IT kills Medicos

IT kills Medicos:

Indian H-1B BODYSHOPS/Outsourcing companies destroying 

opportunities for Medical and health  care professionals. 

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Matthew Bonness: Believe the number of H1Bs for medical research are quite low compared to IT. This is pure propaganda to say H1B heroes will cure coronavirus.—freelibrary-3puxk/CY-IDEAL.html 


Matthew Bonness:

Yes the thing with foreign doctors has been going on for quite a long time. Greedy hospitals and HMOs got together with US politicians to import cheap labor and put small private doctors out of work. This has been going on since the 1970s

The guy who created H1B (Bruce Morrison) is lobbying for the American Medical Association saying we need to bring in more covid doctors and nurses using unused green cards.

This same clown went on CBS saying H1B was being horribly abused in ways that were never intended when he wrote the bill. He is the biggest traitor and sellout to all American workers.

KE: OMG, you have lots of research and info that must go to the public as a post otherwise people believe Indian media news as fact.

Telugu video, I placed how Indians become doctors in short cuts and occupying American doctors jobs.

I read an article, saved it for the English version and missed it, that is Local American medical students are not getting jobs because Indians occupied H1B.

Is that true? 

Matthew Bonness:

 already posted about Bruce Morrison and Paul Donnelly on Twitter.  Since then Paul Donnelly started following me on Twitter.

Paul Donnelly is the lawyer for Support All of Us, he is for more green cards but against S.386 since he represents Iranians / RoW.

The Americat hates Paul Donnelly.  She wants Support All of Us to fire him and find another lawyer. I’m not a big fan of Paul Donnelly and his “why not green cards” approach, I think it will only exacerbate the problem and importing the entire population of 3rd world countries will have adverse effects here (or any country for that matter).  The correct solution recommended by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service is to disconnect H1B from immigration based visas (dual intent).  Then the green card backlog problem goes away because we will stop bringing in more guest workers than there are green cards available.It is fun to watch Paul Donnelly get into arguments with Immigration Voice trolls on Twitter though.  He is a well educated person and his arguments sail way over the head of the fake Immigration Voice “sock puppets” he is arguing against.  They are all the same person at Immigration Voice who creates multiple accounts to troll S.386 opposers on social media and make IV seem like a bigger organization and not just a few guys stealing money from Indians and pressuring them to harass U.S. senators and call them.

KE: Thank you for your detailed response. 

I didn’t know about him.

Immigration voice or any Indian group is earn money and ditch America and Americans. H1b turned in to immigrants visa at i140. This is a glitch in the system. Looks like Americans are colonized in America correct?  Either lack of labor union’s like in India to do strikes etc.


Matthew Bonness:

Yes. Some S.386 supporters say their plan is to take over the US to exact revenge for colonization by Britain. They feel it is owed to them. That is how they justify rejection of American candidates, and make it morally ok under this value system. IT workers either have no unions or unions are ineffective as you saw with TVA and Boeing, the union didn’t help them. There are some smaller unions that formed of Google contractors I think and CODE-CWA.


KE: Oh OK thanks. 

I don’t know whether true or not:-  Indians not allowed to director levels by European at clients locations assuming that Indians are corrupt fellows. I heard that in 2008.

Just now someone sent this from India.


Matthew Bonness:

his is the guy I was talking about.  Some people think it’s a fake account, I disagree, as far as I can tell he is a real person.  Reported his twitter account and twitter did nothing.



He built America it seems. 

Plus we deserve?

Can you imagine these fellows become usc?






ALL THESE GROUPS are these type of people only.

Matthew Bonness:

Here is his twitter account.  Check out all of his openly racist tweets.  Hates all white people, whether from Britain or America.  Says Americans are stupid and lazy.  What did I ever do to this guy?  I never colonized his country.  I have no ancestors from Great Britain.  Why doesn’t he go to the UK and fight them if he hates them so much?  The US fought against Great Britain too for doing the same things to us (colonization, taxation without representation etc.).  What a moron…  I do not like this guy.



Indians outsourcing companies words “lazy”


Media Indians use same language. 

We have to accept it, Indians culture is bad in doing negative trolls for others. 


Matthew Bonness:

Sure feel free to do a video.  You could scroll through his tweets and replies, probably half of them are offensive, the rest are about random things like music and sports.  That is why I’m thinking he’s a real person and not invented by someone trying to make Indians look bad.


I just saw this guy:


He is an Indian but here is what I noticed from his tweets shared.

1 He did not reveal his identity.

 2 he put Slaman Khan Muslim Bolloywood hero pic and another guy did not notice him

3 he shared couple of Anti Hindu posts.

Not sure who this Gautam is and become his fan to troll against Americans.

Matthew Bonness:

Looks like he is an actor from Mumbai according to his profile.  He seems to be a brand ambassador for  His instagram says his name is Gautam Gulati.


