Investigation about matrimony sites fraud and IT fraud

Telugu police men Interview – Investigation about matrimony sites fraud and IT fraud

 Exposed about the fraud:

I thought I will share some information on matrimony and IT frauds in India too.

So, a year back, I saw some interviews in youtube where Telugu policemen are explaining the investigation they did for a matrimony fraud and IT fraud in India.

These links below are to get an idea how fraud happens in India.

Below are the links:

1) This policeman was an IT – software guy.He got bored with it and quit the job and joined the police force so that he can be a part of investigation in the IT sector.

He did a good investigation all by himself.

This was very informative and interesting.

About IT and Matrimony Fraud:


2) About Matrimony Frauds:

Link 1:

Link 2:

3) Other Frauds…linked with google..

Link 1:

I hope this information might help people in India to be cautious and not be a prey to these sensitive Issues.

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