Truth vs HYPE about H-1B

Truth vs HYPE about H-1B

2011-2015, KE used to write this on Facebook, a confrontational FB group. Reposting the old stuff.


TRUTH VS HYPE OF H1B (Part 4 of 17)

Ppl comments:


Only to escape corruption and if there “caste” prevented them from working their way up the ladder of life in India.


No idea.

That was the first time I ever heard “caste” mentioned.


I can see that, BUT it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.


As example, what if you leave like Americans left England to seek opportunity and escape oppression similar to when America was settled?


What if you realize family is more important once you get here?


And most of all, what if America totally shuts off the opportunity for you to come here?

If I write from bottom of my heart, some NRI returned to India are saying, is a pessimist writing negatively about life and America.

You are not writing negatively.

You are speaking as an American in America, which is why you see what is happening.

Though become US citizens by naturalization is not great except for pension or SSN benefits or other issues, very few are totally transforming and changing here and rest of them are carrying NRI tag for other benefits in back home.

25 years is the imprisonment for Indian employers for violating immigration rules. In New Jersey, one Indian employer went to jail in 2008-09. A friend in immigration services told, if it’s proved(breaking of prevailed wages or any immigration laws) any Indian employer sit 25 years in JAIL.

It is not long enough for putting citizens and temporary workers on temporary visas through hell. I personally think it should be life, or even worse. – Virgil

Americans do not get jobs after displaced by H1B because they do not fake resume and tell lies like foreign workers or companies do.

KEY: CHANGE, Transformation, humanity, empathize and help needy but not throw money for religions or waste money. First build your nation.

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None of them are telling anything other than government propaganda.

Folks, this is not the first year Wal-Mart has displaced Americans using the H-1B visa

Later H1Bs will be replaced by H4 EADs from May 2015 onwards. of, course some enter newly created jobs if any and others enter with 7 years or 10 years local IT experience and rest replace completely H1Bs because their resumes picked up by vendors as they are ready to work less than H1Bs. $25 is rate minimum can work for H1B but if H4 EAD can break this $25 minimum per hour trend then market then H1B market is theirs.   Many H1Bs shared an apprehension or ambiguity that H4s will take H1Bs BA, QA, software testing jobs  very soon enter the market from May 2015. We wrote earlier where H4 can have job openings in USA, please read that post for more details.

Yep, and what’s really bad situation. Will the older H-1B’s, and even Green Card holders get displaced when they turn 45, 55, 60 etc., just like us Americans by the next batch of “young freshers”.

If so, what will they do for work when they find themselves like me where NOBODY at any level will hire them?

 $25 per hour is the minimum rate that H1B must work as per USCIS but if H4 EAD can break this trend  then H1B market is theirs.   What a dangerous situation? But hope it won’t be.

H1Bs will face displaced Americans situation and their spouses may (H4) work and H1B leave USA-scenario 1

or one income H1B group lose job, leave USA with H4

Once highly paid Americans displaced by Indian companies or H1Bs, they won’t get IT jobs because, 1. they don’t falsifying resumes like foreign workers or outsourcing companies.
2. All Indian vendors prefer H1Bs or Indians only but not Americans because they don’t fake resumes as per Indian vendors forced directions. You know how I can tell they falsify their resumes?

.net and java are two completely different schools of thought here in America

It is very rare to find somebody that knows both, and is proficient with both.

What I found in 30 years was corporate America typically went the Microsoft route using .net, etc whereas our government orgs typically went the mysql route


Believe me, I know. We have the same problem over here. If you don’t lie on your resume, which I refuse to do, you are filtered out before you even get considered. While CEO’s like googles Schmidt might think that is smart, I personally believe it is creating a culture of people that are willing to lie to get past the filter.  If they are willing to do that, what else are they willing to lie about?

Nobody asks that question, but it needs to be asked.

Here is my argument.

 Take 3 barrels of water that hold 55 gallons each.

 Connect all three via valves.