Yes, thank you.

The fan of him is an Indian but not sure of his original name.

I saw one more last name Gulati on his profile London something.

Matthew Bonness:

Sorry I guess StyledByGG is his own brand (entrepreneur part).  His initials “GG” are in the name of the company.  I guess he has some female admirers / fans that reacted to him on Twitter.



The problem with Indians is, they treat film actors as GODs.

PK Pawan Kalyan film star from HYD visited the USA before he started his party for FUNDS.

360 degrees published he took $50,000 from a boydshop cash which had been raided by DOL in the past.

Because I kept that clip in my video, his wide spread KAPU CASTE fans attacked me online.



This is how easy for IT to get jobs in USA. And everybody shares that money in the I.T. If bodyshops hire medicos this is not possible. 



Agree with you  in fact a few Honest Doctors having passed the most difficult USMLE Part 1 2  & 3  are waiting for H1B & GC along with the scam ridden low end tech fellows who have bribed the HR & as you said in your several messages put up false experience to gain H1B & GC at the cost of these Doctors & Nurses & Covid 19 Proved that USA requires more health care staff rather than these crooked people

Interesting reading for your info facts reality and bitter truth Sad stories Is it fair?

Kumar after 6 years of studying MBBS (Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of Surgery M.B.B.S.: Bachelor of medicine, Bachelor of Surgery; an international medical degree equivalent to an M.D. in the U.S. system

) plus 4 years MD  4 YRS MRCP UK PLUS 3 YRS USMLE Exams struggling to make it either for H1 B or GC because of the low end Software coolies snatching the H1 B Visas of highly deserving &   talented competent Healthcare professionals in queue and saving American lives a doctor from India and UK, having MBBS MD MRCP UK  and working in USA in one of the TOP hospitals is an example of an Indian professional stuck in a long queue for a green card.

He went to top University in the USA to train in a dual residency in medicine and pediatrics after his MBBS from Top college in India in 2000s and stayed on for a fellowship in allergy and immunology. “My green card petition was approved in 2014 under the national interest waiver category since I work in the underserved area of a state in the USA. But because of the green card backlogs, I too must wait on an H-1B visa indefinitely.

For people like him, any travel outside the US, like India to meet family or other overseas medical conferences, means getting his passport stamped at an US diplomatic mission in India. “We cannot start a private practice or volunteer at free clinics. Besides, we cannot start any business or get access to a lot of research grants.” Physicians had their application for green card approved in the national interest waiver (NIW) category. “We work in areas where there are projected shortages of US physicians. Some of us hold master’s degrees from prestigious US universities, have published academic papers and have professional certifications in our respective areas of expertise. We were hired purely based on our skills, experience, and qualifications.

All of us have been employed legally and have been living in US legally since decades,” says the Doctor who switched to a H4 dependent employment authorization document (EAD) of his Spouse, the green card applicant with a priority date of August YYYY. These highly qualified Indian doctors having passed the world’s toughest  Medical Exams USMLE  in the world  saving American lives have to compete for H1 B & GC with our Scam low end Software coolies (snatching the H1 B Visas of highly deserving &   talented competent Healthcare professionals) totally gaming done by tech companies.


Matthew Bonness:

Nice.  Good reaction. 

Bodyshops used ITServe Alliance to lodge a complaint against USCIS over these increased rejection rates, and a stupid judge agreed with them.  She has been consistently in favor of bodyshops.

She also supports benching, she thinks the anti benching law passed by Congress creates a way to make benching legal. So you can see she believes bodyshops are benching workers with full pay.
She uses misleading numbers from this Forbes guy to support her decisions. Stuart Anderson aka NFAP is one of the biggest sellouts of American workers.
“ Why did the judge rule against USCIS? In large part, the judge pointed to the “anti-benching” provision passed as part of the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 that specifically allows an employer to keep an H-1B employee during any “nonproductive” periods as long as the employee is paid.”

Her activism and bias are obvious from this comment:

Judge Collyer said to the Trump administration’s attorney: “You don’t want these people in this country.”

So she thinks it’s racist to make it harder for bodyshops to do human trafficking. To me that makes her either ignorant or evil, maybe both. Rosemary Collyer. Bush appointed judge that aligns with ITServe Alliance and CATO against American workers.



The core reasons that Indian MOM&POP BODIES Consultancies are ruining the lives of F1 #h1bs is because that the laws are damn weak in the USA and on top of it, JUDGES in the USA support the crime of Indian #bodyshops.

I thought America is great but now I realize that America = India in terms of laws and judiciary.

If you have a green card or US passport and have a body shop, you can do any crime, no one can do anything to you.

Hence Indians with fake BTECH or DESI low standard BTECH or IIT BTEC, CEOs of bodyshops becoming rich in the USA.


Coming to America is a lifetime blunder if your boss and employer is Indian. Period. #caste

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