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Many Americans do not know what is it?

Indians in India few of them aware who lost huge money to them in a place called “Ameerpet” Hyderabad India. Otherwise rest of them claim, their children in USA have started companies to giving job opportunities etc. In Fact one REDDY Caste woman from USA claim she has a software development company but not bodyshops etc. It is a bodyshops. Many Bodyshops claim that they are development companies but they are basically resume or human bodies supply companies.

Some call people like Ravi, KE’s ex peer: BODYSHOP = GOD,

Some call, Bodyshop = IT Consultancies,

Some call, BODYSHOP = “MOM&POP” consultancies

some call, Bodyshop = human trafficking agencies etc

Some call, BODYSHOP = blood sucking brothel agencies

Some call, bodyshop = bastards etc

Here yo go:

“America is land of immigrants in past, present and future”. I hope this line is very much clear to you.

KE loves human beings. – hope point 2 is very much clear.

Kumar is against generalization. Point 3 clear.  

The word “Bodyshop” is NOT something new for Kumar. KE heard for the first time in 1995 when visited Hyderabad. KE has been watching them from 1995 to 2008 in India. KE visited these NRI”non reliable Indians” offices in India center called “Ameerpet Hyderabd” whenever they visit from the USA to India to hire Indians for H-1Bs. KE visited them to enquire about them as many of the KE friends requested KE to accompany them as their friends are carrying $5000-$10,000 worth Indian currency in hand bags to hand over to them for filing H-1B. These owners of bodyshops brothers or sisters operating in India object KE asking questions about the “consultancies” in the USA. They said, it is his brother’s company or brother-in-law’s company but refused to give the names of it. Friend’s friends lost those money with them because they neither file H-1B nor returned any money. 

Another Section of BODYSHOPS, they come directly to Hyderabad and do mass recruitment by taking resumes, passport copies etc. They also never disclose any client(end USA client) details to anyone. So basically there is no USA client at all. They all projected Bodyshop A is a client to Bodyshop B in the USA Consulates or on the documentation for USCIS. That’s how the bodyshops have been operating from 1940s to 2020. 

Whoever came to USA or America in the past, present and future whatever the visa, their core intention is to forward resume to others and get $45 to $65 an hrly commission = easy money by starting LLC. THe greediness does not stop there. They get a criminal idea, why do not he/she starts a brothels company and bring bodies from India or trap bodies locally and “captive” them in the apartment, train them whatever he/she knows either Cobol or MS DOS commands by giving PDF copies or hard copy papers and fake their resumes and submit it to clients and poach 50% of salaries? For this crime, they need the help of a green card holder to start “INC” or singling’s green cards or local US citizens help. They got an idea on how to earn by sending one body to USA client location and get $200,000 per head by charging to the USA client and pay them only $45,000 annually. To implement this, they project in India and USA as a savior and they do not want to do this favor “uplifting from poverty that is India to USA” by using the word “sentimental word=caste” or our caste. This is where exactly these “Ghanta companies” birth originated. Basically these shops are a cruel or true face of the extreme deskside of CASTE. Many have started bodyshops purely based upon the caste and some closed it after imported all of their caste people in India to USA. Later the idea is implemented or extended to 16 different languages of India in 30 states and bodyshops started based upon the origin of state or language of state speaking in India. That’s where you see the conflicts between vendors, illegal vendors etc. One time, one bodyshops told, we do not sign PO and MSA with that “XYZ” bodyshops because he is Tamilian or Tamil speaking bodyshop and vice versa. Can you imagine? If you hate Tamilians, in what way your slaves “H-1Bs” responsible who get their projects on their own and still bodyshops refuse to sing? Example, KE quote Tamil, you take any Indian languages same problem. In fact within Telegu’s, Andhra vs Telangana cold war is ON between bodyshops and within “Andhra people” horrible castes cold war is ON. It is not easy for an American or non Indian to understand and words are NOT enough to type or speak to explain the gravity or depth of the crime or intensity of the crime.

Later on the Bodyshops culture expanded to all sectors. For example, bringing people from India and dumping them into all sectors of the USA. Suddenly during the 1990s MAINFRAME ERA, they encashed it like anything by bring 10th grade failed students in India to USA with FAEK BTECH certificates and fraudulent  immigration documents. They all now become ceos of bodyshops. They never exit the USA until get US citizenship. Of Course some of them got bad name and deported back to India. Because of that, the city “Hyderabad” stamped as FAKE in US records. Anyone coming from Hyderabad to US Consulate in Chennai, awarded “221(g)” and sent back home. Genuine IT experienced guys from Hyderabad are also badly effected. The credit goes to “all bodoyshops in the USA.