 Barrel 1 we label USA and put in 50 gallons of water because the avg wage is 50,000 dollars

Barrel 2 we label china and put in 5.47 gallons of water because the avg wage is 5,470 dollar

Barrel 3 we label India and put in 1.86 gallons of water because the avg wage is 1.86 dollars

 Now open the valves.

 Rather than the wages staying the same, they now are 19,110 dollars

 Total of all three was 57,330

Divide by 3 for avg

 That is what is happening and it is real, and it is happening now

 Which means most of America will be living in shanty towns just like your country as we go from a middle class society to a have and a have not society, There are 193 countries if memory serves me correctly. That is my theory that I call musical countries. What is happening is the BRICS came first (Brazil, Russia, china, India) As the wages start to rise, they look for cheaper countries which means they now must bring in Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. We have been seeing wage inflation over the past several months,’’ said Chris Ruffle, who helps manage $19 billion as China co-chairman of Martin Currie Ltd. Rising salaries may prompt businesses that operate plants in China to move to lower-cost countries such as Vietnam and Cambodia, Ruffle said.



Question received: Americans may be soft but American corporations are not. Why do you blame Indian contractors or India. All this is a great game played by U.S. Companies.

Clarification or explain: Here is my reply:

Indians are looting (may be not you and me and some ) over all ditching Americans.

Tomorrow you got a project, Prime Vendor is TOP 10 Indian Company, replacing local Americans due to out sourcing and they could not get H1B or L1 or B1 guy on time and you are stepping into their shoes until they guy from India arrive and settled down. Remember that there are one or two more unethical, illegal layers are their due to your deceitful Indian employer could not find a project without layers but he/she takes cuts though you got it from dice/monster sites. Now the displaced American while leaving kick you on your ass, and you die on the spot, now ask yourself the following questions to your heart?   Who is responsible if a H1B killed by a replaced or displaced Americans here? WhO? The US END client ?

The Indian Prime Vendor?

The illegal or unethical layer who takes $45 cut?

Your employer?

Who will buy return air tickets to H1B’s dead body? which costs $10,000

Who will buy return air tickets to H4 and dependents?

Do you know the rules? It is your employer is responsible to buy even if he fires you but does the dependents know this? Can they question him? Answer is BIG NO because I have seen two H1Bs and their fathers dead in a deadly car accident on the spot.  People collected donations to send them back, this is reality, reality is always bitter. One must think all pros and cons before getting on to the SCAMMED IMMIGRATION BOAT.

Everybody knows, don’t ask me how and proof? All my writings is about in support of humanity, in support of H1Bs being ripped off by all

and killing livelihood for locals.  If you don’t understand, please understand what is H1B?. It’s a big scam, you, me and all part of it. One out of two Indians are breaking all immigration laws, so don’t ask me how, you know better than anyone. In spite of the this, American Media failed to catch them red handedly.

Otherwise what stuff do we have to replace Highly standard educated locals? Where none of our educational certificates or credentials recognized by America? If at all we love ourselves, very first question we would ask Indian Government and USA, why? But we didn’t and entered this country, so you better please do research on this topic and question both the governments. We are just victims and indentured servants in the entire game or episode running successfully by vultures called employers, layers, companies, fellow Indians etc. We are also so timid we neither complain to INS nor go back to home country because we love America and Green Card.

A day will come for us, we Indians have to run away from America is what I foresee and if you failed to notice this then you are part of a crime and scam, that’s why you could not understand the tip of the iceberg.

Displaced Americans reply:

If you’re asking me, here is how I see it.

We would not be displaced if it were not for the temporary worker visa and the corruption of the H-1B companies doing whatever it takes to get American company contracts including forcing the Americans to train the h-1B visa holders. I don’t think it will ever come to that, but I can see why the Americans would be the ones that were very mad. What he doesn’t understand is this. We have this thing called EEOC for equal employment opportunity. It is designed to protect Americans of all races.

When an Indian, who is here on any type of temporary visa makes the decision to choose an Indian on a temporary worker visa rather than a qualified American, they have crossed a line and they no longer deserve any kind of respect from anybody in America.

