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Subscriber’s voice: US visa abuse among Indians

Hi Kumar,

                  Below is my experience about H1B, S386, Body Shops and H4 EAD (2015 to Present)

Experience about F1 visa holders I faced from 2012-2020

Many of the people who come to the US (from India) on student visa do not come to the US with the intention of studying master’s or PhD.

This is my personal experience I faced when I have joined a university for MS in computer science in 2012.

The first thing they do is, they ask these FAQs:

they join university will I get RA??

will I get TA??

will I get a student assistant job??

will I get a job to work in gas stations or motels or stalls in malls (operated by desis)??

Their real intention is not study in USA but to make money and send it to India.

Hence due to this, tens, and thousands of American jobs are lost. – A fact whether people agree or not.

Experience about H1B visa holders: I faced from 2012-2020.

Let me give you an example of this issue. One of my friends got a contract job in XYZ Client located in Seattle WA,

I am not sure how he cleared the interviews whether he did it on his own or did someone take the interview through PROXY or PROXY SKYPE.

I am not sure of it. After he joined the company he started working as UI developer where someone logged into his system using team viewer and complete his work and he used to show up to work as if he completed the job every day. so, 1 month was remaining before his contract was going to end with XYZ Client and he was supposed to get married next month in Hyderabad India, so he invited his manager (who is Mexican) to India. he got his H1B stamped and once he was back to US, he was surprised to know that his contract with XYZ client cum employer is going to ending. They gave him 2 days’ time to pack his stuff and leave. It is sad at this point, but H1B is a total abuse.

I have also seen a lot of people in US on H1B working in malls and gas stations for hourly wages which is against the H1B law to work there.

There are also people who come from India on H1B visa like Indian outsourcing companies and  few New Jersey based American Outsourcing companies who work for less salary than the American workers and they are replaced by their H1B’s. It is sad what we are seeing.

Would India allow an Indian to be replaced by American in IT industry in India?? I do not think so, then why should it happen in US??

So, my conclusion is H-1B is totally abused mainly by bodyshops, outsourcing and all together. If the govt want to keep the H1B program they would need to change the pay slab to minimum of $150k from $60 k per annum so only the best and brightest candidates will be able to get the H1B.


Many people who graduate from school after completing their master’s, bachelor’s, or PhD’s from US join Bodyshops if they do not get a full-time job. The body shops modify the resume with 7+ years of FAKE experience be it any technology, the vendor calls would be taken my candidates and they do proxy interviews are done where in for phone interview they would set a google voice mail number and forward it to their number and video interview they would do lip-sync.  Once the candidate is placed at the job site, even if the candidate does not need to know all the skill sets of the job, the job will be performed by the proxy person at the end of the day who will be based in India. They work on Corp-Corp(C2C) and on percentage basis 80%- 20% or 70%-30%for first six months and next six months 75%-25% thereafter.

Even if the consultant loses job when he is on H1B, the body shop would run a fake payroll which is illegal and against the immigration law.  They would deduct the pay from the consultant once he/she gets the job, so the consultant also need not worry about visa.

So, based on this, I feel all the body shopped in the US should be banned since the genuine candidates are losing jobs due to body shops who fake the resume and place the candidate.

Experience about H4 Candidates:

H4 EAD was started in 2015 for H1B spouses who have a I140 approved with the intention of working in high skilled jobs.

Mostly H4 EAD are working women from India, who are now working as teller, schoolteacher, clerk, janitor and not working in highly skilled jobs.

So according to me H4 EAD program should be abolished.

Experience about S386 Bill.

If this bill is passed, this would be creating huge backlogs for peoples from other countries like Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Mexico.

This bill will not benefit any other country except India.

Most of the employment based green card with huge backlog are for people from India itself and this bill be a huge benefit to people from India waiting for long years.

why don’t they come back to US once the priority date becomes current as in the case of family-based immigrant visas are happening these days.

They should not have also not provided H1B extension every 6 years.

Once your H1B visa is done, they can come to the US once they get the green card.

The S386 is never ending bill since even if this bill passes which I don’t think it will then for years for come there would be more number of people waiting again in the backlog so then they would create another bill S387 bill.

So, my conclusion is No to S386 bill which would benefit only people from India and not from other countries.

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