Kumar Tips, be careful with FAKE & PROXY women at onsite

Kumar Tips careful with FAKE resume Indian women at onsite

KE respect Indian women.

KE has many followers’ Indian women in India/UK/USA etc.

KE has many women followers from USA, Nepal, Pakistan, and other countries.

This post is about Indian women with fake resumes, proxy interviews, proxy job supporters, hiring managers from outsourcing companies, Full time jobs of USA clients, “ All Indian Fraudsters and Indian Fraudulent MS Students- female, women with fake resumes, proxy interviews, proxy job supporters,  who corrupted US Staffing System by faking their experience to get jobs are highly offended by our truth expositions. Now those Cheap, Crooked, Immoral, Unethical, Shameless Indians defaming Kumar, spreading hate speech, using derogatory comments and profane language against Kumar. Everyone in USA must be educated about this massive employment”.

They enter jobs in wrong routes for easy money $5000 to $10,000 a month. They want jobs because other neighbors’ Indian women getting jobs, they want jobs because their husbands force them to work because they came to USA for dollars. Some husbands force them to fake it though they do not like it. Some forced to do this crime because their husbands bought big houses, for mortgage they need it. So, they are in jobs now across 50 states.

What do they do at work?

First, they bring lunch boxes to Indian hiring managers. They connect by caste Indian hiring managers either male or female. If it is Indian male managers, line is clear to offer anything, anything means anything. Some Indian hiring managers ask openly “stand out nights”. Some voluntarily offers to get a Client full time jobs within 6 months to 12 months. There are news items about rev parties also. Naked dances in a private house with whole team members.

What is your problem?

Indian Sarees selling business, and all types of Indian business online by neglecting clients’ work.

Eventually you will do that work and they do not show interest to learn to work.

Some do vendors business, resume Forward business to get $45 to $65 an hr an illegal middle layer. Mostly they have EADs or Green Cards or USC

They speak loudly in Indian languages at the desk over the mobile phones during lunch time or any time with India personal calls or offshore team calls. If it is offshore team calls, they need to book a conference call, but they do not. Lazy.

They nexus with Indian hiring managers and humiliate you to any extent. So, result is, you lose health, mental peace, and project abruptly. They go reverse attacks by complaining to hiring managers who supports them though none of your fault.


What is your TIP?

For your betterment, better look for another project if you are on nonimmigrant work visas. If you are full time job with USA client, better change to another group or team immediately where you get an American boss, and all are Americans in the Team.

Can I complain or report it?

Most of the cases, you cannot get justice except very few cases. You need to have solid evidence between hiring managers and that woman nexus to eliminate you. Otherwise they both eliminate you and bring bad name to your career.

Silence is NOT an option so complain but same time, look for another project immediately. You never know how the corporate politics works – behind the scenes.

NOTE: Do not think, all are like this, KE subscribers wrote, men hiring managers did the similar things to innocent Indian women workers at the site.

At FCA, a lady named Srilatha Chalasani, Azure cloud group, Americans keep leaving her team for her bad management. Recruiters complain her for getting firing people always. Management supports her.


Indian subscribers wrote he lost jobs to H4 EAD in one state. The man respects her “H4 EAD is the immigration status” though she abused him for his blog writings on social media etc.

L2 EAD complained about not working, unprofessional.

His Boss American woman noticed and fired her for illegal activities at work.

Can you imagine, Americans, how much polite, tolerate such nonsense?

Another subscriber shared her experiences:

Indian outsourcing onsite manager lady used to shout in Hindi language at offshore men on speaker phone calls at desk.

It was her daily ritual but not just one day.

No one told her to go to the conference room.

Americans wrote I do not have much comment. My experience is there are many cultural differences. I did not realize Indian women are not allowed to shake hands with men for example. I tried to shake hands with a female candidate, it was very awkward.

Displaced Americans wrote I am curious. Are there any American teams anymore?

People are writing several horrible stories. 

The root cause of the problem is,

1 they get suddenly freedom, so they enter from kitchen to Cobol or Cloud due to H4 EAD or L2 EAD or any EAD card that has given by USA

2 dollars taste

3 no work experience or ethics in India as they never worked in India, if worked work culture is totally different here.

4 because of fake and felonies, they have a lots of job fear, so to save their jobs they go to any extent.

5 for Americans they look innocent.

One-time Americans asked one of the KE followers, why is she “fake resume Indian woman” so arrogant to him “Indian” but polite to them “Americans”? This is how these fake resumes and felonies Indian women are behaving at USA client locations. These guys build up is different in social gatherings, social media pictures or videos and India visits and during flight journey also, crossing via middle east, these women blame Indian women boarding from middle east and treating them as labor force as if these women behaves they are doing white collar jobs in USA. – an Indian woman from Middle East wrote her bitter experiences with fake resume women of USA.

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