Immigration scams

Subscriber wrote this to expose scams and to create awareness to the public.

Immigration scams all over the world – to throw awareness to people so that they do not fall into it

Hi Kumar garu,

Some Ideas from my end to get awareness for people and to avoid becoming a prey for these scams. I am against fraud and fake. In my free time So I keep updated with my knowledge on how these scams are going on and how not to fall into these.

Once I got a scam call from the IRS years back (around 4 years old).I recorded in phone and complained in a nearby by police station in US and showed them the recording. They made a complaint and said they will investigate and left it and did not even respond till now. Instead the women officer said just disconnect the phone if you get such calls in future.

Watch some IRS scam calls by Indians in India. Recorded in you tube. I think if one of your videos exposes these, then it will be helpful for Americans/Indians/Any Immigrants/ Any foreigners to not to fall into these scams.

Scam by People in India in you tube.

You should also be aware of some of the sulekhadotcom scams when in search of roommates or room which I encountered in my experience. People post for room and roommates and they do a lot of scams by asking personal details and bank details in the name of depositing money. When I posted for a roommate, I used to get fake emails and then I used to easily recognize and block them without providing any of my personal details. People like newcomers should be very careful. 


This guy named Karl Rock. See his YouTube channel in the link below. He exposed most of the crimes like scamming by Indian people.


Info about scam going on in UK Immigration

A channel named “Real responders” exposes these immigration scams by students and employees. You will see most of them are Indians. I video exposed an Indian from north part has done so many Immigration scams that the authorities had to form a team to catch the whole scam. He bought many from India in the name of Immigration with faked certificates. One of the episodes in Real Responders exposes it.

Some links are below:


This is by a law firm in US speaking about scams in Immigration…


Immigration Scams in Canada


The two links below are done by one of the good Indian person exposing how fraud immigration happens in Canada and how not to fall into it. He is doing a good job like you.


This below link came in news channel:


 IELTS Scammer


I hope if your video projects on these, it might be helpful for people anywhere in the world. I appreciate your effort in exposing the truth and throwing awareness to the people in the world and it is very helpful for newcomers or any innocent people or any other individual who can protect themselves from entering into these scams.

Thank you for your work!


Check out these videos.

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