Policies vs People

Policies vs People

KE hope this will be helpful for readers especially young generations getting into Information Technology related companies in India or abroad. 

KE worked a decade in India before coming to USA. KE also worked in AP State Government in India.

So KE has huge network of ex colleagues who share truthful information about their journey of life time experiences.

One of such ex colleagues or peers who studied in Canada in 1990s and returned to India shared his experience of two decades in a message.

KE is placing it here for the interest of the public and also conducted polls on YouTube/Twitter and LinkedIn. 



American work culture is best.

But what if you are a contractor/sub contractor or a consultant working for an American client though Indian outsourcing company at on site? 

There will be a conflict between Client policies and Company(outsourcing India). KE kept a video on this. You need to bring them on a conference call to resolve the issue or a consensus. Otherwise a blame game starts between you and client and company policies and people. 

H1B-Epi35 H1B contractor and service provider conflicts & Fix Kumar Exclusive



Employee union files complaint against Accenture for forcefully asking staff to resign

As per Accenture’s statement, the layoffs are a part of their annual performance management process where they assess every candidate on their performance, and if they are fit for the firm

Sonal Khetarpal | August 28, 2020 | Updated 13:42 IST


American said: That does sound bad, working long hours is not fun when you are forced to do it


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