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I don’t have much.  Looks like they filed for one visa in 2016.  She registered this company in 2008, the webpage says 2005.  They offer Java training and say they’re hiring Java devs.  Her LinkedIn says she’s in Atlanta but her company is registered to a house in Novi, MI.

I saw so many of these tiny companies in the Illinois data with one or two visas sponsored.

I thought I could see a pattern emerging from the data and I started to wonder whether these people were forming LLCs from overseas to sponsor their own H1B visa.

Have you ever heard of that?

Another thing is,

 one F1 in  GOVT CLIENT   client started LLC to forward resumes of F1 between prime vendors of the same clients.

A group  attends proxy for F1s to bring inside same client.

One F1 Student got RFE on H-1B 221g stuck in India and cleared and came to USA recently. May be because of frauds.

A friend told, on his sister’s name F1 Student started INC bodyshops. That’s how Indians in USA are doing LLC and INC  “H-1B pimping” business.

F1 kamma caste people are doing crime and feels its a great business. Not one caste, now all castes learned this tragedy.

Same universities F1 students is their free investment.

That F1 International student also have a hotel in CA.

He told staff in hotel are illegal cooks etc.

He told CA kamma Chowdary caste bodyshops ask openly sex favor from F1 students who cannot pay H-1B $10,000.

At that time 2010, MEDIA is in touch with me.

I introduced that F1 to MEDIA, he was scared and never replied.

Came to my desk and told, he is not willing to talk about them with media.

Till then he thought we were innocent and he is a great business man type build up he gave. This is the CASTE people attitude in USA across all USA client locations. No work or less work and more “show off”.

When we introducing ourselves, that f1 International student told, ” TANA President is his uncle” It was 2010. Even before spell his first name.

That indicates he is a kamma caste, RICH is his introduction in office at NYC.

Government client  Gov.


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