Voice: Story by Yogendra

Story by Yogendra K Sagar aka Youseef Shadbeen              

                              Updated   09/28/2020 R

America is the land of hope and new beginnings.

For generations East Indians have referred to North America as “Swarg” which most Indians have dreamed of seeing. Great wealth has been rumored in Swarg not unlike Indra Apasaras’, where women rode in golden chariots.

Indians infiltrated the IT market with the help of corporate hiring policies, these programs are executed by greedy immigration attorneys on behalf of greedy corps, with express intent to increase their own bonuses.

An example of H1B fraud committed by Indians: ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A Sterling man was arrested today on charges of conspiracy to commit visa fraud and for inducing aliens to come to the United States using fraudulently obtained H-1B visas.

According to court documents, Ashish Sawhney, 48, allegedly used four corporations to orchestrate the improper submission of fraudulent applications for H-1B specialty-occupation work visas. The six-count indictment identifies Sawhney as the director or registered agent for Value Consulting, LLC, Value Software Products, Inc. (formerly known as Value Consulting, Inc.), Business Pointers, Inc., and E-Train ERP, Inc., each of which had offices located in the Eastern District of Virginia and purported to provide information technology staffing and software development services for commercial clients in the United States. Sawhney submitted or caused to be submitted H-1B visa application materials stating that the foreign workers named in the applications would fulfill a specific job, where in fact, no such job existed at the time of filing. The indictment alleges that through Sawhney’s ownership and direction of the scheme, his companies generated gross profits from 2011 to 2016 of approximately $21 million. The indictment further alleges that Sawhney, who is an Indian national, attempted to naturalize as a United States citizen by submitting an application containing false statements.

Sawhney is charged with two counts of conspiracy, three counts of inducing an alien to come to and reside in the United States for commercial advantage or private financial gain, and one count of attempted naturalization fraud. If convicted, Sawhney faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Actual sentences for federal crimes are typically less than the maximum penalties. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after taking into account the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

The case is being investigated by the Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force, which is comprised of multiple agencies including the Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Investigations, the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Inspector General, and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service’s Office of Fraud Detection and National Security that coordinate investigations into fraudulent immigration documents.

The jobs are hidden in various legal ways and requirements are obfuscated, and also elevated, in order to disqualify candidates. For example pay range is often asked instead of offered. If a response is outside the range that is a legal precedent for disqualification. I have personally experienced this in 2003 in Beaverton Oregon. The ad was published in Popular Electronics to which I responded.

Hyderabad India’s 30 mile surrounding area has displaced more U.S. domestic IT jobs than exist for domestic workers. Yet, absurdly you will never find top tier IT talent from India. Let alone 2nd tier talent representation is questionable. 3rd tier talent is 30% from the Hyderabad area acquired through a lottery process.

The political caste based IT ecosystem from Hyderabad has created more CEO’s in the US IT market than the top 100 U.S. colleges. Indians refer to the Hyderabad IT market as the Indian IT mafia ecosystem.

The biggest crime of US born are non cooperation in unethical and or criminal practices against average tax payers; like giving unfair advantages to foreign corps and workers. They also cannot be trusted to lobby on behalf for bill in the senate, like S386. Call your senators to vote against that bill before it turns into a weapon against American IT workers and harming us and its national security and rest of the world or ROW as is known..


Indians are constantly placed into non-meritocratic positions or positions beyond their skill-sets. Google’s CEO is a Stanford Master of Science. Yet, many US Stanford graduates are passed over for these high positions. The Twitter CTO is a similar case – (ecosystem approved). That position was “open” for 5 years. Twitter had already matured into a social media leader seemingly waiting for him. Yet domestic Stanford grads with honors who were instrumental in the growth were let go. The Twitter CTO then hired thousands of Indian origin H1B’s. Additionally, Bill Gates was also putting Indians into high positions. Microsoft became infiltrated with Indian H1B’s due to the managers. Many of those Indians committed crimes reducing share and company values.

https://kumarexclusive.com/ This site details more of the Indian IT abuse in US by Indians. Sky is the limit when it comes to Indians abusing a nation. Kumar says not just India but the world is in danger because of India’s CASTE system. 20 Million Americans have lost jobs in USA, because of one word CASTE. I have been advocating for a 25 year worldwide moratorium on immigration, and one full century ban on Indian immigration to USA and western countries. According to the recent poll Taken by Kumar 76% of the IT jobs in USA are taken over by South Indians.Approving the backlog of 400K to 1.2 Mil Indians will cause a loss of about 5 Million US jobs in the next 5 years or so.

