they come to campus and start taking students information in order to trap them I have seen it personally.

American Said:

ProPublica also knows about the PPP story.   They did an article about temp agencies doing PPP fraud.  Someone at ProPublica saw my post about the bodyshop that runs their Ohio guesthouse like a jail and it got their attention.  I sent this writer some info but did not hear back.

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