The whole thing that allows you guys to leave India and come here is this because we believe in it.

 life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” regardless of social class or circumstances of birth

What they have done now is they have destroyed that ability for Americans in America.

Maybe they think there will be no repercussions, but trust me, the repercussions are building.

 I lost everything, not because I couldn’t do the job, but because somebody somewhere made the decision to use a temporary worker on a temporary visa over an American citizen.

Am I pissed?

Nope, I’m way past that.

I am determined to find a way to end the temporary worker visa

Problem is, it is NOT a game. This is my life, and I will see the American Corporation executive and the person making the decision to use temporary workers over American citizens that are qualified in jail where I hope they rot

That is why they are going to lose.

We have a saying

All for me, and none for you

That is what they are doing


Subject: RE: Remove the H-1B Visa Cap

You only have yourselves to blame (i.e. go chase yourselves).  It’s such a great dodge, isn’t it?  It’s not that there’s a whole lot of deception and corruption and exploitation going on in the high tech job market, it’s that “you guys” just don’t have the most up-to-date and most marketable skills – like all the good little H1B visa types do.  What a crock!

I had an agent tell me he was reluctant to submit my resume to a client for a tech writing job because I didn’t have one minor tool listed on my resume – while I had the other dozen or so tools skills required.  This was back in the mid-1990s back East.  I told him to forget it and not call me anymore.  Most of the tools skills listed on my resume had been acquired on the job while I was doing the job, not through some course.  If he didn’t know that then he “didn’t know that he didn’t know” and so he wasn’t smart enough to represent me to his clients.

I ran into this sort of thing again after 2010, but I figured that this time it was a game of musical chairs (tools) where you could take every tools course under the sun and still not get hired for some BS excuse.  It was a losing proposition all around.  But it’s a great dodge for those guys who want to keep their heads in the sand so they don’t upset anyone important.  It’s similar to the bob and weave dodging that was done to the guy who tried to warn the authorities about Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

The story about the $300 million settlement of a $3 billion class action lawsuit by high tech company employees never made it to the front page and immediately became “old news” and was quickly forgotten. So nobody ever got a good whiff of something HT was doing that really smelled.  The injustice of the H1B visa scam stinks even worse, so high tech companies will keep a lid on it for as long as possible.  That’s how much respect the high tech industry has for the people who once worked in it, and for those who now work for it.




Yes, but substantially less than what the person you would have replaced years ago was getting paid.

 It’s all about the money and if America is dumb enough to believe their lies that they can’t find people, then they can bring you in and drive wages down.You will read that the middle class wages have stagnated.This is why It is hard for them to rise when you guys work for less

And since you are getting paid more money than you would make in India, it turns out to be a win situation for the employer because he can get more employees for less money and for you since you make more than you would make at home.

The person that really is getting screwed is the company that is still paying the 125 per hour that they would have paid even if an American was employed in your position.

 This means that the Indian middle man is actually making more money than the American middleman would have made

You now have the ability to see which cities request the most temporary worker visas

 You might be surprised by some of them like Irving, TX where we never hear nothing about.

 Virgil Bierschwale

 America has only created 400,000 jobs

From 1999 – 2014



Indians with power are arrogant and bossy.

You will know what I’m talking about if you have met one of them. It is very common to see Indian people possessing a UK or a Canadian passport treating other people with an arrogant/ snobbish attitude.

All Indians want to immigrate out of India

Of course this is the case, how could it not be? With the Indian population almost at 1.3 Billion, the fast growing Indian economy can’t cope with the high population growth rate, the life standards in India are so low to an extent that living anywhere on earth is probably an upgrade on the life style an Indian can maintain in India. Perhaps a one child policy in India should be applied as soon as possible otherwise the Indians will consume the resources of the whole planet.


If you are Indian and this blog post offends you, I apologize for that; I do understand that these stereotypes do not apply to every Indian.

The Indian Stereotypes

The above is true that’s why Indians (not all but majority) who ever posses Green Cards, speaks non-sense and very arrogant.

