Americans are colonized in America due to Indians and Mexicans.

Americans are colonized in America due to Indians and Mexicans.


I told America to raid every h1b business house and send willful violators to jail for 20 years.

Person2 :

Yes all IT consulting companies are doing it ….USCIS and DOL has to act on this.


A day will come, all Indians will be killed by Americans because government is corrupted.


This is same as 11 million illegal immigration in country USA could not stop it …simple reason some one in USA talking advantage…or there is no mechanism that can stop it…or simple reason one need cheap labor…

Without someone benefited /taking advantage h1b companies could not survive long enough …..answer is simple American companies should stop any H1b and hire only citizens and all the Big IT offshore companies to stop all the service in USA.

Government should take action over employment in country and hire only US citizens…

Govt. should stop H1b for good and stop any labor visa to come into country and stop student visas and don’t allow any foreign visas for students …reason all the students how come don’t go back ….why and why government don’t stop it…

Let’s help people and country u live in by staying legally!! And at the same time we should not for we came from..

God Bless America !!


Students are coming like in India, students from AP used to go to Karnataka state during 1970s and 80s donation colleges.

If you stop students then universities won’t survive but as per law, they should go back. Ultimately all are ditching America is truth, a day everybody will pay huge price for it.

The moment all Americans realize all illegal, Indians(outsourcing companies, Incs and all temporary workers) will be out.

11 million illegal immigration in country USA could not stop it

“half of them are Indians only.”

Rest of them are Mexicans.

An American friend wrote: India is sending you guys to poach our jobs and ditch us through H1B and top 10 Indian outsourcing companies.

Honestly Indians in USA has no respect at all, we all are here for more money since our country is scams and slums and all are polluted by caste.

People failed to annihilate caste from India instead spreading across the world.

UK parliament has passed a bill against caste discriminations at work among Indians.


Any thing illegal is wrong, any other country people coming in visiting visa staying back is a crime.

There should be way to fix it…or kick the people out of country who sponsored visitors …again this is all politics …whom people elect to rule government / country…

In broad way we will need to look at citizens vs non citizens ….

Yes if country/ govt.. find its a problem with any offshore companies just shut if off../ stop it…

And ask all the companies to stop doing business with other countries

Many MNC combines r running business in India … Not sure way they run to India / could be labor cost…

This is global economy/ finance ….

As long as people are paying tax u r legal and the best part is creating employment in country. Business for country ….people pay rents buy homes, cars, transportation, hotels any $$ spent is a business to country / tax…

Coming back to h1b companies not all but there is a % of companies who are cheap and they are bound to be under the bars ……


H1-B Visas Do Not Create Jobs in America

100% we know our resumes are fake, can you name one Indian who’s resume is guanine?

Either F1 or H1B or H4 EAD or GC or US citizen by naturalization all resumes or 70% resumes are 100% fake.

80% of the H1Bs arrive every year out of 65,000 are JUNK.

Tons of videos are proof in YouTube that 20 million Americans were displaced by Indians and their fake Incs and Indian companies.

Indians or people coming to USA are poor and their countries are poor hence they are coming here.

America failed to stop any crime by Indian Incs, top 10 Indian companies or individuals. Example: felony. During 1990s many entered here with FAKE B.TECH, there is no BTech studied but with fake they were here. Later they rejected all H1B visas which effected good guys too. SOLD OUT book told 45% applications are not checking. USCIS or DOL failed to curb illegal unethical or unlawful layers and America failed to stop fake resumes, felony(one’s interview attend by others, proxy project support etc.)


you just do n’t get it

As long as people are paying tax you are legal and the best part is creating employment in country. This ain’t happening.

proof is in these charts.

and the rest on this page


Who asked Mexicans to come to USA illegally to map American’s houses’ Laws?

Either legally or illegally

Who asked Indians to come on H1B for IT jobs when their immigration system is broken?

Who asked them to wait 10 to 20 years for a GREEN CARD? Get out.

Who asked H4 to cry when their immigration system is broken?

Who asked F1 to fight with USA for OPT cards or OPT extension cards?

Ask every body to get last if system is broken you idiots.

Indians failed to annihilate caste from India but spreading it to UK and USA work locations.

Caste Based Discrimination in the UK

Published on Apr 24, 2013

24/04/2013: Historic victory! UK parliament finally approved caste as a form of racial discrimination. We must spread the news to all corners of the world. Milestone legislation UK Equality act towards annihilation of caste. Let us celebrate the victory of good over bad.

Caste Based Discrimination in the USA:

All Indians from India have started caste based groups like TANA, ATA etc.


Dominant Caste and Territory in South India

Published on Nov 13, 2013

Dalel Benbabaali recently completed a Ph.D. in social geography focused on dominant caste and territory in South India from University of Paris Ouest-Nanterre. She has taught at the Sorbonne and is currently in a postdoctoral position at the Department of Anthropology of the London School of Economics and Political Science as part of the
international research program, “Inequality and Poverty in India: Dalits and Adivasis.” Benbabaali is working on a book on the Kamma caste based on her doctoral thesis.

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