LinkedIn is gender biased ?

LinkedIn is gender biased ?

One of followers asked this question and sent few clippings. So I thought of write a post and ask this question to the public.

Here is the question:

When a girl posts a message seeking help to get job so many people share and like her message and try to actively help her whereas when a male candidate posts similar message seeking help for job, he gets very little response, likes and any active help.

Why it happens like this even on such a professional platform ? Any thoughts??

KE: Good question. 

Generally speaking, always male try to be good on social media. We see in movies also.

But I saw recently men posts jobless etc bit compared to women posts, it won’t go that much viral.

Another reason is, “women and diversity “

You are welcome.

I just saw a woman posted it

Subscriber: This is just BOGUS. Just to make one’s image. In India may be 50 crore people are short of food and money. Where will this lady reach ? I don’t like such posts in fact hate on such professional platforms. People have made LinkedIn another Facebook.

KE: Yes. If you remember one site. Orkut Indians made it as dating site finally.

Subscriber: Yes I remember 😀

KE: I just read comments


Subscriber: Similar opinion of a person on LinkedIn.

KE: How can we expect likes?

Subscriber: Yeah ,,, also I don’t believe just one gets likes on LinkedIn will get job either.


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