The Indian Stereotypes

The Indian Stereotypes

October 21, 2013

Before I start writing any of these Stereotype Blogs, I usually do a thorough research. While doing just that, I came across this Q&A in Yahoo about Indian Stereotypes.

Let me quote a couple of the ladies and gentlemen there before we get started

Indians move from India to the U.S. under a visa scam called H1B in a massive scale.
Most Indians fake their diplomas and education history in attempts to find a job.
Not hardworking and honest, likely taking short cut. They talk a lot and walk little.


Why using software to filter resumes will give you liars rather than the best and brightest

Integrity.It is something that some have and lots don’t.Recently somebody told me that companies like Google use software to pre-qualify their resumes that they receive.I’ve noticed it myself on the civil service applications I’ve made.If your resume does not match the requirements, you will not get selected, period.And apparently our government and our companies believe this system works.Myself, I believe it gives you what you are asking for which is a bunch of people willing to lie on their resume and say that they did exactly what your are looking for.Now think about that for a second.There are 315 million people in America and that doesn’t even include the temporary workers wanting to work in America.Yet the odds of two of us having the same exact work background is probably close to 315 million to one.Which means the chance of receiving a lot of applications for your job that reads like a shopping list is mathematically impossible.Unless most of those people are willing to lie on their resume, or cut and paste portions of their buddies resume and put it on their resume.

100% True.

Copy and paste only works in USA especially resumes to pick up.

Otherwise they won’t pick it up is what vendors only tell H1Bs.

Here is some friends analysis and if you are okay, we will add in next TRUTH vs HYPE post/part.

  1. America is best, Americans degrees, certificates are standards compared to any nation in the world. No questions on it.

  2. Why are they loosing jobs is well know fact: Outsourcing and H1Bs.

  3. What are the issues: The Rise of South Indians book also the guy mentioned some reasons.

  4. Here are the friends say:

Take an example of a BRICKS manufacturing and construction of a house, if Americans are very good at manufacturing the brick, Indians are good at other stuff but not manufacturing  the bricks. Indians cannot do what Americans do and Americans are not prepared or not learning what others are doing is grabbing their jobs apart from 50% of their mistake by not anticipate this ahead of the time – one, secondly, 50% of the mistake is from Indian’s side as you know caste and scam.

Here not anticipated means, “Gate of America opened for globalization” so anybody can infiltrate it right? to displace locals for Dollars but nothing else.

I don’t see a problem with it. It is not that Americans are not prepared or not learning what others are doing. It is simply that we are not willing to lie or cheat which is what is happening. Don’t get me wrong, there are people in every country, including America that are willing to lie and cheat. What is happening here is our government is buying the stories of our corporations that say they need the world’s best and brightest.  Problem is, nobody holds them accountable for you being the best and the brightest and there is no way to verify it other than what you and I are doing. It is kind of like that government program I graduated from last year. The government decided to issue a lot of money for retraining because that would allow them to show that they are helping Americans get back to work. Now I took that training and they show on paper that they will offer “employment assistance”, yet two years later I am still unemployed. This can only happen because our media is not shining a floodlight on the success or failures of programs like this. And since nobody will question the success of the previous program, they now have released another 100 million to retrain people in America. It too will meet with failure simply because of what you say in this line: 2. Why are they loosing jobs is well know fact: Outsourcing and H1Bs.


After all, it is impossible to retrain Americans to take jobs that have been (a) sent offshore, or had (b) temporary workers brought in on H-1B’s, L-1, H-4’s, etc. specifically to displace them from those jobs.

I understand why I can’t get back to work, and it is because of your #2 there, but until I can get the media to shine a very bright floodlight on this area, it is only going to get worse.

Yes, I 100% agree and doors must be closed to allow new infiltration either by legal way -scam(H1B) or illegal way right?

When other nations do not allow like America, why would allow all? May be because America is land of immigrants but that does not mean, Americans must loose their jobs at the cost of others(Outsourcing and H1Bs)?

No idea who’s design for outsourcing but it’s killing America.

I didn’t understand this until the last 12 years as I’ve always considered myself 100% capitalist.

