TCS Confessions

TCS Confessions

 noun plural noun: confessions a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of a crime.

One of the subscribers forwarded a Facebook clippings of this which is going viral. Upon that, when I browse Facebook, I found this.

Looks like one of the ex or former employees of TCS have started this FB page to express their frustration, agony or anger on TCS. Though the page mentioned it is for FUN, all the stories are tragedies there.

Generally in India or Indian companies in the USA won’t let any employees or former employees to express openly any of the employers crime or illegal activities.

When KE placed videos on TCS not paid salaries, TCS employees used to text or email and call to down the video. That is in the USA.

Can you imagine in India? They attack physically also. if KE analysis is correct, this FB Page owner might received several threats from TCS HR and Management.

Watch this short video 



Former employees of TCS writing live on Facebook about TCS.

I think this is more than enough for the proof of TCS criminal activities both in India and USA.

The illegal layers insert by TCS in USA one time attacked my friend.

His employer even nexus with the illegal layers by language.
He said ” he prefers to die than to work for TCS as a sub contractor”.

Anyone from TCS in my network, God bless you.


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