Caste is a form of social stratification characterized by endogamy, hereditary transmission of a style of life which often includes an occupation, ritual status in a hierarchy, and customary social interaction and exclusion based on cultural notions of purity and pollution. Wikipedia

That means, all Bodyshops belongs to only Hindus or Upper caste of Hindus? 

No, Dalits, Christians from India, Muslims from India also have Bodyshops in the USA but their % is less compared to Upper caste Hindus.

What is this non sense: Upper or lower?

Hindus divided into 5 major castes and 25,000 sub castes. Each caste feels that they are superior than to others. They all combinedly illtreat the 5th caste in the top 1 to 5 structure ” Dalits” as untouchables and some other sub castes as lower castes. For your Information, Indians or Hindus considered Americans as untouchables only. Christians from India are also divided in India and USA also. As you know Christianity has two sects but in India or Indian, Hindus converted to Christianity by force, by love etc. And also caste, languages, states groups followed in those Christianity. Rarely we come across True Christians like true Hindus.

These owners of Bodyshops always compare themselves with Indian outsourcing companies and their ceos. In reality both of them supply resumes and bodies to the USA clients but there is a huge difference in both of them. You cannot compare a owner of a MOM&POP IT Consultancies to the Outsourcing companies though their nature of business (crime) is same. Let me not bring an outsourcing companies structure here for time being.

One day, a friend in Edison New Jersey requested Kumar to take to any owner of a bodyshops to start a consultancies to become super rich. Since he is a good friend once upon a time, KE took him to BODYSHOP that runs by two brothers of a subsect of KAPU CASTE that is Settibalija. KE’s friend also belongs to KAPU Caste.

You know what they advised him?

Since you get a Green Card just now, you do not know how to cheat Indians on F1 OPT CPTs. First you trap them, drag them to our guest house. We will place them under multiple layers systems by telling them lies “sisters or brothers companies”. You also stay as a layer in between and we pay you $20 an hr for bringing bodies or resumes. You start an LLC or INC and once you get experience of cheating Indians like trapping from UNIV to Guest houses, dragging them into this H-1B and Green Card traps, then you can resign your USA client FTE job as your spouse is working and earing handful of money. Once you MASTER in this trapping business, you can 100% focus on this Guest house and BODYSHOP office. Till then focus on 50% of trapping them to his guest house. This is how Indians are getting trained or learn from the other bodyshops.

The main reasons, why many recruiters from MA, friends from New Jersey or some bodyshops owners basically professors from AP State in India run behind KE is, KE has many followers of F1 OPT, CPT, H-1B aspirants in USA and across the globe. So many vendors run behind KE to given their contacts for them to trap them. Basically they are in “Helptobuildcareer” Facebook group and “Confrontational Book” Since KE refused to do so, they have attacked KE like anything except the one friend in Edison NJ. Hope you understand by now the true colors of the Bodyshops. The Bodyshops in New Jersey advised my friend, one of them is on H4 status or status unknown and still managing at least 10-20 bodyshops.  Collect fees, close the shop, open another one in the other name in the same address. Like I said, “CRIME NEVER ENDS”.

That’s why Americans afraid of giving Green Cards to 700,000 H-1Bs waiting in line. We never know how many of them will become the owners of BDOYSHOPS? A friend said.

Sample, father of Bodyshops:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakireddy_Bali_Reddy 

These people are good at doing any crime without evidence. You name it, they will do it. 

One of the KE subscribers wrote couple of emails:

Kumar, you can do it no issues. 

Trump’s america is getting into a different mode of society, if our desis dont stop these kind of habits or methods – we will be targets for these americans to cause harm too. I hope you agree.

He wrote in Telugu also:

కుమార్ గారు,

ఇది తెలుగు అండ్ ఇంగ్లీష్ లో రిలీజ్ చెయ్యండి, మనోళ్ళకి ఇంకా ఇండియాన్స్ కి కనెక్ట్ అవుతుంది.


