Nityo-Infotech ‘Please Do Not Submit Muslim Candidates’ Recruiting Message

American said: Check out this article about Nityo Infotech.  CAIR is an Islamic public relations org in the US.

CAIR-NJ, CAIR-San Diego Call on Nityo Infotech to Probe ‘Please Do Not Submit Muslim Candidates’ Recruiting Message, Take Disciplinary Action

American said: “The end client ServiceNow that put out the requirement is a huge company that makes IT ticketing software. 

1,246 employees in Hyderabad India”


Reviews for Nityo-Infotech

Samved Singh wrote to KE or Kumar why hate? about a post on RAPES in India.

See this person company’s crime in India and USA.

Teenager dies after alleged gang rape, sparking outrage in India
he is denying indirectly no rapes in India

All this below information shared by Americans friend. 


Nityo Infotech is a New Jersey shop. Not H1B dependent according to my visa jobs. Should I add them to the list?

This guy’s company has terrible reviews on Google.

This guy’s company has terrible reviews on Google.

This guy’s company has terrible reviews on Google.

American sent the below reviews 

86 one star reviews on Glassdoor.  Ask your friend in Delhi how much he charges for certification training.

See this review from a female employee in New Delhi.  Ask your friend if he thinks it’s a safe place for women to work. 

Also ask if he even likes working there, most of the reviews from recruiters are trashing the company.


Hundreds of recruiters, dozens of night shift recruiters.  They are one of the worst in New Jersey I think.


Today 11/24/2020 – several people sent these below clips. 


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