Kick out Illegal unethical unlawful layers

Kumar’s TIPs

According to USCIS, anyone stand between your employer in case if you are on H-1B non Immigration status and between Prime Vendor. Prime Vendor is the one who finally place your resume on the table of the Hiring manager at the end USA client.  People call them as Gate keeper or Implementation partners and all that is bogus. They are just doing a postman job of delivery your resume to the end client. 

The TOP 10 American Prime Vendors kick those people who stand between your employer and them as prime vendors.

Of Course some of the American prime vendors also got corrupted and they too insert illegal unethical and unlawful layers to poach your money $45 to $85 an hr. Just kick them out by tell them USCIS laws otherwise you look for another project where no illegal layers. 

If you have EAD card, any EAD car it might be OPT CPT of F1 or DAY1CPT(Day1CPT is illegal) H4 EAD or L2 EAD or GC EAD or TN or E3 EADs, just apply directly to USA clients FTE jobs or American prime vendors (only 1 layer). If you are working more than one layer, then he/she is poaching rest of your salaries.

Generally all staffing agencies or Indian Incs staffing agencies are resume forward companies. They have no right to “captive” or attack you but as you know IT Industry is dominated like a MAFIA, several times, the middle men attack you, be careful. It is because they are connected to your employer (which you claim as GOD) by caste/language of Indian states/Indian states regional feelings or religions etc. Hence they call them as sister companies, that is BOGUS and fake.

Another scenario, North Indian staffing agencies and south Indian linguistic agencies connected by last bench friendship in Schools in India late 1970s,80s, 1990s so they three or 4 layers formed as one and sit in all government clients across USA and eat contractors money. If you try to kick them, they will do anything to you. For your safety, just look for another project as law could do anything to you in the USA.

Do not trust anybody, trust your God if exists, trust your hard work, knowledge, latest skills but not fake people, proxy people, proxy job supporters mafia and IT mafia. 

This is for Kumar followers who are looking for projects in the USA. For candidates only. As you know majority of them in the USA breaking all #uscis DOL IRS laws and eating contractors money, this is a small tip for them to eliminate illegal layers. Several Indian women on EAD are threatened by REDDY, CHOWDARY Caste BUDDY CASTE people are threatening those sisters.

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