Indians in government had formulated a “sky is falling plan” that would take advantage of the Y2K bug. At this time Indian IT workers were skilled and cheap. Y2K allowed for an infiltration to be established. The Y2K beach head secured a supply chain by using F1 student visas that filled jobs as they lobbied for more relaxed migrant worker laws.

41st to 44th Presidential Administrations lowered the standards for visa categories. Fraud became rampant as migrant worker categories were corrupted. Indian Govt policy intended to secretly take advantage of U.S. immigration policies. Domestics were discriminated against, described disparagingly to hiring managers. STEM was created as a response from claims of not being able to find highly skilled domestic tech sector workers. For three decades, displacement of domestic workers continued unabated.

One of the ways Indians perpetuate the fraud in a company is an insider generates a client letter to USCIS to deceive them. Indians dominate production support in financial sector of IT, where the job is primarily monitoring and occasionally reworking of the code, that even recent US graduates can do given time to learn and an opportunity. Indian insiders give heads up to Indian IT before officially creating a trouble ticket for support.

Wells Fargo, Capital One, Bank of America and other large US financial institutions are training grounds for H1B Indians who are recent arrivals from India. Because these businesses Makes obscene amount of money, diverting a small percentage like 3% is not a big issue for them. But amounts to billions in free training for Indians versus doing the same for American graduates. These businesses have become stepping stones for millions of Indians from India and US, while excluding Americans. Most of the applications are the reworks of HS work developed using design patterns, that came from US graduates.

In essence US financial sector has become, visa clearing houses for Indians.

American politicians taking Indian migrant tech worker related bribes is institutionalized covertly and overtly. Perhaps they have bought the Indian propaganda that high skilled IT jobs are best filled by Indians. However, even a US high school student with some mentored training could fill 3rd tier positions. American politicians have become patrons for Indians and seek to full-fill Indian interests. Domestic tax and voting interests are ignored by congressional traitors. The current taxation model is geared towards helping Indians colonize the U.S. Domestic kids can study STEM, CS in college and still end up in the service sector flipping burgers.

Us needs to order fair implementation  of hiring to foreign and Indian companies operating in US. Just like Singapore, Australia, UK, New Zealand has done in their respective countries. First and foremost Americans and GC holders should get first and fair consideration, If these companies want to continue operating in US.


Let us see the tax returns of all house members for the last 14 years or seven election cycles. As for the senate let us see the tax returns for the last five election cycles or thirty years to see how these legislators have acquired their disproportionate assets while being on civil servants salaries. American public deserves to know the facts.

Cuban American lobbyist Leon fresco has been clandestinely working to pass the bills HR-1044 and S-281 (courtesy of Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas) before U.S. domestics can find a way to filibuster the bill. These bills will further reward Indians who have stolen over 2 million jobs in the last 2 decades. 80% of the jobs could have been done by disenfranchised Americans with less than 2 years of training.

Now, ideally Indian workers now want their children to go to U.S. colleges at the taxpayers expense. Indian parents discriminate against domestic workers. Indian parents will be able to get social security benefits in two years gaining full citizenship. Indian tribalism is caste based even before the East Trading Company implemented usury. Indian in-group preference is a mafia culture. Indians seek ways to subvert out-group domestics. Their success depends on subverting domestic competition. The U.S. has lost two trillion dollars in the past three decades to an ethnic parasitism and group strategy. Economically displaced U.S. IT workers have become destitute victims.

