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Dear all, we have received questions on “CAREER SHIFT from Non-IT to IT”.

I am working in BTECH (Civil Engineering) and would like to shift to Information technology. Which courses do you advise me?
More or less, we have received similar ones: BTECH (Mechanical Engineering) or graduation with non IT back ground etc.

Answer is pretty simple – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IS FOR ALL.
If you are a candidate with non IT background aspiring for an IT job, here are certain things you need to learn.

Everybody, Every Industry, Every Organization needs IT Software and make use of Software for faster computation, accurate accounting, better engineering, great designing, reporting, tracking and simplifying whole of any business. From Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Industry to Healthcare/Medical/Pharmaceutical and Biotechnical/Biotechnological Industries mandatorily require software technology.

We just want to give you an incredibly positive approach towards career. Gone are those days where education leads path to career. Career way has been widened and pretty much compatible, adaptable, and flexible to everyone. Professional courses like Medicine, CA etc are tough to pursue without educational background but Software is friendly, it can be easily understood with logic.
Not everybody can do it, it does require so much of effort, zeal and concentration to learn and perform IT Concepts, Programming and Administration.

In fact, Information Technology uses a lot of functional, management, commerce and other sciences resources for its implementation and understanding.

If somebody wants to shift to IT Software Industry from different educational background it is never impossibility. It is highly possible for willing people and there are numerous success stories of Non IT folks who thrived above horizons in their IT career.

Complete Understanding of Computer, Choice of Software Technology, Self Determination, Great Confidence, Good Mathematical knowledge and Excellent Communication skills are important if you choose to shift your career to Software IT Industry.

Preferably, learn the technical skills which don’t involve is much of coding. Those who are interested can learn how to write code, they can exercise and build their skills in coding. Writing a code to develop a software application or web application is exceedingly difficult thing, one must learn to expert level in writing a code. (Technical skills like SDLC, C, C++. C#,  .Net, Java, HTML, HTML5, XLM, XSLT, JavaScript, PHP etc can be learn)

Who think programming is a tough job can opt for Business Analysis and Software Quality Assurance Testing – which also requires lot of technical expertise. One have to equip with lot of Testing Tools like QTP, SILK, LoadRunner, WinRunner, TestDirtector, Automation/Manual Testing, Testing Methodologies, Test Scripts, Test Cases, Test Scenarios & Selenium etc.

As far as we know, Testing is very easily comprehensibly and Testing tools can be learn quickly. Testing is highly recommended for Non IT gags as it is a smooth run in IT.

There are many ERP tools like SAP, Peoplesoft, Pega PRPC for Business Process Management. This can also be learnt by Non IT folks. In SAP there are some functional modules like SAP HR, FI/CO, MM, SD, QC, SAP TM etc

For people of background from Medical, Life Sciences Biochemistry, Biotech, Biological, Clinical & Pharmacy etc can try for Healthcare Medical IT technologies like SAS Clinical, Epic Reports, Cerner, MediTech, Electronic Health Records (EHR)/Electronic Medical Records (EMR), ICD-10 et

Mechanical/Civil can try Designing tools like CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM and their associated technologies like Pro/E 2000/2001/Wildfire 2, Pro/Mold, Pro/NC, Auto CAD, Master CAM, Solid Works 2000/2004/2006, Catia V5, Team Center Engg, Cetol 6 Sigma. All these kinds of tools are used in Industrial Product design, Consumer, Cosmetic and Hygienic Product Designs, Machine Design, Mold Design and its Validation, Tool and Die Design, Fixture Design etc

Some can try Network Engineering – Switching, Routing, LAN, WAN, SAN, Cisco, Novell, EMC etc and Operating Systems Engineering (Linux, UNIX, Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, Macintosh, iOs etc) and their certifications.

Databases – Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Sybase, Adabas, IBM DB2 – Database Design, Development and Database Administration

ETL/Data Warehouse – Informatica, DataStage, Cognos, Business Objects Reporting, Crystal Reports etc

MBAs/Management/ Arts/Economics/Commerce people can do Business Analysts, IT Functional Analysts/ with much experience, they can become Project Managers.

OVER ALL, The Technical Skill You want to chose and how strong you become like an expert level and an experienced person is what can make you get a job in Software IT Industry. Good Luck!!

Add AWS/Azure/Google Cloud and any latest technologies now demand in Market – Sept 2020. 

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