jobs laid-off

Many of my followers are writing this.

F1 OPT got H-1B #h1b picked up in the lottery but USA client FTE laid-off due to #cvoid19. OPT 27 months expired/ended.

Another follower, on H-1B picked up, project laid-off, #bodyshops, owner threatening fire,

another follower full time laid-off and cannot get jobs due to given the nature of the job

another follower full time laid-off but vendor ate ppp money,

another follower, h-1B project laid-off but spouse H4EAD working lost immigration statue, #bodyshop eating PPP funds.

From March 2020- sorrowful immigration or non immigration stories. Remember all of them have houses back home in India and not sure if Americans laid-off, where do they go?

LinkedIn, reading daily several tragedy stories on the same line from USA and India, especially Indian folks.

What do you suggest?

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