But what is happening here is the ages old fight between labor and capital (to understand it, you would need to watch shows on “scabs”, unions, picket lines, etc.). The people that designed this are the same people seeking cheap labor in our corporations, and farms (watch the grapes of wrath sometime).  Just as they brought in “scabs” to break union picket lines, they are now bringing in “temporary workers” on H-1B visas, etc. and they are getting by with it because they hide behind one word which is “immigration”

 This is why I’m trying to change the topic to show that Immigration is good, and Temporary Workers used to displace Americans in America is bad. I realize all of this now because I saw “The Boot Heels of Capitalism” first hand. The emails I receive from India, students and people failed to understand and analyze why they failed to get jobs after BTECH from IITs or local colleges but focusing on GRE, TOEFL and MS in US. Asking hell lots of questions on what is the guarantee sir, if I do not get a job after taking huge loan from Indian Banks to study MS in US? How can I repay it etc? Why do not they do this when they join BETCH? why do not they ask Indian Government? I wonder why everybody try to trench into America? Is it because it offers OPT/CPT to earn all money back with less taxes which no other country offers?


Probably although I have no knowledge on the opt/cpt program.

 We do the same here in America.  As an example, the United States Navy has a radio advertisement talking about the jobs of the future being STEM jobs.

While I agree that they will be STEM jobs, it does no good for an American student to borrow huge sums of money to get a degree that they might not be able to use because of the displacement of Americans via temporary worker visas.

But what is even worse, let’s say they do get this degree and they live a wonderful life until they turn 45 (when I was knocked out, I’m 57 now).

And then all of a sudden, they can’t buy a job doing what they did, and the low paying jobs won’t hire them because they made too much money in the past and they won’t stay when times get better (because they are overqualified).

What do they do?

And if they have kids, how do they support their kids who may or may not need help when they can’t support themselves?


The rise and fall of India’s economy

Published on Aug 20, 2013

The rupee has collapsed, the stock market is falling – has India moved from a breakout nation to a breakdown nation in just a few months?

Write review of his book.

No jobs in India for B.TECH passed out so they aim for MS in USA including guys studying in IIT. It’s not because of interest in higher studies or dreams but there are no job opportunities in India.

A friend running a company in Bangalore hire B.TECH guys from IITs with Metallurgy subject and working in Marketing or Media TRP areas for 1 year Later they get 13 lakhs per annum and leaving the jobs and later moving to USA to get 500K plus.

No bank gives loan to students but banks offer loans to H1B visa holders. So educational consultancies charge 25,000 INR to get fake bank loans from banks.


I wanted to write this after see this:

Americans are displaced is fact. Otherwise how do you get jobs in USA either by outsourcing or inviting foreign workers? First Indian companies through L1, H1B, B1(full time work for 6 months but cannot be proved), then H1Bs through Indian Incs and later 25,000 STEM students get into H1B board. Only GOD or America knows how many are really created jobs and rest are displaced Americans because naked truth is American companies or clients want to save money hence they hire anybody come for cheap. The twist there is a prevailed wage concept which none of us aware either F1 or guys boarding on H1B either free or paid. If they know they would not like to complain because H1B itself is terms as indentured servants in American books. Please understand who is indentured servants. All we need is just a green card, so who will go and cut the branch of the tree that the person is sitting on currently? So we deny it because truth must pass through deny, condemn, criticize and then only it will defend itself.
If it’s India, if it’s Telangana people(if it happens to them) they burn busses, they beat AP people, they destroy everything until they get what they supposed to get. If you look at history of each state formation in India, it followed the similar stories but here in America, if Americans dare to do so, we say human violations or racism or breaking of globalization rules.
There are 25 million Americans are loosing everything and Americans are very soft, generous and not racists like Indians is the only reason still we are alive here. Otherwise there is no space for Indians in USA.
Keep this in mind, Indians have to do what they got to do otherwise what was happened in Srilanka, may repeat and nobody can rescue us.