These Indians now want their children to go to US colleges on taxpayers dime and work where parents are working hard to discriminate against US born. These two bills can make that happen, also help their parents to get social security benefits in two years. And turn them into full citizens in a few years. The Indian people are tribal in nature, they gang up on others and discrimination is their secret sauce of their success in US. US lost two trillion dollars in last three decades to these mafia. They are privately happy US citizen are turning to hard drugs, which makes their invasion even easy. To learn more about Indian discrimination read this article very educative and informative.

Someone on twitter said, People come from all different places in the world to USA of all different colors, beliefs, Ambitions is called diversity.

When people like Indians go in groups to a country with same beliefs, goals and mission, its called invasion. If ever S386 passes, Indians will come in millions. Good luck to American dream and America as we know it.

Bill S386 is heavily funded by Indian IT outsourcing companies and their mouthpiece NASSCOM  and is supported by Indian Government. It is India’s national strategy to export India’s unemployment to American IT workers and Americans in general. India is sending out more co-coordinators to US to facilitate more outsource jobs to India. S386 in essence rewards Indian fraud by displacing local American workers in all fields of work and encouraging Indian Body Shops. Indian government has been encouraging its temp visa workers on H1B , L1 etc to acquire US citizenship to be able to influence American Govt, Policy and direction towards India, and the side benefit of acquiring USC is that they no longer are counted as FOREIGNERS and TEMP WORKERS. So then INDIA is able to export a new fresh batch of Indians to USA to alleviate India’s UNEMPLOYMENT PROBLEM, and be able to collect US Govt benefits for their aging parents.

A good example of India’s long term policy is Rep Pramila Jayapal (D WA) a former H1B worker from Chennai. Rep Ro Khanna from (D CA), Rep Rajamoorthy  etc. Where they acquire USC and intervene on behalf of India favorably.



A new modern day slavery has gotten foothold on our land thanx to Indian body shops operating in US and India through the wonders of technology and VOIP. Voice over Internet Protocol where a US number is called and it appears to come locally to US subscriber, while the call is actually coming from Indian body shops in India.


Lots of Blacks, Hispanics, Women and other uncounted American minority candidates are hurt by H1B visa, and American Corporates like Google, Apple, Cisco Microsoft just to name a few, their preference for foreign Indian male H1B workers, whose sole qualifier is that they are Indian males and cheap to hire to the the boot.

H1B visa and other affiliated visa hiring processes are literally protected from anti discrimination lawsuits, as there is no light shined on these practices, by foreign Indian corps like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, IBM, TCS, HCL just to name a few,  That comes in handy for racist and sexist politicians like Sen Mike lee.

Black female college grads are at the bottom of this totem pole for Sen Mike Lee and Sen Mitt Romney’s human compassion. If such an animal exists at all for both of them.

Sen Mike Lee openly derides and talks down on females, like women’s place is in the kitchen.

IT is one of the easiest skills one can get to move up the income ladder for prosperity.

Patrons of foreign H1B visa workers and Indians are so adamant in their convictions and never give second thought to hurt Americans or for that matter Indian minorities,

In India gender selection using ultrasound is so common that there is an actual shortage of females in certain parts of India. The custom of two brothers having one common wife is prevalent in some parts of India.

Sen Mike lee is the sponsor of S386 to disenfranchise American IT workers, STEM students and future graduates while working hard to solve India’s IT unemployment problem, wait we were under the impression he was a us senator from UT and not India.

We have two senators out of UT Mike Lee and Mitt Romney, both of them have actively worked against the interests of American IT workers and STEM students and USC of all hue and color.

Senator Mike Lee is promising American jobs to Indians with fake experience. He is meeting Indians at a hours notice in US senate building, but never has time for US college graduates who are having hard time landing a job, while Indian family has two, three and sometimes four remote positions/jobs.  Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney push other senators to give 15.3 % tax break to foreigners, mostly Indians on F1 CPT OPT. and more incentives to not to hire Americans for middle class jobs..


