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Hater created fake id legal immigrant to do personal attack to KE


Even ids are also FAKE to write to attack KE, fake fellows.

Can you imagine how crime are they doing in USA? 

Matthew Bonness:

There was one Hyderabad shop I saw yesterday that bothered me.

They used fake American names and were lying in the comments on myvisajobs.

I can write about them next week.

Mergen IT. Check this out. HR manager calls herself “Lauren Hill”. Responded to a comment saying the CEO named didn’t exist.

His name is right there in the LLC registration records for everyone to see. Blatant lying.


Matthew Bonness:

More fakes. Look at this company in Chicago.

Do these look like software engineers and Java developers to you? Who do they think they are fooling?

These girls look like models, not programmers.

Rocky told, Lauren Hill”. it is because all fruads they are doing with a fake name from India so LAWS of USA will NOT be applicable.




The sad part is, the next generation American kids have to face these guys and have to study with children of these criminal ceos children.

Very sad, basically 99.99% of owners of BODYSHOPS CEOs(we call brothel companies ) have criminal backgrounds in India.
May be not recorded in police stations as you know India.
I am not writing 100% as it becomes a generalization.

That s how BENDAKAYA BENDRA AND DOSAKAYA BENDRA(names changed) are doing frauds non stop for last 20 years with floating several hundreds of shell companies.  






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