A person with 30 years of carrier, who was able to buy 3 different houses in 3 different part of his life, didn’t even save to run his life for few years of losing job….or save money just to improve his skills…. No wonder. First of all he never know how to plan his life, no wonder he is jobless now.

So true I don’t like airing my dirty laundry, but I’m looking for a way to bring this nightmare to a head (forcing the volcano to blow)

As you know, I have nowhere to turn short of suicide, and I don’t really want to go that way.

I could go out and buy lot 25 for about 1,100 down and payments of about 430 per month and start all over again and be happy

Problem is, Maine Child Support seized all my bank accounts last week.

IRS wants their share of blood from a rock, and student loans want their share.

Meanwhile, nobody will hire me.

Sure, I could probably find a minimum wage job at a convenience store, but child support wants 500 per month minimum as does IRS and student loans.

Kind of hard to pay 1,500 per month when you are only making 800 – 1200 per month and still have money left for a home and even something as unnecessary as a cold beer to distress with.

 Feel free to write anything.

I’m way beyond caring anymore.

It’s a little more difficult than that.

  1. We invest our money in our home, we don’t rent.

  1. When our home goes from 189,000 to 354,000 to 115,000 we take a huge loss

  1. There are more things I could say, but what would it accomplish.

Yes, listen to them though.

You don’t make enough money to support your family and help me.

 What your country does not understand is this.

You live in the most expensive city in the world.

And you are getting paid less than an American would be paid.

This is why it is hard for you to get ahead.

It was the same way when I was living out of motels.

I would make 1,800 per week and 600 per week would go for taxes, and another 500 per week would go for lodging, car, and another 500 per week would go for the bar tab because you couldn’t stand staring at 4 walls.

See, Americans are not willing to live like Indians are.

As for me, I would rather blow my money and enjoy my life than live like an old miser and save it all for my kids to fight over after I’m dead and gone or to give it to some church where they can use it to send their kids to America to party while they live like a miser.

Another thing they don’t realize is this.

We have a huge amount of what you call bench time when living and working as a contractor. ( I never worked as an employee from 1988 to 2004, and only 6 months from 2004 to 2005 and then back as a contractor)

Like you, we don’t get paid either.

Most of my life I made about 35,000 to 55,000 and in the cities I was living in, it cost that much to survive.

The year before my career ended I made 70,000 and the year it ended I made 113,000

Since then?

Nothing to talk about

As for my skills.

I will put them up against any of your people, not as a coder, as that is but an entry level “fresher” job.

But as a person working on the complete system at all levels.



I had a word with your employer.

Unfortunately, they are not willing to work with Collabra. So I would not be able to present your profile at the Client’s end.



Nobody knows why Indian layers fight each other in USA? Where H1Bs’ resume or lives get taken for a ride and people write objections to my writings if Kumar says, H1B= pimping business, but what are these Indians(layers or employers or brokers or middlemen or resume supplier companies) are doing?

Average any Indian measure high blood pressure in a mercury sphygmomanometer the moment heard pimping business = H1B layers, saying that Kumar, your approaching is wrong. What is wrong and who is wrong? Because they claim or assume they are the CEOs of their fake resumes factory with illegal, unethical and unlawful registration of a company on spouse’s name while both(H1Bs, GC, US citizens etc) of them are working with US client itself.

mercury sphygmomanometer: The standard instrument used to measure blood pressure is called a mercury sphygmomanometer. Measurements are given as units of mercury, which has filled the central column in standard sphygmomanometers for years. (Of note, many people now view the mercury sphygmomanometer as an environmental health hazard, although modern devices are designed to prevent mercury spillage.) The standard instrument used to measure blood pressure is called a mercury sphygmomanometer. Measurements are given as units of mercury, which has filled the central column in standard sphygmomanometers for years. (Of note, many people now view the mercury sphygmomanometer as an environmental health hazard, although modern devices are designed to prevent mercury spillage.)


It would seem to me that just as American schools are training more computer programmers than we have jobs, India is training more computer programmers than the world has jobs which is going to leave a lot of people in India trained in theory, expecting a job, and unable to get a job.