Call senator Mike Lee to Stop pushing for S386 and SA939 an amended version. it is to benefit Indians at the sole expense of US Born IT workers and Rest of the World. Why has  Senator Mike Lee has not registered as a foreign lobbyist.

In the last two years Senator Mike Lee has pushed in senate bill S386 four times in a month to vote on it without public debate. First time in the history of Senate anybody has tried that. Lately working to secretly tuck it in must pass senate budget bill as amendment S.ADMT939.


What Indian media has to say about these so called hi skills, that Senator Mike Lee is putting ahead of US citizens, also Senator Mitt  Romney from UTAH is also of the same opinion. When Romney was with Bain Capital he hired H1B visa workers from India, and fired American IT workers.

Indians want senators to change US laws to benefit them exclusively because they came in millions and are contributing to senators reelection campaign. Indians average family income is over 200k per annum. Senators, what happened to US born grads with genuine experience .They are heavily discriminated in IT sector by Indians. More than 50% of IT at Microsoft , Amazon , Google , Verizon, Bank of America IT dept, Capital One, US Bank are from one city India Hyderabad. The nick name of that city in India is capital of the fraud resume


Ask congress to open debate in town hall meeting format for a year on the issues in mainstream media in US, not in India, or behind closed doors. These people are known as visa mafia in India, because they can get hi tech visa to US with six month training and fake resume and land a job which pays  around $50/hr with light to no work. If jobs has to go to Indians then the job should go to India. These Indians come from one city. Hyderabad , where the Microsoft CEO is originally from. He and Google CEO use clout to arrange transfer of wealth to India or to Indians or India. Look at pics of Hyderabad 30 years back and today. All the development is at the expense of US just like China has done.

A lot of these things are discussed on andhrafriends.com a Telugu site where conversation flows in Tinglish, a combination of written English but read in Telugu. Also feel free to check out TANA  aka Telugu Association of North America a central clearing house and a shadowy organization of Telugu’s in US. Where the business of Hawala aka money laundering along with human trafficking, prostitution and other nefarious activities are conducted.

Indians and especially Telugu’s need to understand that morality is not a cloth we wrap our bodies in, It’s not a robe or appearance, but is humane, ethical and moral behavior to your fellow human beings and to your hosts. Indians need to look for ethics in their essence as human beings, and not in their appearance or projections to Americans who happen to be their hosts. Sad to say this but, Indians have literally become parasites to the American society and culture. By going to temples or following all religious holidays or building big temples in US or India, does not prove that they are good person with ethics and morals. Th biggest scum I have ever known were the most religious people. This applies especially to Indians and Telugu’s.

Look at the sexual abuse in catholic churches all over the world.

Former Congressman Kevin Yoder had added an amendment to HR392 and S386 of senate version to homeland security bill in the middle of the night with voice vote so there is no record of how house members voted, attaching it to DHS funding bill, that jeopardizes US security, jobs and the American way of life as the world has come to know it. He said it’s big deal and celebrated with Indians, while keeping US media and us voters in the dark. Using convoluted house procedures to pass with voice vote. US media was rightfully concerned; CBS 48 hours with Dan Rather did an one hour news show in 90’s. But since then things have folded, media refuses to talk issues anymore. Interestingly Indian origin news personalities are popping up all over media as hired guns for NASSCOM since then, thanks to the clout of IT millionaires. These IT millionaires  bring more Hyderabadi’s. Bill Gate’s initiated, launched and mentored Indian IT mafia. Bill and his mother conned average shareholders of IBM in 70s,  to create Microsoft . His mom with the help of other IBM board members, made IBM give their technical docs to Microsoft on DOS which was their proprietary product. With some some cosmetic changes, created new company to compete with IBM. Those board member got shares in Microsoft at a later date.

