Happy Country with Happy People 

Happy Country with Happy People 

KE wrote this on Jun 20, 2014, 6:40 PM

Happy Country with Happy People

We believe this post will be highly Informative useful to young Indians.

For those who desired to see the world

For those who desired to change

For those who wish to settle in Abroad for Change but not for just money

People rated Top Ten Countries on basis of different things.

High Happiest Life

High Quality Life

High Human Development Index

High Equality

High Environmental Condition

High Economic Balance


Social Support – Share & Care
High Freedom of Choice 

Less Corruption 

Less Crime


These are the points which people derive. If you Google Top 10 Countries to live, you will get first 7 or 8 links but not all of them say the same. So, we must evaluate all countries and then we must create our own list of top 10 Countries.

For me it Top is Denmark because no murder, peaceful people, happy lives, cool weather, nice nature, and environment. Highly Peaceful and Great Quality Living and more over great place for business.

Have you ever heard of countries where murder and other crime rates are at zero? Can there be any other country offering a pollution-free and corruption-free life quality with stable economic growth even at recession times? If you want to live in such a country, head on to Denmark because it is the only country that comes closely to offer all the above. Every Danish citizen receives an outstanding health care system since it is their basic right. Therefore, Denmark tops for me as they have happiest lives in the world. 


For me 

1st Denmark

2nd Best is Sweden for me

3rd Norway

4th Netherlands

5th Canada

6th Switzerland

7th Finland

9th United States

10th I can give this place to UK, Germany, Austria & Belgium. 

And Iceland.


What about New Zealand?

New Zealand is Good Country. Citizen Friendly Government.

Naturally Good

So, USA is in 9th but why people and world is so crazy? About America!

People go crazy about America because it’s America

America was built only 400 Years old

It’s land of destiny and fortune

America is Open for All Nations
America is for ALL

Americans molded their lives for goodness

Americans committed for love and humanity

Americans live for freedom and die for freedom

My Personal Experiences:

Some of my friends studied in NZ

I met a peer in North Carolina, not one many.
They said Europe is best, work cultures and everything etc.
One told me, she moved to USA, because her husband liked it.
Telugus moved from Germany to USA said ” Germany is great but he had a feeling that he miss USA” so he moved to USA.
the list is endless.

One guy from UK expressed in Bus journey here in USA, he is visiting USA in 2009, settled in UK, lawyer a Bangladeshi by nationality with family wants to move to USA.
Asked KE, how to get green card, my knowledge is zero on GC at that time in 2009.
Many told KE several stories.

A distant cousin from Australia who explained,  helped in getting all the information about Australia told me, taxes are high.
He is CA.
Learned people soft, SAP applied for immigration and went there by took loan.
Later from Australia he informed to someone to meet him in Vijayawada.
Because, I don’t have phone, etc. anything.
People used to write letters to me.
Those days or some neighbor’s telephone line and wait for their Trunk calls/STD/ISD call.

This below picture is from Denmark, Country with No Dust .. Only with fully of flowers, colorful trees and green lush. 


We do not have Humanity, honestly but we tell ours land of Karma and Vedas.

We are now facing it as Land of Scams and Slums

Land of Rapes (Marital Rapes, Rapes on Wheels, Rapes on Roads and hang on Trees)

Indians committed for Castes & Corruption.
We are committed for Cash (to avoid Tax in USA too our guys demand Cash only if you go to any Indian Streets or talk to any Indian) Cinemas, Cricket, Crime, Congress.  .

All C’s are true. All C lead Indians to Collapse 

Kashmir an incredibly beautiful place on earth.
Same beauty I saw in Montana.
But we have violence in Kashmir.
After train passes through Delhi to Jammu route you sense that violence.
Srinagar, I was not sure I will return to home.
One time auto stopped, he asked me to take bag and run away because Army and Amarnath Pilgrims and all fighting on streets.

In built terrorism killed all or majority Hindus or Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir State and an Article 370 of the Indian Constitution bar rest of the Indians to buy houses/properties there hence they eliminated all Hindus last few decades.





Social Progress Index puts  

TOP 5 nations

  1. Norway

  2. Sweden

  3. Switzerland

4 Iceland

5 New Zealand

16 USA

128 India, lower than even Nepal and Bangladesh

The Index ranks and analyses 133 countries with similar resources

101 Social Progress Index rank

93 GDP per capita ranks


ppl comments:

Does that wake up anyone in charge?

Things are going from bad to worse. The 60 years Congress rule has destroyed the country. It will take at least 200 years to make any changes.

vast population is the reason for India to rank lower than Nepal.

India being a country with 1.6 billion population needs to work harder. Yes the population explosion has effected the development of India but the nexus of corruption between minister, elite corporate groups and bureaucracy has led this country with rich bountiful natural resources what the nation is today. Congress never had done enough in its 60 years rule

Yes. SPI is the real index that must be taken for a country like India and for the whole world because according to GDP model, only the wealthy people like Ambani could lead a life of happy n luxury life. According GDP model if the richest lead a life then how could poor people live happily. According to national per capital income per a person are those rich people giving any money to the poor people.

Please read our post on this page earlier we wrote “Happy Country with Happy People” top 10 nations in the world to live as per freedom, life, work, per capita, GDP etc.

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