Kumar Tips, avoid 5 STUPID THINGS


not suppose to do in life here

  1. Do not lose FOCUS of H-1B visit to USA from Day-1of landing.


  1. Do not think of hourly billing at end client (not at employer) for every hour in first year of stay or work .


  1. Do not apply for GREEN CARD in Second year of stay:- if you think of go back to India provided parents and India are priority in life than to Green Card and America(many do this and fall into a kind of confused life but not called “depression” and could not leave country for emergencies, for many such guys, life is a tragedy here.  Later you will suffer with a syndrome called ” I WILL GO TO INDIA NEXT YEAR” and you will tell your parents a lie.


  1. Do not take huge financial cash loans to send money to parents in India to create an impression during BENCH TIME, do not lead stupid life (15 members in one room) here to save money to buy Apartments in India as you know no ones work (not job) guaranteed till next day morning in America when you have a plan to settle down here.


  1. Knowing end dates of projects/uncertainties of projects and economies/ H1Bs expiry dates/RFEs/refusals/rejections-221(g) of Green Cards for 10-15 years stay, do not venture to buy houses in America.(There are many sad stories here such ones than to successful stories to write). 

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