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POLLS: US Elections VOTE  2020

Nov 1st 2020 Update:


KE posted several times polls and most of the time people said President Trump but this time more votes polled for Democrats got 56% votes out of 104.

Few years ago, KE kept a video vote for Republicans when President Trump was contesting elections. Many Indians with US Citizenship by naturalization belittle in the private gatherings or parties. Saying that, you are the man requested people to vote for Trump etc. They did not speak after the elections as you know the results.   Upon research KE found that most of the Green Cards, (displaced Americans call it as GREED CARDs due to bodyshops crimes and GC people crimes in the USA) issued during Republicans tenure.

US Election 2020
Presidential debate: How the world’s media reacted


Indians in the USA

A person requested in this meeting, Indians in USA do not vote at least 50% of them. Because in India also, many do not vote and enjoy that day.

20 Million Americans displaced in  3 to 4 decades because of government policies and weak implementation of laws.


Indians in the USA eat PPP funds during President Trump governance but still they hate President. Because Indian attorneys criticize President Trump both in Telugu and Hindi Media. Few years ago, Indian attorneys circulated fake whatsapp messages against President Trump before elections. F1 and H-1Bs and Green Card Indians also got Stimulus checks during 2020 Covid19 time but majority hate Republicans. Do not know why? 

PPP Loan recipients COVID19

October 06, 2020

It has been a passion for Indians, Indians attorneys and Indians media to troll President Trump and EOs.

American said: I thought it was funny they complained about Trump in this article not passing any trade deals with India, but praised Biden for promising to give citizenship to people from India who are here with no papers.

“I think the biggest failure of the Trump administration engagement with India was not to achieve even a mini trade deal despite PM Modi and President Trump having personal chemistry,” said Rajesh Mehta. 

“Joe Biden has promised he will be giving citizenship to Indians who do not have proper papers. I believe Biden’s chances of sealing a trade deal or military deal are higher,” Mehta said. 

KE: Very interesting!

America bazar Gujarati news magazine I guess. 

Indians are in favor of Biden. 

Many Indians feel PM Modiji failed to get anything from President Trump’s friendship or his India visit but if they write outside BJP and RSS people attack online. 1.5 billion population in India. 

Scarcity for everything water food and shelter. 

2% only pay tax.

Corruption bribes 

Governments encourage people to flee to 90 countries. They feel proud. 

If any country gives gc pr usc they’re best friends to Indians otherwise trolling.

Indian media afraid to pin point Modi failure to get anything from President Trump. 

But freelance journalist people kept videos saying Modi failed to get anything to India or Indians. 


Matt: He’s probably right. It would require Congress to amnesty the illegals and Biden could then sign into law.

Somewhat unlikely although we have seen amnesty sneaked into many appropriations bills recently.

October 07, 2020 updates: 2020 United States Vice Presidential Debate

Matthew Bonness

Disappointing they did not talk about immigration.  At the Democratic candidate debates all of the Democratic candidates raised their hand in favor of decriminalizing illegal alien border crossings.

Barack Obama told them they have gone too far left on immigration if they do not believe the country should have a border.

All before elections.


Oct 15, 2020

President Trump’s rallies with Prime Minister Modi doesn’t seem to have had much effect on the Indian-American vote, writes




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