New laws have put few million Indians on fast track to US citizenship, even though they are after the livelihood of US born IT grads. With friends like Yoder and other congress and senate members who are for HR 1044 US does not need enemies from outside to harm it’s national security and economic well being. Increasingly, Indian origin folks are now slut shaming English speaking world into submission and make them cater to their wishes, especially the US congress, house, senate and Media.

Lenin once said, for profit, a capitalist will sell the rope to hang their own children, little did he know, about a century later big corporations will call that rope as HR392 (hi tech rope 392). Now Microsoft is the biggest underground railroad to shuttle average skill holder from an area within 100 miles radius from Hyderabad, India to CA and WA. So far over 4 million are brought in. year after year going mainly to that small place, for yearly lottery process H1B for the most talented pool of the world is in only that small area in the world does not sound like an honest effort, if you buy that then I have Brooklyn bridge for sale.

If Lenin were around today, he would say, didn’t I tell you so.

Yoder referring to H1b visa holders and their family members as his constituency, may not be so bad in itself, just like Hillary Clinton said at a Indian gathering she was the senator from Punjab India, when she was a senator. if they are not replacement, for or, after the pay checks of US Born IT. Moreover H1B from India are notorious for putting outrageously inflated fraudulent experience in resumes, browse linkedin its the Indian h1b’s fraud central, to shortchange  US born talent by any means necessary. In other words the demand is for a blond tall Asian unicorn, but only India has those in stock for immediate dispatch lol. 

You can always check out the LINKEDIN  it’s the repository of Indian IT fraud. Where there is proxy interviews, fraudulent resumes and “Job support”. You can also checkout   www.trackitt.com   a forum of Indian h1b h4ead and f1 l1 brain trust etc to exchange information, its the Indians brain trust on how to con USCIS,  USDOL and other us govt agencies.

It would not be fair to exclude AILA the American Immigration Lawyers Association that taught Indians how to commit systematic immigration fraud with USCIS USDOL. Examples of their help to Indians could be found on YOUTUBE where they explain to Indians and other lawyers how to con INS now USCIS and USDOL. Go and Google the subject.

India and China have gamed US for the longest time. India has gamed and taken over US IT sector, denying Americans the right to be gainfully employed in their own country. The job vacancies in US in IT are no longer even advertised in US, but filled in India with Indians and sent to US on various Hodge podge of visa’s like H1B, L1, OPT, CPT, H4EAD etc. While China has been systematically stealing US technology, Intellectual Property, Manufacturing know how and any technologies they can get their hands on. In short India and China has been literally robbing US blind. Indians acquire USC not because they want to be Americans but to influence US policy to their interests in India and US.

US IT students have huge outrageous student loans/debts; any underemployment or unemployment heavily costing their families and US economy in general; few new billionaires is not a testimony to great economy when real income of average families is sliding down. 100+ congress members, from both sides of the aisle are braiding out a rope called HR 392 to hang American IT workers and future American STEM students, burning candle at both ends to accomplish that task and future grads and generations to come just as we have suffered.

See below web links for Kevin’s and other characters from the H1B sham/scam; which will shame even mafia bosses at their game. And what American IT and US born are up against. Hyderabadis are the fastest growing class to be billionaires.

Corporations go year after year to people from Hyderabad India, and the area within 100 mile radius from its center for 70% of best talent under H1B. If That doesn’t raises any red flags in USCIS, State Dept or USDHS, is just plain dumbfounding, are the agencies even doing their job? Now validating with HR 392 is slap on the cheeks of the hard word working and honest US students and IT workers. Bill gates initiated Underground Railroad to shuttle H1B from India, his then translator Satya Nadella who is now CEO of Microsoft, when tens of thousands US IT from much better schools were overlooked. Because he has personal knowledge and the  skills of underhanded dealings. Gates did with politicians from Hyderabad. CEO brought people from his ethnic background in the leadership of Microsoft.