Hi Kumar garu,

No problem, if you are reconsidering it – thats fine.

I just thought to bring to your notice as you are doing a great job.

Please continue with your efforts. All the best sir.



These BODYSHOPS warned KE like anything in the Past and Present. They text before driving to on site for work to …, they are master minded in displacing Americans, ripping fellow Indians mercilesly and can do anything to damage their(employees) family.


Who is RAVI?

According to Ravi, whoever do not have stuff in India, come to USA through “BODYSHOPS”. If they have stuff – that is knowledge, skills they will come through “Indian outsourcing companies” is his perception.  If no stuff batch comes to USA through BODYSHOPS, can you imagine who is the owner of a BODYSHOP? Ravi’s version is, he has no job after passed BTECH with several backlogs so a BODYSHOP brought him to the USA hence BODYSHOP= GOD. He does anything for the BODYSHOP, no matter what. NOTE: All of them H-1Bs in BODYSHOPS are NO STUFF BTACH. For example, several employees of Outsourcing companies jump into BODYSHOPS Guest houses, it does not mean, they are all “NO STUFF BATCH” correct?

Outsourcing companies in India hire the “creamy layer” of Indian society. That is BTECH scored 70 to 80% in marks.  Marks or percentage is the indication of intelligence in India or in Indian context.

The BODYSHOPS can bring anyone from India or outside USA into America. They can file H-1B for a sex worker or a terrorist. All they need is $10,000 cash. It is NOT that they file H-1B for anyone who has deposited $10,000. The in fact cheat every year across the globe by collecting that amount and given fake H-1B or RFE or denial copies to them and shutdown the BODYSHOPS. They bring only their caste people, their state or language speaking people,  religion people and must be connected to them and also must pay $10,000 H-1b fees and never ever open mouth is the condition or the trust established with them. Otherwise a BIG NO. These people ditch anyone comes on their way. They eliminate people if anyone complain or confronting with them. Unfortunately politicians or Ministers in India having these BODYSHOPS in India and connections with them. So there is no way Police in India can help the H-1B Victims in India.


Types of H1B Employers (bodyshops or “mom&pop consultancies” in USA

1) Have Job – Need Candidate – Free Visa – After Job – Kick Out After Project

2) Have Job – Need Candidate – Paid Visa – After Job – New Job

3) No Job – Candidate Needed – Paid Visa – Place Candidate – After Contract Marketing for New Job

4) No Job – Candidate – Paid Visa – Bad Market – New Skill Training Provided – Placed

5) No Job – No Client – Candidate – Paid Visa – Poor Skills – Skill Upgrade – Proxy – On Job Support – God Father

6) No Job – Candidate – Paid Visa – Bad Market/Poor Skills – No support – No Bench Pay – HELL

7) No Job – Candidate – Paid Visa – Caring/Friendly Monitoring Marketing – Suggestions – Still Not Placing Warning – Bench Pay by Candidate to Save Visa.

T8) dangerous type: They are specialized in trapping people who are staying above 60 days grace period & rip/rape them like anything. They do not pay salaries but experts in giving fake paychecks, fake W2s & they operate fully with their gmail accounts & fake American email ids from India. By the time USCIS or DOL or IRS catch them, they shutdown websites and open the new shop. they hold 6 months to 1-year salaries. Many Telugus Kapus especially, “settibalija caste” people in New Jersey are experts in this.

H-1B, Indian IT Mafia bigger than Drug mafia?

List goes on!

NOTE: There is no single Indian bodyshops that file H-1B for free. If they file, they break some wages somewhere. Most of them collect H4 dependents fees, green cards filing deposit money. They will never return this money at any cost. Irony is most of them or all of them Indian attorneys are part and parcel of Indian BODYSHOPS criminal or fraudulent activities. You cannot TRUST any Indian in the USA especially if they are in any businesses. THIS IS THUMB RULE. Because all of them are connected by CASTE. If you go to an Indian attorney to complain about an Indian BODYSHOPS, they call them to connect the DOTs. There ends the matter!. You can trust any American in the USA but you cannot trust any Indian in the USA. KE loves India, Indians and America, and Americans and all human beings equally.

They give fake resumes, fake paycheck fake H-1Bs fake W2s etc.

Some they do not give original paychecks, original H-1Bs documents. They ask bonds to give the H-1B papers. 



KE continuously updating this…..

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