1.27 billion Population
Every parent wants their children to be a software engineer and first get into IITs if not REC colleges and if not go to USA. This trend is more visible in Southern India and that’s why the guy wrote a book The RISE OF SOUTH INDIANS in USA expressed his distress but he did not cover how a person from NORTH INDIA enters USA. They adopt someone in the family or etc. as siblings etc. and sponsor Green Cards, some come illegally and many do illegal part time jobs here. You can cross check any Indian groceries or any office that run by Indians. Everybody here equally destroying the society not just South Indian or North Indian etc.

Every body has to do their own research on this, here you go:

India has abandoned natural resources, a rich country by birth itself and politicians noticed this richness after 1947 looting the nation with the help of greedy businessmen without calling proper bidding or without transparent auction of it to explore.

Red tappism and when was in Government I was sitting in a meeting and the meeting is about whether India need IAS or not? Honestly India does not need because they add fuel to the fire i.e. adding corruption to political administration. Lack of jobs, creation of industries, giving licenses to more new investors in no time without delay from IAS, lack of transparency in tax systems, corruption in all walks of life, caste discrimination from head to toe i.e local government attendee posting to Prime Minister of India including every person pickup for a influential posting to transfer between departments. With this kind of set up, who will stay in India? And if so what for? Because especially southern parts and Delhi, entire education and medical becomes a most profitable business run by mafia with high fees but low standards of quality of education. Finally whether a student study in Delhi College(IIT) or Gall college(poor local street of a remote village) ultimate aim is either MS in US(F1) or work in US(H1B, L1, B1, J, Green Cards  etc). No matter to what is it? H1B you call indentured servant or deceitful employers demand $6000 per H1B, $25,000 for a GC process illegally or unlawfully but all we need is life in USA, that’s it no matter if locals displaced also, so what? Mind your business Kumar is what people writing to me when I am writing the truth or educating free of cost to my fellow Indian buddies especially those who break wonderful life in back home drawing $2406.00 per month is nearly waste to leave job and fall in the loop of Indian middlemen here is absolute waste is the bottom line.  What is there in India for commoner?

What about China? You cannot know because Google and facebook is blocked there, who will write truth from there to know the ground realities?

When the supply is so great, the demand will be much less which will lower the wages substantially.


This will mean that the “riches” that they seek in America will no longer be there because every one of them comes here willing to work for less so that they can make more than they did in their country.


I don’t blame them for that, but I can see how this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back and caused your goose to quit laying its golden egg.


And the figure below does not count the millions in India that want the same


Meanwhile, America has only 3.8 million of these jobs



At every level they play this game of musical countries, the average wage will go down slowly.


Problem is, everybody is focused on the “SYMPTOMS” rather than the cause.

You will hear that the subprime mortgage bubble broke which caused this mess. I disagree as I think that is but a symptom of what really happened which is Musical Countries. Think about it. These people were able to pay their subprime mortgages UNTIL THEIR JOB WAS SENT OFFSHORE. Or you guys were imported to displace them. Now they are the bad guy because they can’t pay their mortgage, at least that is what the media is telling.  What really happened is this. I think that is because of how they package it. As an example, in the 80’s, we had the 8 ¼ inch floppy drive, then we went to the 5 ½  than dvds, then usb’s, then digital devices. BUT, all of them are basically the same thing and use the same method of reading/writing. Now let’s look at cloud architect. All we have done is moved from a physical system to one that is built in memory. If you have the skills to architect a big system using non-cloud technology, those same skills can be used in the “cloud” I have those skills, but they would never consider me because I’ll be the first to admit I can’t write a resume worth a damn, and on top of that, I see a major problem with the “cloud” Granted, I haven’t worked with it, so I could be wrong.

 From what I’ve read, everything is stored in memory (files, folders, structure, etc.)

What happens if power is simultaneously lost at both the client, and the server end at the same time.

Sure, they supposedly will have power backups at the server end, but what about what is being passed through the “pipes” if all lose power at the same time? Feel free to forward to your friend as I enjoy conversations like this.











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