Now that all his ducks are all lined in a row, so there is none to little chance of objection or revolt against any decisions unfairly tilted in favor of Indians, and India. Other big corps like Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Facebook, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citizen Bank, joined Microsoft in the frenzy of shortchanging US IT workers. Every year, for at least  a decade. US has been losing over 100 billion $ to telegus and India. That’s over Trillion $ to India. The amount of tax lost that is over 100 billion $ in that time frame, which could solve many veterans issues, and also contribute to US IT education. These rich Indians are behaving like there is no tomorrow, so adding at higher rate to global warming. All because of few IT corporate wants to make few more billions and continue ever expanding H1B visa programs.

Please don’t hesitate to forward the information to as many people and organization, especially veterans. The following links will show how Telugu Indians are conquering USA, bad for our national security. If you think we are delusional read “Tom Clancy’s books especially “Debt of Honor” nations don’t have friends or enemies, only self interests. I and my supervisor foresaw the 9/11 attack in 1995 when he was reading the book and attack by air planes. Six years before it happened. Make no mistake US is under covert attack by India and Indians currently, along with China.





H1B paid the lobbyists to draft HR392 to change the US laws, which would give path to citizenship to four million from India this year and with door kept open for future additional millions of new citizens from India in next decade. No other country or countries allow foreigners to change or manipulate immigration  laws in their own interests,  it ‘s only US traitors aka congress sole domain  to do so;  We hope you see the absurdity of the bill. During the last Great Recession more than few Millions from India were brought in, claiming shortages, that shows how blatant H1B lies are, and how helpless US Born are now. Media honchos are sitting on the side with a piece of meat in their mouth and cant and wont bark or bite, also because of money from corporates, and fear of being labeled racist along with fear of losing their jobs. HR 392 is preventing real hi skill talents from Europe, Japan, South America Korea,  Africa. Most Indians play both sides of racism aisle, In Indians caste, culture discrimination is legitimate as a superior race, and their  duty, that’s why you will see them discriminating against anybody who is not from their caste, without shame or guilt, they even value cows more then people from other caste’s. Worse they mold their children into those values. Indian Telugu’s Tamils are the reincarnation of superior Indian Aryan nation. Their biggest fan is Mark Zuckerberg who stole the seed and idea of Facebook from Winklevoss brothers at Harvard. Which he and Facebook ended up settling.

Those who came under H1B temp visa about 2.5 decades back are now citizens, they move up fast in IT, leveraging the numbers of their ethnicity while crying discrimination. They are quick to bring up discrimination when it suits them, likewise they don’t hesitate to discriminate in a heartbeat, because they as a group have unity among them, called upper caste who as part of their cultural  belief promote discrimination in their favor. Like they don’t know any better? Worse, they prepare their children in IT field and are convinced that they are of superior intellect to US citizens today. Visit NJ schools where there are students of Indian ethnicity that is how their belief systems work. When the current crop of H1B become citizens, there will be very little legal protection and recourse for today’s US born and their children. Next round of HR392 in a decade or so will raise more resentment, animosity potentially creating strife. Why risk another LA riots like 1992 or 67 Watts riots to serve Hyderabad’s and entitled billionaires of silicon valley like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates of Redmond WA, or Jack Dorsey of Twitter, or Tim Cook of apple for that matter there is easy way out, like dropping the provision, calling for removing country cap specific exemptions for favoring Hyderabad over the rest of the world and removing AC21. Last time congress removed country cap from H1B quotas in 90’s at behest of Hyderabad/Telugu; now 70%+ of H1B visa goes to one city in India, Hyderabad. When Obama’s EO for H4EAD is also exclusively for Indian Hyderabadi spouses.

As the saying goes, you fool me once shame on you, you fool me twice, shame on me. Instead of calling it US immigration policy, it should be known as  US Telugu immigration policy. Most of the Indian IT companies have 95%+ Indian employees, rest of them are mostly Indian origin US citizens low on totem pole, low paid jobs like cleaners or front desk or support staff. They could get away with discrimination because congress passes laws to protect them against any lawsuit for discrimination. Now it is impossible to sue for restitution, Indians lately have been thinking of suing the US Military.

