Telugus population (includes all and all castes) in USA & Canada = 1,000,000

Telangana Telugus population in USA = 150,000 Telangana people in the USA hate Telugus “Andhra Kammas aka Chowdarys” from the above 1,000,000

Even after travelling 10,000 miles from home (INDIA), reached most advanced country on this earth, still these fellows are not free from caste, religion and region prejudices. 

and formed separate groups for the convenience of hiring managers and bodyshops.

Americans wrote this to Kumar: “I was surprised to see that some politician MP came to formally sanction the TATA group at its creation in New Jersey.

It seems like it would be outside of her jurisdiction. Do all these orgs have to be blessed by politicians?

Srinivas Reddy is the founder of Telangana American Telugu Association (TATA) whose formal launch is to take place at the Royal Albert Palace in New Jersey

on April 5 at the hands of Nizamabad TRS MP K Kavitha.”

Yes, it looks like the divide happened in 2015 when TATA was formed.

“It is very interesting about the different castes in states like Ohio. Thanks for the info.”.


Kumar posted few questions.

Who holds most of the jobs in I.T. Industry? both India and USA.

It might be recruitment to hiring, consultancies, outsourcing companies to anything in India and USA.

Out of 119 votes, 76% told South Indians, 8% North Indians.

Where do IT Indians invest US Dollars?

69% told invest in real estate in India first and then USA. Films, start new Indian restaurants, guest houses to keep f1,s H1Bs, illegal lending money in India and USA.

In the 1960s this caste KAMMAS came to the USA as Doctors.

So, the US was in the grip of this caste from the 1960s but in the 1990s, they took total control of IT by hijacking recruitment to India.

Followed by REDDYs, VYSYAS, KAPUS BRAHMINS DALITS or Telugu HINDUS Converted Christians and the list goes on.

In Between Telangana people “Velama, reddys, RAO caste” separated from the above groups and formed separate groups in the USA as TATA or Telangana.


Each caste group Presidents have 100% one caste people pnly and have 50 bodyshops each. Same way, each caste or regional or language of India groups in the USA.

Some subscribers called KE, they said they are Dalits so prefer only DALIT bodyshops in Texas etc. Otherwise the other caste people ruin their lives in the USA.

Subscribers told KE over the phone: Reddys illtreating others by caste, Kammas fired Reddy person in MI state, Telangana people insulted Andhra people at work,…the list of crimes among telugu people in the USA is unlimited. 

H-1B or F1 or IT in the USA is purely caste-based hiring only. I do not know who said merit or talent? You (American or unemployed) never get a job in USA because of only word “CASTE”.

Few ppl wrote:

Kcr caste velama who keeps a common tag name Rao which will keep by other caste’s……here in Telangana Velama caste also doing more illegal activities

basically TANA Once a Telugu group ORG….. during (ex c.m )marri chenna Reddy who had visited to USA and told other castes must come out of TANA and establish the New ORG’s …..TdP party power laku vachaka jarigindi….. appudu all castes opposed kamma Dominated NATA .

n my Reddy caste Their is about 10sub castes who don’t share Thier marital status vth other subcaste’s…..myself I’m motati Reddy where is considered to be 1st Reddy …in the Motati Reddys place’s other sub caste Reddys won’t allowed and as well as Motati Reddys are considered to be Dora, Deshmukh, Patwaris in Telangana…

Exposing them …….Not only them…. Brahmins, kapu, Raju, kamma, And other castes who have Their Organization’s


you watch this, you will understand about Chowdary.

Apply the same logic for all castes.

Caste-based atrocities in India

English Video: Chowdary AKA KAMMA || Kumar Exclusive


Politicians blessings to start these caste groups in USA

KE is not criticizing one caste, all of them are like that. See the above video to understand what is caste? 

If Indians have caste problem 100%, Andhra People or telugu people have this 200%. Chowdary are UNITED and do not allow others to grow is the difference between them.

That’s why or that is one of the main reasons that they lost elections in AP to REDDYs in AP in India. Of Course Reddys and Kamms killed Dalits in different parts of AP state in the past. 


Someone posted on KE Twitter account.

In USA people Telugus put hoardings for caste political parties leaders.


Americans sent the below

They also have an Atlanta chapter.  I have found many bodyshops near Atlanta…

Looks like they did a convention in Edison, NJ this year.

This video is in Telugu language. This is what all these caste groups people are doing in the USA. 



At jobs

Of Course Telugu Youtubers from USA attacking KE for speaking truth about H-1B Life in America, F1, R visas etc. Some Reddy caste, Chowdary Caste and other caste telugu people are attacking KE.

Other telugu caste people trolling KE daily on Chowdarys telugu websites. 

They are now started trolling white Americans as Kumar Uncle.  So now Indians Desis attacking Americans online. 

When Indians are fighting themselves among them in the USA and Canada for power and jobs, where do locals get jobs? 

In fact, these people divided in the Tamil Nadu for language sake, in united AP for Telangana a separate state sake.

Now these three regions or languages people are holding jobs and IT industry for ransom, where do locals go now?  

A subscriber wrote:

As of 2016 it was still true I just checked google: “ in our city in Florida we had a big Guju population with a Patel / Shah divide once the main head for Patel’s hit the main head for Shah’s (car accident).  The Shah person got hurt for a few weeks to recover which created a big issue.

These two Guju’s were always fighting. Even when marriage came Patel could only marry Patel and Shah could only marry Shah.  Patel dare not bring home Shah and Shah dare not bring home Patel for marriage or etc”



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