The argument by Telugu’s is that taking them as citizens, is good for US because our immigration policy is broken. If there are issues in our immigration policy, you can’t fix replace all, with people who use fake resumes, fake work experience, Proxy interviews, fake green cards and driving licenses, and nepotism to shortchange US Born IT, culture, and rich technical heritage.

Remove immigration quotas all together to improve the life of Americans. It should be merit only. PhD, 4.0 GPA to name just a few attributes. Come elections Kevin Yoder and his ilk comes to US born citizens to fool them for their precious votes. But their main focus is serving only big money, who are beneficiaries of HR392 clientele.

In Hyderabad- India it takes 2 years to qualify them for hi tech jobs, that, because they put fake experience in resumes. Most HR dept’s in USA are not well versed in shenanigans of Telugu Indians, they pick the resume which has more experience on paper, fake or not. Hiring managers has to pick from those presented to them by HR. Now, they are the hiring the managers and/or decision makers. Microsoft makes lots money from charging high licensing fees from feds, state and local govt or their contractors, which in turn gets passed on to govt. Out of top five at Microsoft, three of them are of Indian origin, one can imagine where their loyalties lie. They are pushing projects to India, so the people in India are getting training, and easy to justify for ever expanding H1B visas. If they had kept projects here in USA, then Americans would have those opportunities to train and learn. The chain of command at Microsoft is such, that only Telugu origin’s narrative is heard at Microsoft. That’s pretty much the story across IT industry in USA and India. Using their wealth from decades of gaming the H1B system and skills to fool unsuspecting US citizens, now Telugu’s/Indians are  trying to capture other fields, too.

Now IT industry leaders headed by likes of Bill Gates, Satya Nadela of Microsoft, Google’s” Sunder Pichai, Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and few other from that cabal dictate the future of America and American citizens. IT industry makes decisions and pushes fraudulent narrative to cover their disgusting discrimination against US citizens.

All this started with Bill Gates, when he went to then Madras in 80s to start training Indians, Bill Gates never did that for US citizens. But Madras aka Tamilnadu were not interested, because he asked for economic favors, like cover money laundering to avoid taxes and transfers to tax heaven’s. Then he visited Hyderabad, capital of fraud even then in India. They agreed, the rest is history. Now they pump money for key politicians Private interests Indians and American politicians and decision makers. Now these companies and individuals, they screw American veterans and their children’s long time interest and future. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela was the translator to Bill Gates in Hyderabad, and is general knowledge among earlier IT folks that he has intimate knowledge of underhanded deals over there;

We can bet that’s why he is the most powerful decision maker today in IT. He has placed Indians origin on top of chain of command to streamline the process of favoring Hyderabad, India over US or other countries., and to make hard for some one to question their Hyderabad India policy over US citizens. He is MSc in electrical engineering, US has half a million of those, tens thousands from much better schools, but his ethnic origin and command of Telugu language got him arguably the most powerful position in IT. Information Technology crooks beats mafia any time any day hands down, and traps US Born IT in student debt trap and is always under employed. Bill Gates always claims there is a shortage, which most HS student thought, he is telling them go to IT school, little did they know, that was for justifying to create ever expanding foreign IT workers program. Politicians also are playing the same game. Talk about deception.

Telugu’s teach their children to follow the same practices. Their aim is to capture IT industry completely, they already have captured much of the easy aspects of IT, that is servicing, testing and customer support. Leaving very hard ones for the competent ones; But they make sure credit goes to telegu group. They are first ones to cry racism and complain about it at the drop of a hat, and see that as a sophisticated move to preserve their interests and footing.

Now the question, is it the responsibility of US politicians to make it easy for Indians in US to conquer American jobs from Americans for Indians. In Hyderabad one proxy interviews for other person, the interviews are  remotely conducted, which is always the case.

Now they are passing laws to bring more of them with S386 and expanding H1b with fake resumes. If fake can do the job, given an opportunity, any c+ HS student can do the that too, if given the chance. Marine recruits and retiring veterans should be given 6 months in IT training and lingo of financial industry. Because that’s is what they do in Hyderabad.

More than one million Indians are waiting in Canada to get in US permanently, using TN visa’s  Restrict TN visa’s to genuine Canadian and Mexican  born  citizens only, not naturalized Canadians from India. TN visas from Canada has become an underground railroad to circumvent USCIS policies and processes.


Jobs these H1B HR392 are so admired for.


Top tiers contributors to IT technology and computer technology in general, are from US and Europe. Out of thousands in second tier contributors, there are handful from Indians, comparable to number from Mexico and China. In the third and fourth tiers are dominated by Indians, especially the 4th. For 3rd and 4th tiers most of b and c grade HS can be trained, if they are not rail roaded by fake resume holders from India using unfair means with help of treacherous corporations. Even Mexican and Chinese colleges grads will not take the low road 95% Indians counterparts are taking to capture IT jobs and biz in US.

Kevin Yoder thinks Indians are working hard to build America, and Americans are living off their hard work.

On July 25, GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder added a “country cap” amendment to the 2019 DHS budget that would open up a fast-track to green cards for up to 400,000 Indian, Chinese and Filipino visa-workers who have been working and waiting many years in the immigration line. Yoder’s plan would allow the Round table companies to annually offer up to 140,000 green cards to their Indian and Chinese visa-workers if they agree to take Americans’ white-collar jobs at low wages for several years. Yoder said on July 25:

Mr. Chairman, that is discriminatory, it is wrong, it is unjust, and we have a chance here today in this committee in a bipartisan way to put a stop to that, to make this a first-come, first served basis and to quit this horrible discriminatory practice.

Yoder’s HR392 “country cap” measure was opposed by Pushor, Heath and by pro-American immigration-reform groups.

Yoder’s rules-changing legislation is backed by the Round table, according to the letter, which said the “Business Round table continues to work with Congress to reduce the green card backlog.” But no talk or mention of reducing American unemployment, or training students in IT. Yet the letter also told Nielsen that the “U.S. government should not change the rules in the middle of the process.”

Its illegal for foreign citizens to contribute in us domestic issues HR392 S261 and is a for us politicians and Kevin Yoder of KS03 to accept that under FEC. He lost that seat due to concerned efforts of US patriots and was won by Sharice Davids a democrat, unfortunately we have to say, she is no prize either and must be defeated in next election. We need American Patriots to run for House and Senate seats where their concern and focus is Americans not foreigners.

My friend was telling me that he saw the beginning of fraud in 1988 at southern California Edison, a utility company with national security implication. Indians were taking over critical jobs then. In 1995 when my friend was in social security he saw Indians entering social security administration under the guise of Y2K bug fixes. Again a critical national security implications. In 1998 he saw the beginnings of mass scale fraud in H1B from India where US consulate in Chennai had to maintain educational records of Indians graduated from Indian colleges and universities in southern India then. That is the only US consulate in the world that maintains educational records of Indians from southern India, as the abuse and fraud was so rampant then and now.


Again in 1999 there was a week long article on front page about Indian H1B fraud being perpetrated by Indians, in San Jose Mercury News. After that Indians especially Telugu’s and Tamils got wiser and never spoke to any journalist. So there is very little light shed on the crimes committed by South Indians in the dark of the night literally. Hope this article shines light on the scams perpetrated by Indians on unsuspecting US citizens.

America needs term limits to contain the influence of corrupt American politicians, two terms in a single lifetime. City, County, State and Federal or any combination of the above two in a single life time. We need citizen legislators not career politicians. The American Politicians sole purpose is to amass wealth on the backs of US citizens, like Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and many more. Politicians should never ever have disproportionate assets compared to their known income.

Please feel free to support the campaign to go after the politicians facilitating the fraudsters from India, checkout links below to educate yourself and on YouTube and other reputable newspapers..

Kevin Yoder had added an amendment HR392 and S281 to homeland security bill in the middle of the night.

The culture , congress are so adamant to incorporate in American society at expense of US Born.


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